Posted: 25 January, 2011 by Ronny Lerner

Gold Coast Unveils Captain Moneybags

We ask the question, 'is anyone surprised Gary Ablett is the Suns' skipper?'

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Gold Coast hasn’t exactly pulled a surprise by announcing prized recruit Gary Ablett as the Suns’ first ever captain.

The man is being paid $10 million, he might as well be made to earn it.

Rumours are circulating that he has also been employed as the club’s janitor and part-time plumber.

But could the Suns really have chosen anyone other than Ablett to be their figure head?

Karmichael Hunt? Ummm ... We think not.

While no one doubts his ability to run through the streets of Paris while carrying a footy and never actually having to bounce it, the captain should probably be able to actually kick the thing properly.

Josh Fraser? Well, let’s just say there was a reason he didn’t play in 13 of Collingwood’s last 14 games in 2010.

And as for David Swallow and Charlie Dixon, captaincy isn’t ideal for footballers who haven’t hit puberty yet (unless they’re Wayne Carey or Paul Kelly).

Former Crow Nathan Bock will serve as Ablett’s vice-captain and Triple M’s very own Campbell Brown was named Gold Coast’s deputy vice-captain.

Meanwhile, we can’t confirm whether or not Gary’s brother Nathan got up out of his seat to begin an acceptance speech when coach Guy McKenna announced that ‘Ablett’ would skipper the club.

Tags: Gary Ablett, Gold Coast Suns, captain, skipper, afl

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