Posted: 21 November, 2016 by Cricket Newsroom

Adelaide Oval Is Charging A RIDICULOUS Price For Beer & The Premier Is Upset


(Image: Twitter)

The Adelaide Advertiser is reporting that beer prices for the third Test against South Africa will be $9.20.

The outrageous price apparently comes down to steep electricity costs, with a tripling of power costs in 2016.

Adelaide Oval CEO Andrew Daniels has defended the price rise, saying that it is a measure of keeping the stadium “as economically accessible to the public as possible”.

However, fans haven't been as forgiving.

Even South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill has reportedly joined in the chorus of outrage, with Channel 7 claiming he will "investigate (a) possible price drop."

Here is a comparison of food and beveridge prices between Adelaide Oval and the MCG:

Beer $9.20 (was $8.90)

Soft drink (600ml) $5.60 (was $5.40)

Water (600ml) $5.00 (unchanged)

Hot chips $5.50 (first increase in three years)

Pies/pasties $5.60 (was $5.30)

Sparkling water (450ml) $5 (down from $5.20)

MCG prices (cut last year)

Beer $7.60

Soft drink (600ml) 4.20

Water was $5, now $3.10

Hot chips $4.10

Pies $4.10

Hot dogs $4.20

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