Posted: 4 March, 2015

UFC's Melbourne Debut Confirmed

The UFC will hold a Melbourne event later this year.

Cage fighting is coming to Melbourne after the Labor State Government backflipped on the statewide ban.

The UFC confirmed that the first Melbourne based event will be UFC 193 on Sunday, November 15, 2015.

It's beleived the event will be held at Etihad Stadium.

“This is a major milestone for mixed martial arts in Victoria, which will allow the sport to flourish while at the same time better protecting its competing athletes,” said Tom Wright, UFC Executive Vice-President and General Manager, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

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Posted: 4 March, 2015

Bali Nine Are Now Being Transferred

Execution Looms For Bali Nine Duo

The Bali Nine duo have just left Kerobokan prison and are on their way to Denpasar airport in two police barricuda vehicles.

 Bali Nine co-ring leaders Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran are inside.


Their journey of the island has begun a little earlier than expected- now transported from their prison cell to the Indonesian island of Nusakambangan, but the date of their executions is waiting confirmation.

Just earlier, there were more than 100 Indonesian police on guard outsite Kerobokan prison as Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran prepared for the firing squad. 

The Riot squad police were lined up in front of the jail, wearing full riot gear and shields.

Armoured military vehicles turned up and all roads around the jail have been closed.

Police positioned a water cannon outside the jail. 

Bali’s chief prosecutor, Momock Bambang Samiarso arrived at the jail to supervise the transfer.

Under heavy guard it seems the pair have been taken in armoured personnel carriers straight to Denpasar airport.

From there, they will be flying on a military jet to the port town across the water from the execution Island.

Two helicopters will be on standby to transfer the men on a short flight to Nusakambangan island prison, called 'Indonesia's Alcatraz.'

The men will be in individual cells and given 72 hours notice before they are killed.

At some point in the middle of the night they will be taken out, tied to a post, with a cross put on their heart and a team of shooters will aim for their heart.

Prison officials have been told to get ready to discharge the two Australians.

It will be the day the Sydney pair and their families had been dreading since being sentenced to death for the failed 2005 Bali Nine heroin smuggling plot.

The lawyers for the men are asking for their lives to be spared, and to spend them in jail.

So far, all plans Indonesian officials have announced for the executions have been delayed.

The two Bali Nine members were due to be taken away to the island last month before the move was postponed.

Meanwhile at midnight, a handful of former art students of Sukumaran and other supporters of the duo held a small prayer vigil at the prison door.

They lit candles and remained in silence.

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Posted: 3 March, 2015


Bali's chief prosecutor says he plans to transfer the two Australian drug smugglers out of their Bali prison in the next 48 hours in preparation for their executions.

Bali's chief prosecutor says he plans to transfer the two Australian drug smugglers out of their Bali prison in the next 48 hours in preparation for their executions.

The man responsible of transferring Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran to an island prison off Java to face a firing squad is named Momock Bambang Samiarso.

Up until now, all plans by Indonesian officials have announced for the executions have been delayed.

Mr Momock has told he ABC he has an order to transfer them this week, and plans to do so tonight or tomorrow night.

Earlier On Triple M

A man who's been working tirelessly on their behalf is Peter Morrissey, from law firm Crockett Chambers, told Triple M Brisbane's Grill Team all the legal options are not exhausted for the pair.

He also talks about how the boys are doing as they continue their fight for life. Listen to the audio below.

Bali Nine Lawyer Peter Morrissey on Triple M

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Posted: 28 February, 2015

Star Trek Actor Leonard Nimoy Dies Aged 83

Tributes are flowing for the legendary actor.

Leonard Nimoy, best known for playing Spock in Star Trek, has died aged 83.

He had suffered from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and had been undergoing hospital treatment in recent months.


Tributes have been flowing for the iconic actor:

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Posted: 26 February, 2015

Anthony Albanese Releases Bizarre ONE WORD Media Statement

Points for brevity!

Labor’s infrastructure spokesman Anthony Albanese today released possibly the shortest (and funniest) press statement in Aussie political history.

It was in response to news that Sydney Airport Corporation chairman Max Moore-Wilton was retiring.

Mr Albanese issued the statement to the Canberra press gallery containing just one word: "Good".

Moore-Wilton and Albanese have had a long-running feud over a second Sydney airport.

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Posted: 26 February, 2015

21st Party Balloons Mistaken For Islamic State Initials

Police asked for the birthday balloons to be taken down.

A young Swedish woman has had a 21st she will never forget when police turned up at her house, but not for the reason you'd expect...

Sarah Ericsson had hung ‘2’ and ‘1’ balloons in the window, which in reverse looked similar to "IS".

A passer-by had contacted the police believing that the 21 was the an acronym for Islamic State.

Fortunately, the police quickly realised the error, but asked Ms Ericsson take the balloons down, report.

"They asked me to take down the balloons to avoid further misunderstanding. We laughed some more about it all and they wished me a nice day, and wished my girlfriend a belated happy birthday,"  Ms Ericsson's boyfriend said.

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Posted: 25 February, 2015

Police Dash Cam Captures A HOUSE EXPLODING

WATCH VIDEO: House explosion caught on camera.

House Explosion Caught On Camera Uploaded at 25 February, 2015 - 12:12PM

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Rock, Shock

WATCH VIDEO: House explosion caught on camera.


A police dash-cam captured a huge explosion that blew a suburban New Jersey house into smithereens.

The explosion happened around 10:30 am (local time) as workers were trying to locate the source of a gas leak.

Area homes were being evacuated around the time of the explosion, according to the Stafford Township Police twitter page:


15 people who were injured in the explosion, Two of those were flown to the hospital in a critical condition.


