Posted: 18 October, 2016 by @clairesherwood_

REVEALED: Video Footage Of Union Bullying On Gold Coast Worksite

The Prime Minister's expected to step up his push for a construction industry watchdog today.. after releasing video showing a union official threatening a worksite supervisor on the Gold Coast. 

The expletive-ridden vid features what's believed to be a CFMEU official threatening to attack supervisors and shut down the site. 

The incident happened at the Parklands Commonwealth Games Village Project. 

In the clip, the union official is going off, demanding more safety measures be put in place because of the rain:

“What do you want to do? You want your job shut down for another two days? Look at (inaudible). Youse want to f--- with me, I tell you now (inaudible) mate. Get off your f---ing ass, you’re supposed to be a safety adviser. Blokes actually reckon you’re not a bad bloke so why don’t you prove it?”

The site supervisor responds with “The way you drove in is not on. And you’re actually trespassing OK?”

CFMEU official: “Go f--- yourself. Film it. Because you know what, I got a lot more ­f---ing money and loyal people."

We're hearing Turnbull will argue the CFMEU members are 'militant'. He's then expected to bring forward the reintroduction of the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC). 

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