Posted: 14 November, 2016

Sting Talks To Triple M

Exclusive one-on-one with Lee Simon

This weekend on Triple M we aired a special one-on-one between Sting and our own Lee Simon.

The former Police frontman spoke candidly and with great humour about his extraordinary history in music and film. 

Sting shared the story behind some of his songs, plus talked about watching footy, performing at this year's AFL Grand Final, his friends in the band ("We still love each other, are still very proud of the work we did together. But we don't need to keep being in a band together."), modern politics, Russia, and why his new album is called 57th and 9th. 

Talking of which, that album is out now and is bring Sting right back to his roots as one of the most talented and inspiring rock singer-songwriters of recent generations.

In the meantime, here's that chat and also check out the video of his Garage Session performance of Message In A Bottle, which is a must-watch - one of the best performances we've had at Triple M for a long time. 




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