Posted: 22 July, 2014

Hung Parliament...

Newly elected Senator gives new meaning to the term 'parliamentary package'.

Image: Facebook

Palmer United Party senator Jacqui Lambie has raised some… eyebrows after revealing exacty what she is looking for in a man.

The Palmer United Party’s outspoken new senator revealed on Hobart’s Heart 107.3 that she hasn’t had a partner for 11-years and was on the lookout for love.

"Let’s find love. Now they must have heaps of cash and they’ve got to have a package between their legs. Let’s be honest," the Senator said.

“And I don’t need them to speak, they don’t even need to speak.”

Radio hosts Kim and Dave invited any likely suiters to call in, one of which was 22-year-old 'Jamie'.

Lambie and the hosts asked Jamie about his financial credentials, his life experience and finally the size of his, um, parliamentary package.

"Are you well hung?” the federal senator asked Jamie.

"Hung like a donkey" he assured her.

Isn't it good to finally have a politician with a bit of personality!

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Posted: 21 July, 2014

Sky News Reporter In Trouble After MH17 Report

The network has recieved a number of complaints after reporter goes through personal items of victims of MH17.

Sky News Reporter Goes Through Personal Items At MH17 Crash Site: Vine/Twitter - @JoshHalliday

Some disturbing footage has surfaced of a Sky News reporter rifling through the personal belongings of the crash victims of MH17.

Sky News presenter Colin Brazier was reporting live from the crash site in Ukraine, where on a live broadcast, he was shown handling items from what looks like a young girls luggage.

As Brazier picked up some items he realised the mistake in his actions mentioning "We shouldn't really be doing this I suppose."

The footage has gained a lot of criticism and has led to Brazier apologising profusely for his actions.

Sky News Reporter Goes Through Personal Items At MH17 Crash Site: Vine/Twitter - @JoshHalliday


Earlier On The Grill Team

The boys caught up with reporter Polly Mosendz to look at the political reprecussions behind the crash.

Polly Mosendz is a New York based reporter writing for The Wire and located in Kiev. She speaks both Russian and Ukrainian and was the first western journalist to translate the Russian and Ukrainian video and messages posted online after the crash.

She is an expert in the region and it's politics and was able to talk to The Grill Team this morning to explain some of the intricate details of the area, its conflicts and some of the repercussions of the crash might be.

Polly Mosendz Explains The Politics Behind MH17

She also wrote this article recently about the looters in the region who have been visiting the crash site.

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Posted: 18 July, 2014

LOW ACT: McKinnon Thief

A heartless thief has made off with money donated to the RISE FOR ALEX appeal.

The man took a charity bucket from the Broadmeadow McDonalds just before one this morning.

Crime Manager Steve Laksa says it's a really low act.

Police are going over CCTV footage of a heartless thief who stole a RISE FOR ALEX charity bucket from the McDonalds at Broadmeadow.

The man had just ordered some food when he pinched the money and ran off.

Crime Manager Steve Laksa is confident they'll find him.

NSW Police have released this image of the man.

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Posted: 18 July, 2014

Australian Suicide Bomber

What does news of an Australian suicide bomber in Iraq mean for us?

Civilians inspect the site of a bomb attack in Shorja Market in Baghdad July 17, 2014. (AP Photo/Hadi Mizban)

Civilians inspect the site of a bomb attack in Shorja Market in Baghdad July 17, 2014. (AP Photo/Hadi Mizban)

Violence in Iraq has reached a chilling new level with reports an Australian suicide bomber has killed three people in the heart of Baghdad.

At least 90 others were injured when the man detonated an explosives vest in a crowded marketplace.

Mick Molloy Friday morning expressed concern about the suicide bombing and what it means for security on Australian shores.

“I’ll just take my PC hat off for a minute and I think any Australians found to be fighting overseas need to be stopped before coming back into this country,” Mick Molloy said on Triple M’s The Hot Breakfast.

“That could be Bourke St, if a guy is prepared to do that in Iraq I don’t see why he wouldn’t return to Australia and be committed enough to attempt the same atrocity right here.” 

Listen to the full conversation with Mick Molloy, Eddie McGuire and Luke Darcy on Triple M's The Hot Breakfast below:


On Thursday the director-general of ASIO David Irvine said ‘tens’ of the Australians who fought in Syria and Iraq are already back on home soil.

National Security Correspondent for The Australian Paul Maley told the Triple M’s One Percenters on Thursday night these returned soldiers pose a real risk to national security. 

“The Syria problem is very much a threat on the horizon when these guys start coming back in numbers then that’s going to be a real problem,” Mr Maley said.