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Posted: 23 February, 2015

Jaw-Dropping Blowout

Tyre blowout sends 4WD and trailer spinning out of control.

Image: Youtube/Keith Irving

A Melbourne based Youtube user has filmed the terrifying moments a trailer flipped over on the Eastlink freeway.

The video shows a four-wheel drive towing a enclosed trailer when a back left tyre blows out.

The car and trailer then jackknife, with the trailer completely flipping before coming to a stop.

Keith Irving - who uploaded the vision online - said the passenger of the 4WD was 'shaken up' but thankfully there were no major injuries.

The incident happened just after the Ferntree Gully Road exit on the city-bound side of Eastlink Freeway.

Let's see that again...

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Posted: 20 February, 2015

The Latest Cyclone Marcia Updates

Get all the latest information and news on Cyclone Marcia

(This page may take a few seconds to load)

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Posted: 17 February, 2015

Aussie Learner Driver Stitches Up His Own Chainsaw Wound

Don't Drink And Drive.

Drink driving is never acceptable, even if you have just stitched up your own gaping Chainsaw wound. report that back in February 2014 Timothy Withrow from Port Willing, south of Adelaide, sustained a chainsaw wound.

His local hospital told him that there would be a 10-hour wait, so Withrow used a sewing needle and fishing line to stitch himself up.

Mr.Withrow then used gin to wash the wound… and also drunk some makeshift antiseptic to relieve his pain.

Once the wound was closed, Mr. Withrow realised that he still needed medical attention - and because he couldn’t get onto his wife - decided to drive himself to hospital.

Police pulled him over after he failed to stop and a stop sign and registered a blood-alcohol level of 0.175.

Withrow was charged with several driving offences, including drink driving, failing to stop, and breaching the terms of his learner's permit.

Today, Withrow lost his appeal to have the matter considered ‘trifling’ by the Supreme Court.

You can read more about it on

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Posted: 16 February, 2015

What To Do If You’ve Eaten The Recalled Frozen Berries

Berries pulled from Australian shelves after Hep A scare.


UPDATE Tuesday February 17:

Frozen raspberries are the latest product to be recalled in an ongoing food contamination scare.

Patties Foods has included 1kg Nanna's Raspberries to the recall following fears of possible Hep A contamination.

Nine people have so far contracted the virus after eating frozen mixed berries, including three in Victoria, two in NSW and four in Queensland.

UPDATE Monday February 16:

Queensland Health have confirmed that four Queenslanders had tested positive to hepatitis A after eating Nanna's frozen mixed berries. report that one of the infected is from Cairns, while two others are from southeast Queensland.


Two brands of frozen mixed berries has been recalled across Australia, as five cases of hepatitis A have been  linked to the product in New South Wales and Victoria.

One-kilogram bags of Nanna's frozen mixed berries were recalled on Saturday, with the recall extended to Creative Gourmet mixed berries in 300 gram and 500 gram packets.

The berries came from China and Chile and were packed at Patties Foods, which is based at Bairnsdale.

Director of NSW Health’s Communicable Diseases Branch Dr Vicky Sheppeard said anyone who has eaten the products in the last two months should monitor for symptoms.

Symptoms of hepatitis A commence two to seven weeks after exposure to an infectious person or after eating contaminated food.

Early symptoms are fever, nausea and loss of appetite. After several days jaundice can develop which is noticed by yellowing of the eyeballs and skin, or dark urine and pale stools, sometimes accompanied by diarrhoea.

Anyone experiencing these symptoms should contact their GP.

* Concerned consumers can also call Patties Foods on 1800 650 069.





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Posted: 13 February, 2015

Sea Shepherd In Oz

There's a boatload of people fighting the cause for Sea Shepherd down in the Southern Ocean, who care about Patagonian toothfish... and rock

sea shepherd

The crew of the Bob Barker recovery the buoy set marks, preventing the Thunder from shooting the rest of the net. Photo: Simon Ager / Sea Shepherd

There's a boatload of people fighting the cause for Sea Shepherd down in the Southern Ocean, who care about Patagonian toothfish... and rock!

One of these people is captain Peter Hammarstedt, who painted a picture for us of what they're up against.

"I'm currently with the internationally blacklisted, internationally wanted, notorious poaching vessel Thunder - it's an illegal toothfish operator which we've been shutting down now for 58 days," he said.

The ship is making tens of millions each year for a Spanish criminal syndicate, which has been trashing the Antarctic Ocean.

The Sea Shepherd has been on their tail for quite some time. Peter, who is only 28-years-old, told us about the dangers involved in being both at sea and in Antarctica.

"There's rough seas and the weather is unpredictable at all times and not only are we tackling these extreme conditions, we're tackling these violent, extreme poachers," he said.

sea shepherd

Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith support the Sea Shepherd Photo: Sea Shepherd

You may have seen that the Sea Shepherd has received tremendous support from the music community, with Aerosmith and the Red Hot Chili Peppers longtime supporters of the cause.

The boat is currently at Williamstown, Melbourne and anyone can go out and have a tour of the boat and see what they're doing. Tours are available via appointment. Just go to

Sea Shepherd has saved the lives of more than 5000 whales during a decade of direct action in the Southern Ocean against Japanese whalers.

Sea Shepherd On Triple M


Book A Sea Shepherd Tour

The boat is currently at Williamstown, Melbourne. Anyone can go out and have a tour of the boat and see what they're doing. Tours are available via

Official Links

Sea Shepherd official website
Sea Shepherd Facebook Page

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