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Jeff Fenech Slams The Mundine v Green Fight

Fenech goes WHACK!

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Ex-champion boxer Jeff Fenech has renewed calls for the Anthony Mundine v Danny Green bout scheduled for February to be abandoned.

Talking on the Weekend Breakfast with Seb Costello this morning, Fenech called the fight a “trainwreck”.

“If you look at the two people in their last fights, one fought at 70 kilos and one fought at 86 kilos,” Fenech said.

“That’s over 30 pounds different in weight. That’s a disaster waiting to happen.”

Fenech said he didn’t understand how the fight could be allowed to go ahead.

“Boxing usually doesn’t allow that so I don’t know how they’re allowing it in Adelaide.

“I know they’re meeting at catch weights, they’re saying the weight’s gonna be 83, but Anthony needs to put on a lot of weight [to get there].”

Fenech warned there could be disastrous consequences.

“The last time one of those big things happened in America was a guy named Arturo Gatti when he hit a guy named Joey Gamache,” he said.

“He (Gamache) was 20 pounds lighter than him and Joey Gamache nearly died after the fight… we have rules in boxing and we have weight divisions.

“Each weight division is four or five pounds difference, not 30.”

Fenech said he expexts the fight to be a “stinker” regardless.

“When Danny Green hits Anthony Mundine once, the fight’ll be over,” he said.

“Anthony’s been knocked down nine times against guys that are 70 kilos, here’s a guy that’s gonna be 90 kilos on the night so it’s just a disaster.”

Fenech has some advice for anyone wanting to watch the fight.

“The best thing for anybody in Melbourne to do, when the fight starts at 10 o’clock, have a beer, go to your local and just put on Fox Sports,” he said.

“After three or four minutes you’ll see the headlines in the news and you’ll see Anthony Mundine getting knocked out.

“Don’t waste no money.”

Listen to the full interview with Jeff Fenech here from the 26 minute mark here:

Tags: Jeff Fenech, Seb Costello

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