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Tex Walker's Classic Stevie J Grand Final Story

"We were having a few beers with Stevie J

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Tex Walker was in Melbourne for the Grand Final with his good mate Bernie Vince.

The fellas ran into Stevie J at the bar after the game, and it’s fair to say the former Cat and current Giant isn’t lacking confidence...

“We stood in a bar. Myself, Bern and Matty Crouch and we were having a few beers with Stevie J. And Craig Willis got on the mic to say ‘and the Norm Smith medal goes to..’,” Tex said on the Roo and Ditts Breakfast show.

“And Stevie J muttered under his breath, ‘It should be called the Stevie J medal!’,” he said.

“I said ‘You only won one tho didn’t you Stevie’, he said ‘I should have won 2, I played on one knee one year and Jimmy Bartel won it’... so he is still a bit dirty about that.”

How good do the CUB copper tanks at the Pale Ale bar look! Wouldn't mind one out of it #carltondraughtfrontbar

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