Posted: 29 August, 2014

Jen Hawkins takes ALS challenge

Former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins has jumped on board with the ALS Ice Bucket challenge. ‘‘I nominate Donald Trump, Jake Wall and Sean Anderson’’

The proud Novocastrian responeded to plenty of requests on a pool deck via instagram "#LoveToNewy thank you for your nominations! I would love to bring awareness to #ALS"

The glam girl also made it clear she was donating to the cause ‘‘FYI – been nominated a few times & I have donated to ALS charity,’’ she replied to the Newcastle Herald

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Posted: 26 August, 2014

Billy Crystal Pays Stirring Tribute To Robin Williams

Billy Crystal's poignant tribute to his mate Robin Williams


Billy Crystal has given an emotional tribute to his close friend and colleague Robin Williams at the Emmy Awards

Crystal honoured Williams during the "In Memoriam" portion of the show.

"He made us laugh, hard. Every time you saw him, the brilliance was astounding. He could be funny anywhere," Crystal told the Emmy’s audience.

"As genius as he was onstage, he was the greatest friend you could ever imagine. Supportive, protective, loving. It's very hard to talk about him in the past because he was so present in all of our lives."

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Posted: 26 August, 2014

Qantas And Virgin Loosen In-Flight Phone Rules

Phone can be kept on for the duration of Qantas and Virgin flights.

Passengers on Qantas and Virgin flights will be able to keep phones and electronic devices powered on during flights.

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority approved applications from both airlines to allow travellers to keep devices on during take-off and landing.

Qantas head of engineering Alan Milne says it's perfectly safe.

“Absolutely no way we would have let this sort of policy some into place unless we were 100% satisfied that there was zero impact on the safe,” Alan said.

The devices will have to remain in ‘flight mode’ throughout the flight.

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Posted: 25 August, 2014

Photos: California Hit By Biggest Earthquake In 25 Years

Northern California counting the cost of magnitude 6 quake.

Images: Twitter @matthiassonwine & @LaserPunk

A state of emergency has been declared in Northern California after it was rocked by the strongest Earthquake in 25-years.

The magnitude 6 quake struck around 10-kilometers southwest of Napa - California's famous  wine country.

More than 120 people were injured in the quake which hit around 3.20am on Sunday, local time.

Winemakers are cleaning up thousands of broken bottles and barrels with some growers saying they have lost as much as 50 percent of their wine.

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Posted: 25 August, 2014

Richard Attenborough Dies Aged 90

Actor-director Richard Attenborough has died at the age of 90, his son has told the BBC.

(Photo: Getty Images)

British director and actor Richard Attenborough has died aged 90 after a long illness.

Attenborough, who appeared in movies such as Brighton Rock, The Great Escape and Jurassic Park, in a career spanning six decades, died on Sunday the BBC news reports.

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Posted: 14 August, 2014

Joe Hockey's Gaff And Tax Increases

Liberal Treasurer Joe Hockey has put his foot in his mouth with his latest claims about poor people.

Joe Hockey's Gaff On ABC News

Joe Hockey On ABC News: YouTube / ABC News Australia

Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey has received a lot of criticism after his recent remarks on ABC News claiming that, "the poorest people either don't have cars or actually don't drive very far in many cases."

Labor have responded remarking that Joe Hockey is out of touch with the Australian community.

Sky News Reporter Graham Richardson on Joe Hockey's Comments

"I think his colleagues are furious at him. I think the budget's gone down so badly and a lof them they just can't believe that he's so inept that he didn't work out what people were going ot think of these things," commented Richardson.

"How do you explain to a family on $60,000 a year with single income if they have a baby they get nothing, a woman who's earning $100,000 a year gets $50,000 and has six months off? I mean, it's just never going to go down."

Hockey is looking to un-freeze a 13 year old tax on fuel prices that could result in lower income earners actually paying more for fuel than higher income earners.

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Posted: 12 August, 2014

Robin Williams Has Died

Oscar winner and comedian Robin Williams has died. He was 63

Comedy Club Owner Reminisces about Robin Williams

Robin Williams Tribute

Robin Williams tribute Video: Triple M

Triple M Archives: Martin Molloy Interview Robin Williams

Robin Williams Tribute Uploaded at 14 August, 2014 - 11:08AM

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From the Triple M Archives: Mick Molloy & Tony Martin interviewed Robin Williams 20 years ago on Triple M.

Robin Williams tribute Video: Triple M

From the Triple M Archives: Martin & Molloy Interview Robin Williams

Earlier On Triple M

robin williams dead

Robin Williams Photo: Getty Images

[AAP] Oscar winner and comedian Robin Williams has died. He was 63.

