Posted: 7 May, 2015

U2 Busks In Subway

Watch as U2 and Jimmy Fallon surprise commuters by busking on NYC subway

(Image from Instagram via @u2italianfans)

Lucky New Yorkers have been bumping into Bono all over the joint during the past week! 

U2 have been filming bits for their upcoming appearance on the ‘Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ around the city, following their weeklong cancellation due to Bono’s ongoing injury recovery.

The boys have been playing a series of street side gigs for unsuspecting public, and were spotted earlier in the week riding bikes with Jimmy Fallon while preparing for a sketch about Bono’s now infamous bike crash earlier in this year. 

(Jimmy Fallon and Bono filming in NYC - Image from Buzz Foto)

But yesterday in the NYC subway, lucky commuters were treated to a dressed down U2 joined by Jimmy Fallon as they performed a cheeky 20-minute gig. 

Dozens of the unsuspecting audience hit social media with thieir U2 close encounters, and made waves with video, pics and live commentary of the once in a lifetime event. 

A photo posted by Mario Batali (@mariobatali) on

(Image from Instagram via @mariobatali)

U2 will be kicking off their 'iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE 2015' world tour on the 14th of May, but thus far have left Australia hanging for dates with only broad "hopes" of coming to our shores. 

Check out U2's 'Angel Of Harlem' busking moves: 

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Posted: 7 May, 2015

AC/DC Kick Off Tour

Check out the first footage from ACCA DACCA's 'Rock or Bust' tour

 (Image from Getty)


AC/DC have kicked off the first leg of their ‘Rock Or Bust’ tour in Arnhem, the Netherlands – and from all reports, they’re bloody KILLING IT.

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Posted: 6 May, 2015

Noel Gallagher's Priceless Advice To One Direction Numpty

One Direction star's whinging about price of fame draws brilliant response

Noel Gallagher has never been backward in coming forward with his opinion on well.. anything! But this is absolutely priceless.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, the Oasis frontman offered some hilarious advice to One Direction numpty, Zayn Malik, after the pop star whinged about the price of fame. Watch the video below.

WARNING: Video contains language that may offend some viewers

Noel Gallagher's career advice to One Direction's Zayn Malik Video: Rolling Stone / YouTube

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Posted: 6 May, 2015

Jack Black & Jimmy Fallon's Perfectly On-Point Recreation Of "More Than Words"

This shot for shot remake of Extreme's classic clip is brilliant.

Jimmy Fallon & Jack Black Recreate "More Than Words" Music Video

Sometimes, things are just too good to f*ck with. 

Extreme's classic clip for the rock ballad "More Than Words" is one of those things.

The clip is absolutely drenched in classic 90s, the long hair, the lighters in the air and so when Jack and Jimmy decide to do their version, well they didn't change a thing.

It's all about Jack Black's facial expressions though... that dude can sing!


Here's the original clip for reference...

Extreme - More Than Words

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Posted: 5 May, 2015

Blur On Jimmy Fallon

Blur perform a rendition of 'Tender' in their first TV appearing in 15 years

 (Image from

We’ve all been reliving the good ol’ days alongside Blur once again with all the (rightful) hype surrounding their new release ‘The Magic Whip’.  Not only have they managed to out rank all of the big players to take out the number 1 spot on the UK charts, but they’ve got a whole hoard of headlining festival spots booked around the world (not to mention Splendour In The Grass 2015).

But popular TV host, Jimmy Fallon, has just taken our little 90’s lovefest to the next level.

Appearing on Fallon’s ‘Tonight Show’ music room in their first TV appearance in 15 years, the boys cuddled up on the couch together with Jimmy Fallon to perform an acoustic cover of their 1999 hit ‘Tender’.

And what a bloody brilliant treat!

Not only is it fantastic to see generally stern front man Damon Albarn (also of Gorillaz fame) with a bloody huge grin plastered all over his face, but Jimmy Fallon lets rip the rather impressive set of pipes he has on him.

This is one little titbit of 90’s memorabilia that has just received the brush up it so rightfully deserve.

Allllll of the feels, ladies and gents. 