“They will come back armed with skills in tactics, skills in bomb making, skills in weapons handling. They’ll come back with a network of contacts that they have met over there. They’ll come back presumably more radicalised than they were when they went over there and in a position to really do some damage should they wish too.” 

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Posted: 18 July, 2014

The Tragedy Of MH17

There were many Australians on board the Malaysian plane that crashed in eastern Ukraine, Dutch authorities say.

Updated: The revised Australian death toll has risen to 28.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott says there is "strong evidence" a Malaysia Airlines plane that crashed in Ukraine, killing nearly 300 people including at least 23 Australians, was shot down.

Dutch authorities say there were 27 Australians but the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has so far only confirmed there were at least 23.

"This is a terrible tragedy for them, their loved ones, their families," Mr Abbott told ABC radio on Friday.

"My deepest, deepest condolences to everyone connected with people on this flight."

Amsterdam Airport said the passenger list also included 143 Dutch citizens, 20 Malaysians, 11 Indonesians, six from the UK, four from Germany, four from Belgium, three from the Philippines and one from Canada, along with about 50 unidentified passengers.

Some infants were also on board.

MH17 was carrying 295 people, including 15 crew, from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur when it crashed in rebel-held east Ukraine in what has been described as a "terrorist" attack.

The Ukraine area where the plane went down is at the centre of an ongoing separatist dispute.

Ukraine's government and pro-Russian insurgents have traded blame for the disaster, with comments attributed to a rebel commander suggesting his men may have downed MH17 by mistake, believing it was a Ukrainian army transport plane.

Debris stretched for kilometres in the area near the Russian border, with the jet's tail marked with the Malaysian Airlines insignia laying in a corn field, and insurgent fighters and fire trucks nearby.

International broadcasters are showing footage of what appears to be an Australian passport picked up from the wreckage. 

Mr Abbott said Australian officials were talking to the Dutch and Malaysians to find out more and arrangements are also being made to send officials to the Ukrainian capital of Kiev to provide assistance. 

"We can assure families that at the highest levels of government we feel for them, we grieve with them, we pray for them," he said. 

He says the tragedy is made worse by reports it may be a crime rather than an accident. 

"If it does turn out that this aircraft was brought down by a surface to air missile there is no doubt this would be ... an unspeakable crime and the perpetrators should swiftly be brought to justice," he said.

It was put to Mr Abbott that the surface to air missile could have come from only one place - Russia.

"Yes, that's a fair point," he said.

"But let's not leap to conclusions."

Mr Abbott was also asked whether Australia would allow Russian President Vladimir Putin to attend the G20 summit in Brisbane in November if it turned out there was Russian involvement.

"Let's just wait and see exactly what turns out to have happened here. Let's wait until we have all the facts in," he said.

In a separate interview on the Nine Network, Mr Abbott said there was some "quite strong evidence" the plane was shot down.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade says it is seeking to confirm the number of casualties provided by the Dutch. It is also seeking to confirm the identities of the Australians involved.

Qantas said it didn't have any code share passengers aboard flight MH17 and that the carrier didn't have flight routes tracking near or over the area where MH17 went down.

"There is no change to Qantas operations as a result of the Malaysia Airlines incident," Qantas said.

It's the second major aviation event to impact Malaysia Airlines this year.

Four months ago flight MH370 travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing disappeared over the Indian Ocean with 227 passengers, including six Australians, and 12 crew.

It still hasn't been found.

People concerned for the welfare of Australian family or friends on MH17 can contact DFAT's emergency centre on 1300 555 135.


- 154 Dutch

- 27 Australians

- 23 Malaysian 

- 11 Indonesian

- 6 British

- 4 German 

- 4 Belgian

- 3 Filipinos

- 1 Canadian

- Around 50 unidentified

- 15 crew members believed to be Malaysians

Total: 298

Source: Malaysia Airlines vice president Huib Gorter in Amsterdam

[Source AAP]

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Posted: 15 July, 2014

Gerard Baden-Clay Gets Life

Sentenced today to life behind bars after a jury found him guilty of murdering his wife Allison.

Gerard Baden-Clay Photo: Getty Images

UPDATE: The Grill Team caught up with Michael Kaye who knew Gerard Baden-Clay through work and from their neighbourhood.

Michael Kaye on Gerard Baden-Clay


Earlier On Triple M

Brisbane man Gerard Baden-Clay has been found guilty of murdering his wife Allison.

A Brisbane Supreme Court jury delivered the unanimous verdict just before noon on Tuesday, after deliberating for about 21 hours.

The decision comes on the 21st day of Baden-Clay's trial.

