Posted: 14 November, 2016

Sam Burgess Lets Fly At Referee

Tags: Sam Burgess, Four Nations, Cameron Smith

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Sam Burgess has blown up deluxe after England's loss this morning to Australia, claiming that the ref purposefully evened up the halftime penalty count.

A frustrated Burgess questioned ref Robert Hicks' performance during the game, claiming that he set out to even up the count after being told of the tally by Cam Smith during the game.

“You all saw the game,” Burgess said, reported the Daily Telegraph.

“You watch some of the calls. It was not good enough. I don’t think he was good enough.

“You’ve got to put the whistle away at some point. I’m not blaming it on the result. They were a good team but geez it’s international (football). There were 13 or 14 penalties at halftime.

“There was a time there where he was made aware of the penalty count and made sure it was even at halftime.

“I don’t know what agenda he has got there or if he wants to even it up. Some of the penalties were — at this level I don’t think the penalties were (warranted) — but that’s my opinion. People will disagree with that.”

When pushed about who the player in question was, Burgess replied: "An Australian player."

He then conceeded that it was the captain, labelling Smith "a smarter player".

Tags: Sam Burgess, Four Nations, Cameron Smith

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