Catch Blur's Acoustic Jam To 'Tender' On Jimmy Fallon:


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Posted: 5 May, 2015

Nikki Sixx Is Over The Crüe

Nikki Sixx has declared that once Motley Crue is over... he's 100% DONE

(Image from

There's a 'buzz of excitement in the air surrounding Mötley Crüe's 'The Final Tour' hitting Oz in just a matter of days!

And after 34 years of rocking and rolling around the world, it's not all that surprising to hear the boys are more than just a little bit "done". 

But apparently none-more-so than bass guitarist Nikki Sixx.

In a recent interview with RiffYou, Nikki has promised fans that "the day Mötley Crüe plays their last show, I'll never play another Mötley Crüe song again." 

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Posted: 5 May, 2015

EXCLUSIVE: Nirvana's 'Nevermind' Outtakes

A gallery of outtakes from the photo shoot for Nirvana's 'Nevermind'

(Image by Kirk Weddle)

In 1991 Nirvana were kickin’ it hard out at the top of the rock’n’roll chain of glory. With their first major label debut ‘Nevermind’ imminent, photographer Kirk Weddle decided to shoot a sequence of band photos to promote the upcoming musical assault.

Having just shot the now famous swimming baby cover for ‘Nevermind’ a few months earlier, Weddle came up with the idea to shoot a parody of the work and somehow managed to wrangle the begrudged boys into getting half naked in a freezing cold pool.

“I remember Kurt was like, ‘Fuck! I have to get in the pool?’” remembers Weddle. “He was not a water guy at all.”

Weddle managed to shoot around 200 images which have never been made available to the public before. “I’ve just kept them stacked in a closet, unorganized,” said Weddle.

Well now, the closet has been opened, they’ve been set free, and the work is available to view and purchase via Austin’s Modern Rocks Gallery

Nirvana 'Nevermind' Outtake Sneak Peek:

Kurt imitating the famous Nevermind baby swimming cover. 

The Nirvana boys...trying not to drown. 

A young Dave Grohl. 

Kurt Cobain, 'Nevermind' up close.

Even Weird Al got in on the fun! 

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Posted: 5 May, 2015

5 Kurt Cobain Life Lessons

The documentary to change all documentaries is officially here! Let the eye opening begin...

(Photo by Kevin Mazur/WireImage)

Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck is a revelation.

Not only has the documentary provided an absolutely mind-blowing bunch of previously unknown material both produced by and about the legendary and complex being that was Kurt Cobain, but it has entirely transformed what we thought we knew about him.

With unrestrained and sometimes brutally raw access to the most intimate moments in Cobain’s life, Montage of Heck is bursting at the brim with factual titbits that’ll leave you with some serious brain hurt.

So to help you out, Triple M’s Head of Rock Mitch Braund grabbed us five essential life lessons learned from Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck. 

Bask in it:

5 Things I Leant From Kurt Cobain: Montage Of Heck

1. Rock'n'Roll may not save lives, but it can prolong them.

You get the feeling Kurt would have checked out of this world much sooner had he not had his guitar and his art. 

2. Kurt obsessively documented his life.

It's amazing how a movie like this can be pieced together. With all of the writing and recording he did documenting his life, it's like Kurt guides you through his life personally.

3. It's unsettlingly raw.

This was as unnerving as any horror movie that  lingers with you. A front row rollercoaster seat into the inescapable despair of Kurt's mental health battles and drug addiction. 

4. There's no such thing as a chemical romance.

Think the 27 club is cool? You're a fool. Stay in school, and watch this movie. 

5. Nothing's off limits!

This is not a Director gushing over his must. It's just...real. 

Check out the Kurt Cobain: Montage Of Heck here -


Film stills from Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck -

Kurt Cobain celebrating his 2nd birthday. (Image from

Kurt cuddles up to a newborn Frances Bean. (Image from

Kurt and Courtney Love circa 1992. (Image from

A young Kurt (age unknown) playing guitar in his bedroom. (Image from

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Posted: 3 May, 2015

Cold Chisel's 'Last Stand'

Cold Chisel will be taking to the stage for 'The Last Stand of QANTAS Credit Union Arena'


Last month Barnesy hit the studios, giving us the exclusive on the new Cold Chisel tunes that are in the works.

