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Brendan Fevola’s MASSIVE Jordan Lewis News

Fev goes bang!

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Brendan Fevola has dropped a huge update on the ongoing Jordan Lewis leaving Hawthorn story on Dead Set Legends this morning.

Lewis is reported to be disgruntled at the Hawks and apparently approached Melbourne to seek a trade late this week.

Fev has a rock solid source in the Hawks, and he says that Lewis is unhappy and is “100% going to leave”.

"Jordan Lewis did go to Melbourne. A deal was nearly done, but Melbourne were a bit unsure about how it was gonna turn out because they didn't know it was real or not," Fev said.

"But now it's come out in the media, they're making a massive play for Jordan Lewis.

"He's 100% going to leave. Doesn't wanna be at Hawthorn."

Fev was extremely confident in his information, daring the Hawks to refute it.

“Hawthorn can pour cold water all over this if they want, but this is 100%,” Fev said.

“Jordan Lewis is filthy, they’re best mates him and [Sam] Mitchell (traded to West Coast earlier this week).

Fev says that Hawthorn’s decision to potentially trade Lewis blindsided the Hawks’ vice-captain.

“He thought he was getting the phone call to say you’re gonna be captain next year, we want you to lead the mighty Hawks in 2017,” Fevola said. 

“But it was the call to say we might be squeezing you out.”

When Howie asked what this meant for Lewis in 2017, Fev was straight up in what he believes the four time premiership player’s plans are.

“He’s going to Melbourne. 100%,” he said.

“It’ll happen next week, he told them last night… his manager went to Hawthorn and said get the deal done ASAP.

“He’ll be kicking it down Jesse Hogan’s throat.”

Fev says part of the frustration for Lewis is the amount of sacrifices he’s made while the club has been successful.

“He said ‘I’m out now, I want out. I’ve taken a pay cut and you’ve got these blokes coming in’,” Fev said.

“It goes against the whole mould they’re trying to build and he’s not a happy man.”

Listen to Fev’s Jordan Lewis bombshell here:

Tags: Fev, Dead Set Legends, Jordan Lewis, Hawthorn Hawks, Melbourne Demons

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