Posted: 28 May, 2015

iPhone Text Bug

Mysterious Text Crashing Smartphones

Something weird's going on with iPhones..

A new iOS bug's doing the rounds, anyone can send you a text that's able to shut down your phone, and block access to the Messages app.

It's a string of characters - a mixture of arabic text and unicode - if you receive it it will crash the app, in some cases phones will reboot. 

Don't worry too much though if you get it.. 

Tech lords online reckon you can undo it by replying to the message.

You can also try: 

Turn OFF 'Show Onlocal Screen' 
Choose NONE for 'Alert Style When Unlocked' 

Apple says it's aware of the issue and will make a fix for it in a software update.

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Posted: 27 May, 2015

Halves Effort Gets Half Marks

Fans Question Pearce Performance

A social media reaction has put halves Trent Hodkinson and Mitchell Pearce in the firing line following the Blues 1 point loss to Queensland.

In the post match press conference NSW coach Laurie Daley confirmed Hodkinson and Pearce will play in Origin 2 at the MCG. 

On Twitter Pearce copped more attention than his fellow half Hodkinson.

State of Origin fans, some famous, had their say post game, pre game and during the Queensland win.

Here are the standouts 





















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Posted: 27 May, 2015

Buzzing mad? Man Gets Covered In 1 MILLION Bees For World Record

Try and watch the video without squirming!

This sounds like it’d sting a lot...

A beekeeper in China has a smashed a Guinness World Record to be crowned Queen King Bee after coating his body with more than 109kg of bees.

Beeswax? Nah we’re serious… Gao Bingguo from China was stung more than 2,000 times during the world record attempt yesterday.

But the 55-year-old adrenaline junkie thinks the pain was worth it, after bee-ing crowned the world champion for 'most bees on a human body.' 

Fellow beekeepers in Tai'an City in China's Shandong Province helped pour bees from hundreds of hives onto Bingguo's body.

He is well-known in the buzzing world of beekeeping, and has been nicknamed the ‘nation’s number one bee-keeper.'

It's hard to tell there's a person under the swarm with only his mouth and nose exposed. 

He smoked a cigarette to prevent the bees from swarming his lips.

To practice, Bingguo had 60 test runs to be well prepared for the official attempt.

He totally smashed the previous record of just 85.5kg of bees and he did it in his undies, although no cross-pollination occurred. 

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Posted: 27 May, 2015

Reno Tradies Making A Pretty Penny

Skills Shortage And Wild Weather Prompting Price Hike

Got a tradie mate?  

Don't feel too bad if he gets an extra round of drinks this weekend, chances are he's raking in the cash!

Stats from have found, out of the top 10 most popular renovation industries, 8 are more expensive than last year at an average of 5 per cent. 

The average price for an hour of a tradesmen's time rose from $58 to $60. 

It's thanks to all that recent wild weather, and a skills shortage that is giving Queensland tradies a bit more flexibility to be competitive with prices. 

The biggest price hikes were from tilers and pavers, followed by landscapers, plumbers and electricians. 

While if you're looking to get some painting or carpentry done, those industries are slightly cheaper than last year.

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Posted: 27 May, 2015

Sirens Causing Traffic Panic

The lowdown on letting emergency vehicles through

Pic: Getty

We've all seen it- you're out driving and you hear emergency sirens approaching.. suddenly drivers panic and pull all sorts of crazy moves to get out of the way!  Truth is, sometimes it's easy to let them through, other times it's hard to know the best and safest way to clear a path.  We asked Queensland Ambulance Service Assistant Commissioner Peter Warrener what the go is. 

First things first:

Drivers should move to the left to allow the emergency vehicle to use the right lane.

"If we were to go on the left side of the road then there is a lot of hazards for us to consider such as pedestrians, or people walking on the side of the road. So the right hand lane or side is best for us," he says.

If you're stuck at a red light:

Don't drive through the red light- stay still. 

