Posted: 28 November, 2016 by Footy Newsroom

Everyone's Been Kinda' Pronouncing Andrew McGrath's Name Wrong


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Just like every year, the number 1 draft pick has quickly become a household name.

Except, in the case of Essendon's Andrew McGrath, everyone's pronouncing it a little 'incorrectly'.

The top pick was born in Canada, and as such the majority of his family still lives on the other side of the world.

"All my family’s from Canada. My cousins, aunties, uncles - everyone. We moved here when I was 5," McGrath said on his Tomorrow's Heroes segment.

"I speak with a Canadian accent at home and when I head back that’s all I’ll speak."

"The way my family pronounces McGrath (rhymes with ‘car’) is McGrath (rhymes with ‘math’) - and with the Canadian accent it’s probably more natural," he said.

The North American pronounciation of the relatively-common surname indeed rhymes with 'math', but our own interpretation of the name is synonymous with such famous Australian figures as Glenn McGrath.

The new Bomber conceded that for Aussies it does sounds a little strange.

"It doesn’t really work like that with the Australian accent though; it’s probably a bit awkward."

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