Posted: 20 November, 2016 by Footy Newsroom

Brian Taylor Remembers What He Did To Spud Frawley The First Time They Played

Good one, BT...

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Brian Taylor has recalled what happened when he first ran into Danny Frawley on the footy field.

The first time Taylor lined up on Frawley was back in 1984 and, according to Taylor, he played pretty well.

Well enough to make Frawley weep - literally.

"At the MCG, Collingwood were playing St Kilda, and I made him cry," he said on The Weekend Breakfast with Seb Costello.

"Just before half time, and just after three quarter time - he cried twice. He cried because he just couldn't handle it any more."

Collingwood won that eventful game by 64 points in what was just Frawley's sixth game.

BT slotted seven goals.

"He's never ever forgotten that, and he hates it when I bring it up," he said. "He actually cried."

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