Posted: 10 November, 2016 by @clairesherwood_

Bloke Gets $34,000 Engagement Ring For $1,100 After Shop Stuff Up

A win for the little guy!!

Pic credit: Getty Images 

This is a classic David vs Goliath tale.. 

A young Brisbane guy purchased a ring for his now-fiance via a Sydney-based online store, paying $1,110 for the diamond ring. 

The trouble is, the company had actually listed the $34,000 ring with the wrong price label and then refused to hand it over without the bloke paying the extra. 

So, Nicholas Buttle took the legal avenue... and won! 

The company didn't go down without a fight though, attemping to appeal before the case was again ruled in Buttle's favour. 

Now, Buttle's Mrs not only has an enormously expensive rock on her hand, but the company's also been forced to pay its own, and Buttle's, court costs topping $15,000. 

The company now reckons it'll have to close down completely. 

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