Baden-Clay clenched his jaw and closed his eyes as he learned his fate.

A cheer from Allison's family erupted in the court as the verdict was delivered.

Allison's sister Vanessa Fowler wept and clasped her hands, and whispered "thank you" to the jury.

Allison's mother Priscilla Dickie is reading a victim impact statement to the court.

"I'm grieving over the late Allison June Baden-Clay," she said in a shaking voice.

"My daughter was a wonderful mother, a devoted wife, a caring daughter and loving aunt."

"One of the last things Allison did was to leave her marks on her husband," Mrs Dickie said, referring to scratches her daughter left on Baden-Clay's face on the night she died.

She said Allison had so much to offer her family and her three young daughters, but all that had been taken away.

She said her family had been sentenced to a lifetime of grief.

"It devastated me to know Allison was living in a troubled relationship," Mrs Dickie said.

She said Baden-Clay had betrayed her daughter and made a mockery of their marriage.

"The pain does not go away," she said.

She said her life now revolved around Allison's three daughters, and she said their courage had astounded her.

"Their resilience to this tragedy is a result of her guidance and love," Mrs Dickie said.

"The girls will never see their mother again. They've been condemned to a life sentence without the love and companionship only a mother can give."

"To kill your wife, to take away a mother and to still show no remorse has to us been one of the saddest and most distressing facts from this murder," Mrs Dickie said.

She said the impact has completely and dramatically changed the rest of her life, her husband's life and the lives of Allison's children.

"Allison did not leave her girls. She had so much to offer them," she said.

"Not being given the opportunity to say goodbye, hug or tell her how much we love her is shattering ... and the pain does not go away."

Baden-Clay wept as he listened to Allison's mother.

Allison's father Geoff Dickie has also told the court of his heartbreak, saying the wonder of his life had been taken away.

He said he knows his daughter would have had the strength to fight hard to the very end as her life was taken.

He said he can't sleep any more and the agony of his daughter's fate torments him every day.

Mr Dickie said Baden-Clay had left a black hole in the lives of so many.

"The murder of our daughter ... leaves an enormous black hole in our lives from which I will never recover," he told the court.

He told of still finding it hard to sleep and how he was haunted by the image of the moment his daughter was attacked.

"I know she would have found the strength to fight as hard and long as she could until the end before she was murdered," he said.

He vowed to raise his three granddaughters in the way Allison would have wanted, and that was a great privilege.

"Our lives will never be the same until the day I die," the grieving father told Baden-Clay.

He said a father's duty was to protect and care for his daughter.

"I've failed in my duty and I'll have to live with that," Mr Dickie said.

He said he gave Baden-Clay permission to marry his daughter but never gave him permission to betray.

"We accepted you into our family and you abused our trust with your lies and deceits," he said.

Allison's sister whispered the word "bastard" as her father told of giving his blessing when Baden-Clay had asked for Allison's hand in marriage.

Baden-Clay's murder conviction means he faces life imprisonment and at least 15 years without parole.

He shook and wept, with his eyes closed as Allison's sister Vanessa Fowler told Baden-Clay he was guilty of the most heinous crime

"My sister, for the first time since she married you, has come out on top," she told the court.

She said her sister had been ridiculed, degraded and belittled since her death.

Mrs Fowler said there was a "dark void" left inside the family.

She said her sister had "fought to the death, even when taking her last breath. She left her mark".

"It is because of you that three young girls have no mother," she told him.

Justice Byrne sentenced him to life in jail, meaning he'll spend a minimum of 15 years behind bars.

Baden-Clay shook as he was sentenced, his hands clenched in front of him.

He said Baden-Clay took his wife's body and dumped it at a nearby creek, and then put in place, and persisted in, a deception plan.

Baden-Clay had also invented the idea of a drug overdose as a ruse about what had really happened to Allison, and he'd shown a profound absence of remorse for his crime, Justice Byrne said.

He'd gone on to besmirch Allison's memory during the trial.

"You have no criminal history but you are definitely not of good character," Justice Byrne told Baden-Clay.

"You took a devoted loving mother from her three girls, blighting their lives."


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Posted: 15 July, 2014

Aussie Films Himself Getting Hit By Bull In Pamplona

Incredible first-person footage of a bull running into an Australian man during the Running Of The Bulls.

Aussie Films Himself Getting Hit By Bull In Pamplona Uploaded at 15 July, 2014 - 12:46PM

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Language Warning: New South Wales resident Nicholas Kordahi filmed himself being hit by a bull during the Running Of The Bulls in Pamplona, Spain.

An Australian man has filmed the terrifying moment he was charged by a bull at the Running of the Bulls festival in the Spainish city of Pamplona.