Expecting an album sometime later this year, we all thought we'd have to wait until then before we could bask in the Cold Chisel glory once more. 

But today Chisel have announced that they're already set to roll! 

In 1983, the year the Sydney Entertainment Centre opened – Cold Chisel farewelled their fans at the Last Stand.

Now in 2015, before the Ent Cent closes its doors, the boys will return for one gig. One final salute… a farewell.  The last Stand of Sydney’s Entertainment Centre.

Barnes, Moss, Walker, Small, Drayton will bring the house down at the Qantas Credit Union Arena.

Concert Info

Friday, 18 December, 2015 - QANTAS Credit Union Arena
Tickets on sale 10am, Friday via 

Dedicated fans that are members of Cold Chisel's mailing list will get exclusive first access to the best tickets and will be able to nab up to six tickets per person using a special password which will be emailed to them on Tuesday the 5th of May.  

And if you're a member of the My Ticketek team, you'll get another opportunity to score a seat from 10am on Thursday the 7th of May. 

Some classic Cold Chisel to fire you up:

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Posted: 1 May, 2015

Blur 'The Magic Whip'

After 12 years of silence, Blur are back and outselling them all

(Photo from

After 12 years of silence, epic Brit-Pop band Blur have released their 8th studio album 'The Magic Whip'...and it's taking the world by storm!

Released on April 27th, 'The Magic Whip' is set to be their 6th number 1 album. It's already outselling the top 5 tracks in the charts over the past few weeks combined, and is quickly becoming the perpetual bug in 2015's ears. 

Already receiving critical and artistic acclaim, the boys have clearly spent their time wisely by polishing their talents and coming together once again to produce something truly special.

Triple M's Dangerous Dave gave the album a spin...and a spin...and another spin...and has us all on the downlow for these dangerous new digs:

"They survived the Brit pop battle of the 90’s, they reinvented themselves and after a 12 year break the lads have returned with a new album ‘The Magic Whip’ and it’s a keeper

"A short stint in Hong Kong with some down time allowed Blur to jump into a studio and lay down a bunch of tracks.  If you are a fan of the Bill Murray movie ‘Lost in Translation’ you’ll dig this album. It’s quirky, rocky, solemn and interesting, all the hallmarks fans love about this band.

"The opening track ‘Lonesome Street’ reassures fans that they haven’t lost the plot. It’s upbeat, full of riffs with Damon Albarn’s familiar stuttering.

"Damon Albarn said in an interview with Mojo magazine, “The album has got a lot to do with our relationship.  As you get older, as your families grow up, you realise we were too young and stupid to understand or value what we had or how lucky we were. We don’t feel like that anymore. We realise that to throw away relationships is madness,”

"Bring on Splendour!" - Dangerous Dave

Grab Blur's epic 'The Magic Whip' now: 

'The Magic Whip' iTunes

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Posted: 1 May, 2015

10 Tame Impala Gems

Kevin Parker lets loose some Tame Impala treasures & here are the highlights...

(Image from Getty)

Kevin Parker from Tame Impala did an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit yesterday that has BLOWN UP the Interwebz.

Tame Impala’s new album Currents is looking to drop later this year. We’ve already heard the singles ‘Cause I’m A Man’ and ‘Let It Happen’, and up until now the boys have kept quiet about what’s to come.

But yesterday Parker hit us with all the juicy details in the fan-directed online thread. And here are the gems:

  1. Tame Impala only recently started making money from International record sales.


“You want to know a story? Up until recently, from all of Tame Impala’s record sales outside of Australia I had received…. zero dollars. Someone high up spent the money before it got to me. I may never get that money.”

You read correctly. Apparently some mongrel business-suits ripped the boys off and left them high and dry. And it’s more common than you think. The music industry, like any business, is run on money after all.

“Blackberry and some tequila brand or something put my song in an ad. Then [with that money] I bought a house and set up a studio. I know what you’re thinking…”Wait so…when I bought an album I was helping some businessman pay for his mansion on an island somewhere, and when some dude bought a mobile phone he was helping to pay an artist? WHYYY?”,” wrote Parker.

