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Daniel Connors And Dustin Martin In Strife At Richmond Over Off-Field Behaviour

Two Richmond players are facing disciplinary action over their off-field behaviour.

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UPDATE: Daniel Connors has 'parted ways' with Richmond - or 'been moved on' according to Triple M's Nathan Brown (scroll down to listen) - while star Tiger Dustin Martin has been suspended for two games after the pair missed a training session.

Connors had been suspended by the club twice before for incidents in relation to alcohol, but was not drinking (the club says) on this occasion.

Richmond said Connors 'has decided to walk away from the Club and focus on the next phase of his life'.

Both Connors and Martin, who had been drinking before missing Tuesday's training session, had taken sleeping tablets the night before which only Connors had a prescription for.

"While Connors, who is on prescribed sleeping medication, was not drinking alcohol, he had, by his own admission, failed to uphold the standards set by the club in missing the training session," general manager of football, Craig Cameron, said.

"Dustin (also) understands that missing training is unacceptable."

Cameron said Martin should have sought medical advice from the club doctor before taking the tablets.

"He took them because he said he couldn't sleep," Cameron said. "Dustin got sleeping tablets, our understanding is from a friend (other than Connors). It's disappointing that Dustin has used prescription medication without seeking advice from a club doctor and we are counselling him."

"Dustin is very remorseful."

AFL Medical Director Dr Peter Harcourt denies there is a wider issue of prescription drug misuse among players in the competition.

"This incident is a regrettable but isolated one. The sanctions imposed by Richmond underline how important it is from a health perspective that people only take prescription medication under medical supervision and guidance."

"Within the AFL the administering of prescription drugs is done under a structured framework via the strict supervision and ongoing monitoring from club doctors. Under the auspices of the AFL Players Association, education is available for players around the use of prescription drugs as well as sleep management."

Dr Harcourt stressed 'under the correct conditions the use of prescription medication is in no way a problem'.

Richmond is adamant no illicit drugs were involved in the pair missing the training session, which addressed the wave of social media rumours circulating during the past 24 hours an AFL player was going to be sacked as a result of using illegal drugs.

Wednesday's shocking news comes on the back of a series of injury blows and a suspension to hit the Tigers.

AUDIO: Nathan Brown talks to JB and Billy on Triple M:

Download the MP3 here


(Dustin Martin tweeted the below on June 2)

(Daniel Connors tweeted the below on July 4)

(Press assembling for the Richmond press conference.)

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