Posted: 23 November, 2016 by Triple M NRL

Gal Fired-Up To Beat Junior Paulo In Boxing Match After Hearing [Junior] Thinks He Can Beat Him

Tags: Cronulla Sharks, Canberra Raiders

Paul Gallen Photo: Getty Images

Paul Gallen is fired-up to beat Raiders powerhouse Junior Paulo in their boxing match on December 9 after hearing he (Junior) thinks he can beat him.

“I’m quite fired up about the Junior Paulo one (boxing fight) now,” Gallen told Triple M’s Rush Hour. Listen to the full audio below.

Junior Paulo Photo: Getty Images

“When I was first asked about it, it was for a charity fight and I was under the impression it was going to be an exhibition bout where you wore the bigger gloves and you wore a head gear.

“I have since found out it’s a professional fight and Junior Paulo has, I wouldn’t say chased the fight but he’s said that he wanted to fight me so obviously he thinks he can beat me.

“It’s certainly put a bit of an edge on my training. I’m certainly training hard enough to make sure I’ll be ready for the fight.

“I’m fired up to beat him.”

Tags: Cronulla Sharks, Canberra Raiders

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