Williams was found dead at his home in California, Marin County Sheriff's Office said on Tuesday.

The Coroner Divisions of the Sheriff’s Office said it “suspects the death to be a suicide due to asphyxia, but a comprehensive investigation must be completed before a final determination is made.”

His publicist released a statement, reported by Entertainment Weekly, that said: "Robin Williams passed away this morning. He has been battling severe depression of late. This is a tragic and sudden loss. The family respectfully asks for their privacy as they grieve during this very difficult time."

While his wife, Susan Schneider also released a statement, hoping “that the focus will not be on Robin’s death.”

“This morning I lost my husband and my best friend, while the world lost one of its most beloved artists and beautiful human beings,” she said in the statement.

“On behalf of Robin’s family, we are asking for privacy during our time of profound grief. As he is remembered, it is our hope that the focus will not be on Robin’s death, but on the countless moments of joy and laugher he gave to millions.”

Psychologist Julie Crabtree on Triple M

Aussie Remembers Meeting with Robin Williams


Police Statement

robin williams police statement


Social Media

Robin Williams Last Instagram
"#tbt and Happy Birthday to Ms. Zelda Rae Williams! Quarter of a century old today but always my baby girl. Happy Birthday @zeldawilliams Love you!"

Robin Williams Timeline

robin williams has died

Birth Name: Robin McLaurin Williams

Born: July 21, 1951 in Chicago, Illinois

Robin Williams was born in Chicago to mother Laura McLaurin, a former model and father Robert Williams a senior executive at the Ford Motor Company.

Williams was known as a quiet child whose first imitations were of his grandmother. He only started to overcome his shyness and get into acting after the joining the drama department in school.

His television and movie career started in the early 70s. It was during this time that Williams also expanded in stand-up comedy which included three HBO specials.

He also embarked on comedy tours which produced some of his most memorable moments from An Evening With Robin Williams (’82), Robin Williams: At The Met (’86) and Robin Williams LIVE On Broadway (’02).

Robin Williams is survived by his two sons and a daughter.

In 1973, Williams was accepted into the prestigious Julliard School of acting, finishing in 1976.

1977 – Williams first foray into television, working on the Richard Pryor show.

1978-82 – His first big television role as the alien ‘Mork’ on the hit show ‘Mork and Mindy’. Williams won a Golden Globe for Best Actor (’79).

1984 – After a couple of years making films, ‘Mosscow on the Hudson’ is Williams first nominated role for a Golden Globe – Best Actor (musical or comedy).

1987 – Good Morning, Vietnam make Williams a household name. He wins the Golden Globe for Best Actor (musical or comedy) and nominated for many others.

1991 & ’92 – He appears in two classic childrens films – Hook as Peter Pan and Aladdin voicing the Genie.

1993 – A classic Williams character and role is born in ‘Mrs Doubtfire’. From the role he wins an American Comedy Award and a Golden Globe.

1997 – Williams proves that not only is he a brilliant comedy actor, but can also crack drama as well with his role as the Dr in ‘Good Will Hunting’ which earnt him an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

If you are concerned about your own emotional wellbeing, are experiencing a personal crisis or are concerned about someone else, contact Beyond Blue at or 1300 22 4636

Also See

5 Brilliant Robin Williams Performances

Robin Williams may no longer be with us but he has left an everlasting mark on the world


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Posted: 8 August, 2014

Russia Bans Food Imports

This angry Russian man won’t be disappointed with the new sanctions.

Hundreds of millions of dollars worth of Australian exports have been blocked by newly imposed trade bans by Russia.

Our farmers will be worst hit by the sanctions which Russia introduced on Western Countries in backlash to handling of MH17 disaster.

Russia’s ban covers all imports of meat, fish, milk fruit and vegetables.

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said the 'full embargo' would begin immediately.

This Russian man (below) clearly won’t be disappointed with the new sanctions as he recorded himself smashing up his 'western' belongings.

As well as pouring a Coca Cola down the sink he decides to smash his iPhone and iPad with a hammer!

Now that's patriotism!

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Posted: 6 August, 2014

Passengers Free Trapped Man

VIDEO: 50 passengers push a train to one side to free a man trapped between train and platform

Passengers Free Trapped Man Uploaded at 6 August, 2014 - 5:45PM

See more: Perth, Train, Public Transport


Perth bound train passengers at Stirling Station teamed up just before 9am this morning to free a man trapped between the platform and the train.

Perth bound train passengers at Stirling Station teamed up just before 9am this morning to free a man trapped between the platform and the train reports The West Australian.

Amazingly the man did not require hospital treatment and the incident only caused a 15 minute delay.

