Get To Know Mel Andersen

What do you do?

The drive shift at Triple M... Catch you from 3!

Utensil you can't be without?

Potato masher. Can’t live without it.

If you weren’t in radio, what would you be doing now?

Well, I’d be quite poor, so perhaps begging? Selling spare body parts? I’m not sure anyone would want the ol’ kidneys though... boy howdy, have they had a workout.

Five people you would have to dinner?

Simpsons creator, Matt Groening; Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane (‘cause what’s dinner without some awkward moments?), lead singer of Pearl Jam Eddie Vedder, Quentin Tarantino and comedian/actress Tina Fey.

What is your porn star name?

Peppy Maui – sounds quite saucy, dontcha think?

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