Posted: 4 July, 2012 by Dan The Internut

VIDEO: Hot Wheels Stunt Comes To Life

Watch as two cars perform a loop de loop... IN REAL LIFE.

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Source: Youtube

Ah America... making little boys dreams come true, one crazy stunt at a time.

I remember when those Hot Wheels / Scalextric tracks were all the rage. In fact, they still are, aren't they?

Also, I'm old enough to remember when that bloody mate of mine with too many toys got the Scalextric with the loop... that literally blew my mind! The car goes upside down! Get out!!

Mind you, this was back in the age of the Atari... groundbreaking back then, but looking at those graphics now you'd understand why Scalextric got us so excited.

Well, at the recent X-Games in Los Angeles, someone made it happen in real life, as you'll see from the video above.

Not content with the loop de loop, they also threw in a crazy jump... brilliant!

The video itself gave me goosebumps, imagine what it would have been like actually being there.

Make sure you share this with the little boy in your life... even if he is all growns ups... ;)

Tags: Hot Wheels, Stunt, Cars

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