"If anyone tries to move through the red light, they're putting themselves in danger. That's why we're saying please be stationary, we will actually look at the best way to get around that traffic.  But if they try and sneak through there could be another incident."

Stuck in a traffic jam:

The idea is, you should be alert and plan your move long before the ambulance is right behind you. 

"If people have their stereo at the right level, they're checking all their mirrors, they should see the ambulance or police or fire service coming behind them from a distance away.  So it should give them some timing to start to move to the left," he says.

But if there's really just no where to go?

 "This is when you start seeing ambulances going on the centre aisle, or they may look at going on the other side of the road. We try not to go on the other side where oncoming traffic's coming.  What normally happens is the traffic's quite good and they'll manoeuvre over."

Ultimately, we have to do our best to clear the path, without doing anything risky or illegal. 

"You've got to look after your own safety as well.  The emergency services will move around as best they can, that's what they're trained to do."

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Posted: 26 May, 2015

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten To Introduce Same-Sex Marriage Bill

Opposition Bill Shorten Takes First Step Toward Same-Sex Marriage In Australia

Opposition leader Bill Shorten will bring legislation to the federal parliament next week to allow same-sex marriage.

Mr Shorten said in a statement that the time had come for Parliament to debate marriage equality.

"I know this private members bill will not have the universal support of my colleagues," Mr Shorten said.

"It will challenge the deeply held personal beliefs of MPs and senators on both sides of politics.

"This is why Labor members have the freedom to vote their conscience, a freedom Tony Abbott is currently denying his party."

The move follows the historic moment in Ireland last weekend when citizins voted in favour of marriage equality.


I have given notice that I will move a Private Member’s Bill in the House of Representatives on Monday which will...

Posted by Bill Shorten MP on Tuesday, May 26, 2015

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Posted: 26 May, 2015

Netflix Billing Error Angers Users

There's a chance you could have paid a bit more than you bargained for...

Have you got Netflix? 

Might be a good idea to check your bill...

There's a chance you could have paid a bit more than you bargained for, after some Australian and New Zealand users were accidentally charged multiple times for their one month subscription.

Heaps of grumpy customers took to Twitter to voice their outrage, one guy reckons he was charged up to 13 times in 4 weeks. 




Netflix execs say the issue is solved, and while no extra money's been taken out of accounts, it may take a few days before the authorisation's are dumped by respective banks.

For now, probably best to double check your balance. 

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Posted: 26 May, 2015

How does your diet rate?

Find out with CSIRO's new testing system!

How would you rate your diet, out of 100? 

You can now test it, thanks to the CSIRO.

They've developed a free online scoring system called the Healthy Diet Score, it asks you a series of questions about what you eat and drink on a daily bases, then assess the answers against Australian Dietary Guidelines

At the end it'll give your 'diet' a score out of 100, and offer your tips on how to improve your heath. You can also compare your score with other Australians and see how you rate. 

Obviously 100 is the best score, but anyone getting above 70 is doing well. 

Give it a crack youself HERE

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Posted: 25 May, 2015

Siege Survivor Names Baby after Victim

Julie Taylor names her daughter Emily Katrina in honour of the friend she lost

A Lindt café siege survivor has named her newborn baby after her friend Katrina Dawson - the innocent woman who died selflessly during the gun battle that ended the attack.

Barrister Julie Taylor gave birth to her daughter two weeks ago and named her baby Emily Katrina in honour of Ms Dawson.

Ms Taylor was 19 weeks pregnant when she was trapped with her friend and fellow barrister in the 17 hour siege, when Man Haron Monis stormed the café and held 18 customers hostage.

She escaped just after 2am, minutes before police stormed the café and shot Monis dead.

The mother of three Ms Dawson was killed by stray pieces of a police bullet.

Café manager Tori Johnson was shot at point blank by Monis, causing police to intervene.

Ms Taylor paid a touching tribute to her friend in a statement released days after the horrifying siege.

