Posted: 31 October, 2016

Should Girls And Boys Be Allowed To Play Against Each Other In Junior School Sport?

International tennis coach Roger Rasheed is looking for a review of a rule that could force his young daughter to discontinue tennis –  all ­because of her gender.

His daughter is 9, she just wants to play tennis, but can’t play against the boys.

Roger: "It’s an interesting topic, one that I’ve stumbled across - without actually looking for it to be honest. 

My daughter did play with the boys last year, but once you go up a grade, then you need to go into the “female” competition.  

I didn’t like the ruling, I thought it was archaic.  

I feel strongly that tennis at a junior level should be a mixed competition."

What is the Tennis Association saying about these rules? 

"I threw a olive branch out to the Eastern District Tennis Association, and they basically put the wall up and didn’t want to engage in any conversation around participation. 

My agenda wasn’t my daughter or Roger Rasheed it was purely around the holistically the tennis model, cause I can see where it’s going compared to other sports nationally.

It’s a hard sport for young kids to enjoy… in the sense that you play on your own. When you play one on one and if you don’t get coaching, and you’re losing 7,8,9, 10 weeks in a row, you go to your parents and say “I don’t really like this”… 

It’s really important to be with your friends and play in that team environment. But I’m big on the equality side of it. That equality is really important."

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