“I’ll tell you why, IT’S MONEY. It doesn’t always go where you want it to go.”


2. Kevin <3’s Kanye.


Out of allllllll of the contemporary artists out there for Kevin “Prince of Psychedelic” Parker to admire…he chooses Kanye West. He does give his reasons! But the jury’s still firmly out on this one…

“I have to say I am very inspired by Kanye West. There’s something about his overt confidence in the face of judgement and doubt, that for someone as self-questioning as me to break off a bit of that and ingest it, it only propels you forward as an artist… Second-guessing and hesitation and doubt are such inhibitors for artists, especially these days. I can’t help but think that Kanye has found the antidote.” 


3. The new album Currents is more 'Pop' than 'Psychedelic'.


Now 'Pop' music (short for Popular Music) is a bloody vast genre of music, and pretty much anything in the music charts today can be umbrella'd under the guise. But it's pretty rare to find a rocker that's totally fine with the label...

“I’ve always thought all Tame Impala was total pop (whatever pop is these days). I guess because I don’t hear the oceans of reverb and distortion… which can influence ones perception of the “genre” of a song no doubt. Like I heard this full on piano ballad R&B cover of ‘Backwards ‘once, and I was like “Whoa! Is that my song??” There’s a lot of different stuff on the new album, it definitely has the most variation of any album I’ve done in the past.”


4. Who does he turn to when the mood gets a little sexy?


"...Frank Ocean comes to mind." Hell yeah he does! But so do these sweet baby-makin' jams...


5. He waved a gigantic dildo at fans from a moving van with Mac Demarco. 


The life of a rockstar is...unique.

“Mac is a great guy. He and his croneys are loose units. I left Coachella in their van and they were waving a HUGE dildo out the window at passersby. Then we ended up in his Jacuzzi somehow.”


6. Even Sean Lennon thinks he sounds like John Lennon.


“Funny story though: we were playing a show with Sean Lennon’s band and we decided it’d be fun for him to come and sing backups for ‘Desire Be’. I said it’d work because we have the similar voices. He smiled and said “Yeah. You sound like my dad!” Honestly, I NEVER heard it myself. For a long time I assumed it was just something someone said and then people ran with it. Then I was travelling in the car with my brother who I hadn’t seen in a long time, and he was playing me one of his recordings. And I went “dude you sound like John Lennon!” and he said “yeah didn’t you ever hear dad sing? He totally sounded like him” suddenly it made more sense.”

What an honour! 

And you can definitely hear it in The Beatles trip-out "Tomorrow Never Knows":


7. His music taste is supreme.


“I have no number 1 [favourite album]. Any of Air – Talkie Walkie. Supertramp – Breakfast in America. Michael Jackson – Thriller. QOTSA – Rated R.”


8. He might rock a Splendour Sideshow with Mac Demarco!


“OOOOHHH I DON’T KNOWWW MAYBEEE. Srlsy though… maybe.” 

ARGH! Can you be anymore vague?!

Hit the Triple M Super Splendour Sideshow Guide for updates!


9. His Rap alter ego is worth it...


 "[My Rap name would be] Defs Worthit"




New Tame Impala - 'Disciples' 

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Posted: 1 May, 2015

Julian Lennon Supports Aboriginal Australians

Julian Lennon - "I think history is going to be made tomorrow."

(Original image from

Following in the footsteps of his humanitarian father John Lennon, Julian Lennon has taken to Facebook to show solidarity against the forced closures of remote Aboriginal communities in Australia.

Protests have been planned all across the country today, May 1st, and Julian has urged his followers and beyond to support the movement against the closures.

Lennon has over one million followers and said on Thursday night; “Okay folks, I think history is going to be made tomorrow. And I wonder if mainstream media can ignore this massive event?”

He then listed cities and towns in the world and added, “Communities, towns and cities, in Australia and around the world, standing in solidarity with the First Peoples of this country to stop the forced closure of Aboriginal communities.”

More than 11,000 people are expected at the protest against the forced closure of remote Aboriginal communities, which follows a similar Friday-afternoon demonstration in April that brought parts of the CBD to a standstill.

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