Is Cricket More Popular Than Footy?

New Stats Show Participation Rates Surging


AFL Boss Wants Thursday Night Final

Gillon McLachlan would like a Thursday night final in 2016


Gruesome Weightlifting Injury

Graphic image warning


Does Adelaide Need A Night Mayor?

The Push To Hire A Spokesperson for Our City's Nightlife Is On


Exciting New Brewery Project For The Hills

Cellar Door and Distillery Planned between Woodside and Nairne.

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Is The Use Of Drugs Increasing in AFL Clubs?

Michael Talia has been arrested and charged with drug possession.


6 Biggest Parmis In Adelaide

Some absolute BEASTS.


The 15 Best Simpsons Gags About The Election

We'll vote for whoever's going to build the Matlock Expressway


WATCH: Brilliant Brand New Release From The Beatles

Band prove they’re still the biggest band in the world

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Happy Ending - ANOTHER Winner!

Iron Hayden just gave away a massive $8,400!


Source Reveal Guns ’N Roses World Tour Plans

Bands first time in Australia in 25 years

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There's Currently A Sperm Drought In SA

Only 30 men are "on the books" at the sperm bank


The Living End Aussie Tour Dates

The Living End hit the road, playing songs off their new album, Shift.


Apple Just Unveiled A New iPhone & iPad

New Models Smaller, Cheaper, More Powerful

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