Posted: 20 November, 2016

Revealed: Your Club's Membership Figures For 2017

There are some surprises in these stats!

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There's officially just over 100 days until season 2017 kicks off, and while there will be a bit of a rugby league drought after tomorrow morning's Four Nations Final (1.30am AEDT, Aus v NZ), there's still a rivalry going on behind closed doors.

With clubs vying for your support, here's a peek at the membership figures that are already stacking up for 2017.

Interestingly, Souths top the table despite having a lot of local competition from nearby clubs. 

However, the battle is usually fought out between Souths and Brisbane for the most members.

Instead, the real talking points come from those next on the list.

Noteworthy is the Storm's impressive membership drive, proving the NRL is beginning to seriously crack into AFL heartland.

Special shout-out to the Dragons fans as well, as despite a lot of unrest regarding the administration and well-documented dissatisfaction with coaches and results, they've managed to come in at fourth on the list below.

And great work from the Knights fans, who are getting on board for the re-build.

  • Rabbitohs: 17, 215
  • Broncos: 14, 755
  • Storm: 10, 756
  • Dragons: 9, 259
  • Knights: 8, 652
  • Warriors: 8, 448
  • Manly: 8, 406
  • Roosters: 8, 337
  • Raiders: 8, 195
  • Sharks: 8, 166
  • Bulldogs: 7, 733
  • Cowboys: 7, 385
  • Titans: 6, 837
  • Eels: 1, 947
  • Tigers: not supplied
  • Panthers: not supplied

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