Posted: 6 November, 2016 by Triple M Stuff

North Korea Are Trying To Force The Blokes Who Tricked Their Way Into A Golf Tournament To Apologise

Not sure they'll be taking the offer up...

North Korea are demanding Aussies Morgan Ruig and Evan Shay return to the capital Pyongyang and apologise to the nation after the duo talked their way into a golf tournament in the secretive state.

The two Aussies, both 28, pretended to be representatives of the Australian golf team and tricked the North Korean organisers into allowing them to play in two-day international tournament last month.

The pair — who were playing polo in China prior to the tournament — were so bad that their caddy told them that they had brought shame on their families.

Ruig said that the North Koreans have since demanded the duo apologise.

“We’ve been told by the travel agent who arranged the trip that North Korea wants us to go back to make an official apology on live TV,’’ he told News Corp.

“Yeah, no … we won’t be doing that any time soon. Years of hard labour in a North ­Korean prison doesn’t exactly appeal.’’


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