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The World Is Ashamed Of Australia

“The Melbourne Cup is decadent and depraved”

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A racegoer walks into a rubbish bin Photo: Getty Images

The world is ashamed of Australia.

Reporters from the US have slammed yesterday’s rowdy Melbourne Cup activities that saw nine people arrested, including one for drug trafficking.

Officers also fined a 75-year-old woman caught drink driving the wrong way through a roundabout after a race day function at her local bowls club.

A racegoer falls over Photo: Getty Images

American sports site Deadspin ran a story called “The Melbourne Cup is decadent and depraved”, describing racegoers as “white person drunk”.

While, reported an article by US author Billy Haisley, saying the Melbourne Cup makes America’s equivalent the Kentucky Derby look like a walk in the park.

Racegoers trip over each other Photo: Getty Images

“It’s not until you see these photos of the Melbourne Cup, Australia’s most drunken and depraved horse racing event, that you can really understand just how out of hand the whites can get,” said Haisley.

“Following the proud British tradition of getting equal parts dolled and f***d up at horse races— it is a perfect event for young and old alike to don their finest of outfits and guzzle copious amounts of alcohol. The entire state of Victoria even gets the day off from work, since Melbourne Cup day has been decreed an official local holiday.”

A racegoer falls over Photo: Getty Images

Seven people were arrested for being drunk, another was arrested over an assault and one in relation to trafficking a drug of dependence, Victoria Police spokesman Tom Byrne said in a statement.

Between police and security staff, 78 people were evicted from Flemington Racecourse on Tuesday.

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - NOVEMBER 01:  A man is pushed into a rubbish bin following 2016 Melbourne Cup Day at Flemington Racecourse on November 1, 2016 in Melbourne, Australia.  (Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

A man is pushed into a rubbish bin Photo: Getty Images

In Hastings, local police stopped a woman driving on the wrong side of a roundabout on the Frankston-Flinders Road and High Street about 5pm.

The woman gave a blood alcohol reading of 0.122 per cent - more than twice the legal limit - and she was fined $661 and her licence was cancelled for 12 months.

The Hastings woman told police she had been drinking at a Melbourne Cup function at her favourite bowls club, Mr Byrne said.

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