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Aussie Keeper Matthew Wade Is Colour-Blind..Finds Pink Ball Tricky

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The pink ball has been controversial enough, without today's confirmation recalled keeper Matthew Wade can barely see it, at times, thanks to colour-blindness! 

"I am getting better every year. Obviously, I'm colour blind, so it just takes a little bit longer to pick the ball up. I see it clear enough but you've just gotta get used to it nowadays" 

He says it does look pink to him, but "it's just the first couple of balls in the nets, it just takes a little bit longer to pick the actual length of the ball up but it is what it is". 

This morning, Test quick Mitchell Starc spoke with Marto and Ed Kavalee for Breakfast, agreeing the day-night ball does come with challenges. 

"It seems to be a bit easier at the start of the game when we start, at around 2 o'clock, and then it becomes a bit harder later in the day towards the close of play" 

"It's an interesting one in terms of tactics and how the ball reacts and it'll be interesting to see how teams will approach the conditions this week" 

As for the newly revamped team.. there's a lot of bonding yet to be made...Starc admitting many of the team still haven't met. 

He says he's yet to get a chance to connect with Queensland debutante Matt Renshaw

"I haven't even bowled a ball to him yet to be honest". 

Listen to Marto and Ed's full chat: 

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