Posted: 24 May, 2012 by Dan The Internut

VIDEO: Worst Grease Cover Version Ever!

Watch as these guys put the "harm" in "harmony".

Tags: Musical, Grease, Awful, Tragic

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Well, we made a big statement earlier this year when we claimed we'd found the world's worst singer... turns out we were wrong.

This is obviously an amateur version of Grease: The Musical. Watch as these two tackle "Summer Nights", if you dare.

We said it about the Church Singer and we'll say it about these guys... kudos for getting up on stage and having a go... you can't deny them that... but...

Maybe, just maybe, they were having an off night..? Either way, it's called "harmony" for a reason, and sadly, these two don't have it... John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John they 'aint.

What we can thank them for is a good old laugh though... and an appreciation of how good a version Travolta and our "Livvie's" actually is.

What's the worst musical you've ever seen? Go on, share your secret.

Tags: Musical, Grease, Awful, Tragic

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