Posted: 2 November, 2016

Ben Jarman Lets Jars’ Favourite Nickname Slip Live On Air

"He’s always giving me advice!"

Very special day for the Rush Hour… the Jarman prodigy, Ben Jarman, joins Jars and Louie on the show!

Ben: “It’s been an exciting couple of days, obviously pleased to get the nomination - very excited!” 

How impressed have you been with the Adelaide Crows in terms of where they’re at?

Ben: “They’ve been great - still aware of what has to happen. It’s still a long process, just wait and see til draft night I guess.” 

How’s mum and your sisters and your dad? Obviously your dad never answers the phone! 

Ben: "I’m not sure what’s going on with Dad, he backed a winner yesterday so he should be up and about!"

Did he have a few froths? 

Ben: “Yep, he did!” 

Louie: “Nothing wrong with that when you’re backing winners!”

When did the penny drop, at what age did you think: ‘I’m a bit of a show here’?

Ben: “I thought to myself, if I can work hard and keep developing over the next year, I have very chance.  

Probably through that under 16 period I had a big development transition and probably then I thought I could give it a crack.” 

Every young man needs a very handy mentor, obviously dad is there in one corner… then in the other, you’ve got the one and only Juice, the black rhino!

Ben: “Uncle GIFT as he calls himself - he’s very good. He’s always giving me advice which is very handy to have in my corner.” 

Jars left Ben with yet another piece of advice: “Still a bit more work to go mate, we’re very proud of you!”

Listen to the full chat with rising star Ben here:

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