Passengers were first told to all move to one side of the train to help free the man but when that failed approximately 50 passengers lined up to push the train to one side.

The combined effort worked, moving the train enough to free the man. 

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Posted: 5 August, 2014

Australia's 7 biggest Social Media Stuff Ups

Victorian Liberal candidate quits over Facebook posts... but he isn't the first Aussie to misuse social media.

A Liberal candidate running for a seat in the Victorian State election has quit after the party discovered sexist and racist posts on his Facebook page.

Jack Lyons was standing for the marginal seat of Bendigo West.

Lyons isn’t the first (and probably won’t be the last) person in Australia to come undone through social media.

Stephanie Rice

When: September 2010
What did they do?: Swimmer Stephanie Rice was accused of being homophobic after posting "Suck on that faggots!'' after Wallabies defeated South Africa in the Rugby Union.


When: November 2011
What did they do?: The Qantas PR team asked their twitter followers to use the hashtag #QantasLuxury and explain what their dream luxury in flight experience would be. The hashtag was ultimately hijacked with most making fun of the brand.

Ben Polis

When: April 2012
What did they do?: The former EnergyWatch CEO made dozens of offensive remarks on Facebook about Indigenous Australians, Asians and women.

Cricket Australia

When: December 2013
What did they do?: A picture was posted on the Cricket Australia Twitter account of supporters with turbans dressed as Teletubbies. The tweet read: "Will the real Monty Panesar please stand up?!" The tweet sparked accusations of racism forcing CA to delete the post and apologise.

Nick D'Arcy & Kenrick Monk

When: June 2012
What did they do?: An image of Monk and D’Arcy posing with high powered guns was posted on Facebook just prior to the London Olympics in 2012. Fair to say that Swimming Australia was not impressed.

George Burgess

When: July 2013
What did they do?: Nude selfies of Burgess surfaced on social media after the South Sydney Rabbitoh lost his mobile phone.

Catherine Deveny

When: May 2010
What did they do?:  The so-called comedian sent a number of distasteful tweets during the 2010 Logie awards. One such tweet was: "I do so hope Bindi Irwin gets laid" (about the then 11-year-old daughter of Steve Irwin).

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Posted: 22 July, 2014

Hung Parliament...

Newly elected Senator gives new meaning to the term 'parliamentary package'.

Image: Facebook

Palmer United Party senator Jacqui Lambie has raised some… eyebrows after revealing exacty what she is looking for in a man.

The Palmer United Party’s outspoken new senator revealed on Hobart’s Heart 107.3 that she hasn’t had a partner for 11-years and was on the lookout for love.

"Let’s find love. Now they must have heaps of cash and they’ve got to have a package between their legs. Let’s be honest," the Senator said.

“And I don’t need them to speak, they don’t even need to speak.”

Radio hosts Kim and Dave invited any likely suiters to call in, one of which was 22-year-old 'Jamie'.

Lambie and the hosts asked Jamie about his financial credentials, his life experience and finally the size of his, um, parliamentary package.

"Are you well hung?” the federal senator asked Jamie.

"Hung like a donkey" he assured her.

Isn't it good to finally have a politician with a bit of personality!

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Posted: 21 July, 2014

Sky News Reporter In Trouble After MH17 Report

The network has recieved a number of complaints after reporter goes through personal items of victims of MH17.

Sky News Reporter Goes Through Personal Items At MH17 Crash Site: Vine/Twitter - @JoshHalliday

Some disturbing footage has surfaced of a Sky News reporter rifling through the personal belongings of the crash victims of MH17.

Sky News presenter Colin Brazier was reporting live from the crash site in Ukraine, where on a live broadcast, he was shown handling items from what looks like a young girls luggage.

As Brazier picked up some items he realised the mistake in his actions mentioning "We shouldn't really be doing this I suppose."

The footage has gained a lot of criticism and has led to Brazier apologising profusely for his actions.

Sky News Reporter Goes Through Personal Items At MH17 Crash Site: Vine/Twitter - @JoshHalliday


Earlier On The Grill Team

The boys caught up with reporter Polly Mosendz to look at the political reprecussions behind the crash.

Polly Mosendz is a New York based reporter writing for The Wire and located in Kiev. She speaks both Russian and Ukrainian and was the first western journalist to translate the Russian and Ukrainian video and messages posted online after the crash.

She is an expert in the region and it's politics and was able to talk to The Grill Team this morning to explain some of the intricate details of the area, its conflicts and some of the repercussions of the crash might be.

Polly Mosendz Explains The Politics Behind MH17

She also wrote this article recently about the looters in the region who have been visiting the crash site.

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