Posted: 26 June, 2012 by Dan The Internut

VIDEO: Singing Bride Serenades Her Groom Down The Aisle

Singing bride becomes an internet hit as she sings for her man.

Tags: Singing Bride, Groom, Wedding

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Well, some might call it romantic... others might call this awkward...

Either way, it's unique. Watch as a bride serenades her groom to be whilst walking down the aisle. Singing a Christine Aguilera track, no less.

We haven't seen something this funny at a wedding since the infamous wedding dance... now that's gold!

The bride, Marie Carr, had a sentimental reason to do something so out there. Sadly for her, her father passed away some years ago, so she always knew she'd be walking down their aisle by herself.

It may not be a wedding fail per-se, but according to some it's not far off... indeed, some on the Mix floor think this might be a setup... others think it's a little over the top... either way, it's online and is certainly doing the business viral wise.

Tags: Singing Bride, Groom, Wedding

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