“Katrina Dawson was the most wonderful person I have ever met. She was my closest friend, a role model and confidant,” she wrote.

Meanwhile, the inquest into the Lindft Café siege will resume today, with the new mum expected to give evidence - along with the other surviving hostages.

The inquiry will examine several issues, including the deaths of the victims and Monis, what was known of Monis as a security risk, why he was on bail despite charges of being an accessory to murder, and how the siege was managed by police.

It will be a two-week session, and more hearings will follow throughout the year. 

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Posted: 25 May, 2015

Lottery Syndicate Member Accused Of Fleeing with Group's Winnings

Group claims colleague left them high and dry of their share in $16.6 million dollars

A group of Victorian transport workers could sue a former colleague they accuse of doing the runner without them seeing a cent of their share in a $50 million Powerball jackpot last October.

14 of the 16 person syndicate are heading to the Supreme Court this week to try and work out if the former colleague made off with $16.6m in lotto winnings without telling them.

The group regularly played together, but this time a day after the jackpot went off, the male worker called in sick and then resigned shortly after.

They also claim he was sent a big bottle of champagne from lottery company Tattersalls.

There were three winners, a couple from Melbourne, a West Australian man and a mystery man from Victoria who wanted to remain anonymous.

He did although tell Tatts, that he was in disbelief, he’d buy himself a boat and jetski and get the kids new phones.

While he wants to stay unidentified, that could be revealed in coming days when the disgruntled group fronts court and try to force Tattersalls to name names in a bid to possibly get in on the cash.

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Posted: 24 May, 2015

Terrorists To Be Stripped Of Aussie Citizenship

New laws for dual nationals who join terror groups

Dual nationals who join terrorist groups will be stripped of their Australian citizenship under new laws expected to go before parliament this week.

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - JULY 17:  Australian opposition leader Tony Abbott speaks at a press conference at the Conrad Treasury Hotel on July 17, 2010 in Brisbane, Australia. Abbott responded to Prime Minister Julia Gillards earlier announcement of a federal election set for August 21.  (Photo by David Hardenberg/Getty Images)

The legislation will extend an existing power that lets the government take the citizenship off people who fight with foreign armies against Australia, Prime Minister Tony Abbott says.   

"People who are fighting with terrorist groups overseas or who are engaged in terrorist activities here in Australia are effectively taking up arms against us," Mr Abbott told reporters in Brisbane on Sunday.   

"It's very hard to imagine that we should allow to remain in the bosom of our country people who are trying to destroy us."   The measure could lead to second-generation Australians losing their status if they are also citizens of their parents' birth country.   

Mr Abbott flagged the move in a national security statement in February.   

The government is also understood to be considering restricting the rights of those who only hold Australian citizenship.   However, Mr Abbott said anyone who had committed a crime in Australia,whatever their citizenship, would still face the full consequences including jail time.   

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten wants to see details of the legislation before committing Labor to a position, although he noted the party was inclined to support the government on counter-terrorism matters.   

He's asked Mr Abbott for a briefing on the new laws.

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Posted: 22 May, 2015

McGuire Takes P*%# Out Of Slater Injury: He's Just Old!

Maroons debutante Josh McGuire's played down injury concerns within the Queensland Camp chatting with Triple M's Marto Michelle and Ed this morning.

Coach Mal Meninga will give Billy Slater until today to prove his shoulder will be right for the Origin Opener next week, but Maguire's told Triple M it's nothing. "He ( Slater) is just getting a bit old I think so Mal's looking after him."

McGuire's also been a bit cheeky about the mystery foot injury suffered by Justin Hodges. The Maroons veteran's got stitches on the top of his foot but should be right to train today. "I honestly don't know what's happened there to Hodgy. I just think he's another one, he just doesn't like to train!" he said.

Greg Inglis is on medication for a throat virus and has been quarantined.

LISTEN to McGuire's full chat:

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