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Former Bomber Roasts Jobe Watson's Comeback Tweet

"He mate..."

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Jobe Watson's tweet announcing his return to AFL football was the most popular tweet from any player this year and one of the biggest moments of the footy season.

Watson posted a photo of his dog holding his footy boots last month, saying he was going to need them back.

It was so big it's warranted a parody.

Alex Browne, a former teammate of Watson, has taken to Twitter with his own version of the tweet.

Browne played just the 11 games for the Dons across five seasons, and like Watson he too was one of 34 players banned for 12 months under the doping scandal.

Of course, that ban is over.

And he's posted his own comeback message.

But it's not to footy - Browne's posted a photo of a dog minding a couple of cans of VB.

He even got the typo down pat.


Browne's tweet:

The original:

Tags: AFL, Essendon Bomber

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