Posted: 10 July, 2012 by Dan The Internut

VIDEO: Idiots Blow Up Stuff

Watch as these idiots come perilously close to a Darwin Award.

Tags: Idiots, Flying Coke Bottle, Explosion

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Source: Youtube

Despite my belief that no-one that reads this would be so stupid as to try the above, we have to add the obligatory warning to this story... DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!!

Rob The Internut sent this to me via our contact form. We have no idea where this was filmed, but the fact that the video was called "Vatschieten" means it was probably shot in Europe somewhere... looking on Google and the translation looks like something related to "vats" and "shooting" said vats.

It sort of reminds up of the flying coke bottle... only much bigger and much, much dumber!

It's one of those "I can't look but I can't look away" moments. Seriously, how many of you envisaged one of those flying missiles squashing one of the idiots lighting them below? I know I certainly did.

Still, one person's idiocy is another Internut's viral gold... which is why I've put it up online. No doubt that any one of these guys came very close to earning a well deserved "Darwin Award".

Tags: Idiots, Flying Coke Bottle, Explosion

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