Posted: 25 October, 2016

There's No Jobs For Young Professionals In SA

Ditts is afraid he'll lose his sons to different cities

Youngsters are leaving the state due to the fact that there is a massive shortage of jobs. These kids are finishing Univeristy with no work to to. Ditts is facing it right now with his two sons and he says it’s a bit of a dilemma.  

“I hope it doesn’t happen," he says.  

“I used to hear about all of our young kids leaving, that there’s nothing here for them… I used to get a bit critical of that and think no, surely that’s not right. Uoung kids just want to go to the bright lights of Sydney."

But turns out it is true and I’m facing it right now."

He goes on to say, "my eldest son is a P.E Teacher, he cannot find permanent work. He is working but he’s forever looking around finding fill in jobs, relief teaching. 

He would love to get a permanent job."

Roo asked, "are there too many teachers in SA?" 

Ditts reckons, "yep, there are very few jobs - if there is a job advertised, they get hundreds of applicants. It’s very tough. 

I don’t know the answer.  

If he went to Melbourne tomorrow, then he could get a job straight away. So that’s what we might face down the track.

Now my second son, he’s doing law and commerce and he’s facing the exact same thing. There are no legal jobs here in SA. And I mean none."

Roo: Is that because a lot of the legal firms are based in Melbourne and Sydney?

Ditts: "I’m told too many lawyers are coming out of University.

He too, could shift tomorrow and would get a job. 

If he moved to Singapore, he would get a job! That’s not a family we want, but he needs a job."

It seems a lot of other parents and families across Adelaide are experiencing the exact same thing, have a listen here:


Listen to the whole chat here:

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