Posted: 16 November, 2016

70's Rock Legend Received Prostate Exams Live On Stage

People said to me "You've saved my life"

When you go to a rock gig, you probably don't expect to see a prostate examination live on the stage.

But that's exactly what the crowd at Jethro Tull gigs used to experience for over a year from legendary frontman Ian Anderson.

Anderson spoke to Triple M's Lee Simon recently about his on stage exams, conducted by doctors to break down some barriers and get men to think about their health. He even got letters from some of his "patients" saying that the exam he conducted made them get checked out themselves afterwards and found problems they never knew about.

"People wrote to me saying 'You've saved my life'." 

Hear the chat below. What a timely reminder to get yourselves checked out regularly. 

For more on the importance on regular checks, during this month of men's health awareness, check out 

Meanwhile, Ian Anderson is touring Australia next year performing his own music and Jethro Tull - and he's still an absolute force on stage. You can see him at:

  • Concert Hall Perth April 11
  • Hamer Hall Melbourne April 13
  • State Theatre Sydney April 15
  • Byron Bay Bluesfest April 16

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