Posted: 5 June, 2012 by Dan The Internut

VIDEO: Mini Michael Jackson Tears It Up

This "Smooth Criminal" literally cleared the dance floor. Awesome!

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Let's hope some TV producer somewhere introduces an "Internet's Got Talent" TV show... just so the whole wide world can enjoy this little guy for all he's worth.

Sadly, the musical genius that is Michael Jackson is no longer with us, but I tell you what, his dancing lives on in little legends like this little guy.

He has every move down pat... he even puts his instructor to shame. Well, we're assuming that's his instructor in the background... he's no slouch in the dancing department either.

Imagine this little kid at his friend's party's... he would clear the dance floor every time. And in a good way.

What do you reckon? Is this kid a "Smooth Criminal"?

Tags: Michael Jackson

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