Nicholas Kordahi from the NSW suburb of Dee Why was talking to a mate when a bull charged at him unexpectedly.

"The crowd just bursts and runs all around me and there is just a bull, charging down, staring me down," Nicolas told Triple M’s Grill Team in Sydney.

"I had no time to react, just this bull and me. It’s ridiculous," he said.

Nicolas says that despite the scare he is ok, “I am all right now I just got a bit off a sore ankle and a bit of a side chest” he said.

Two Australians were not as lucky after being gored in the final and longest bull run at this year's festival.

A 26-year-old was gored three times by the same bull. He's had surgery after suffering injuries to the chest, leg and stomach.

While a 24-year-old suffered less serious injuries and he has since been released from hospital.

Listen to Nicholas Kordahi detail his dangerous encounter with Triple M's Grill Team.

Also See

'How To Survive The Bulls' Author Gored

A man who wrote a guide about how to survive the Running of the Bulls has been badly injured during the Spanish festival.

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Posted: 11 July, 2014

'Meteor' Burns Up Over Australia

Watch videos: It's a bird, It's a plane, It's a.....

Image: Youtube/Kristian Harland

Astronomers say a meteor that was spotted in Sydney and Melbourne skies last night was nothing more than a two-tonne piece of a Russian rocket.
"This rocket was launched on Tuesday to lift a satellite into orbit and the rocket was just a leftover, a piece of debris, and then that decayed and fell into the Earth's atmosphere," a Monash University expert told Channel Seven.
Triple M listener Dave described the moment he saw it.
“I saw it for a good minute, I pointed it out to the missus. Remember in high school where you light a strip of magnesium with a Bunsen burner?"," he said.
"It was a really bright white light."
This video of the fireball over central NSW shows just how impressive it was.

Central NSW:

Video: Youtube/Kristian Harland


Video: Youtube/Daniel Lattimer


Video: Youtube/SSSsss

"The above map gives a rough guess of the bright meteor or fireball or bolide that passed over eastern Australia at about 9:42 pm AEST on the evening of 10 July 2014. Diagram Nick Lomb" - / Image: Google

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Posted: 10 July, 2014

'How To Survive The Bulls' Author Gored

A man who wrote a guide about how to survive the Running of the Bulls has been badly injured during the Spanish festival.

American Author Bill Hillmann (Twitter/@bill_hillmann)

An American who co-wrote a book called 'Fiesta: How To Survive The Bulls Of Pamplona' has been gored at the Pamplona festival.

32-year-old Bill Hillmann from Chicago is a longtime participant in the nine-day running of the bulls event and was gored in the right thigh on the festival’s third day.

The Navarra regional government said in a statement that the injury was serious but not life-threatening.

A 35-year-old Spanish man from Valencia was also in serious condition after being gored in the chest during the same run.

Over the past century there have been 14 fatalities at the fiesta.

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Posted: 3 July, 2014

Woman's Shocking Racist Rant

Video footage of a woman launching an extraordinary racist attack against fellow train passengers has emerged online.

Racism Rant Photo: Youtube/Helen Videos via Kareem Abdul

Assistant Commissioner Max Mitchell of the Police Transport Command has weighed in on recent footage of a woman's racist rant on a Sydney train.

"This person has committed offensive behaviour, it is a crime that we will not tolerate the racial motivation behind this incident", said Commissioner Mitchell at a press conference.

"There is a fine of $500 for offensive beahviour but aslo magistrates have the opportunity to taking into consideration the racially motivated context of this matter".

Earlier on Triple M

A woman who was filmed verbally abusing an Asian train passenger has been identified and spoken out.

Sue Wilkins, 55, said she was embarrassed by the video, which has attracted widespread condemnation.

"It's not nice what I did to that lady," Ms Wilkins told ninemsn.

"It wasn't nice to say that to her because it's not nice when people say that to me ... call me white trash and fatso. I know how it hurts and I shouldn't be saying it to other people."

She revealed she was currently looking for work and was upset due to being scammed out of $100,000 by a Dutch man she met on the internet.

Despite saying she was having a "really, really rotten day" when she lashed out on the train, Ms Wilkins admits now she acted inappropriately.

"I had a rotten day, I've been chasing work for quite some time now. It's awful what I said to that woman, I do agree," Ms Wilkins said.

"There's no excuse to rant at people like that.

"It's awful and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy, regardless of any race."

A NSW Police spokeswoman told ninemsn officers were trying to track down people involved in the incident.

First Reports

It's believed the incident occurred earlier this week on a train near Strathfield in Sydney's West.

The woman responsible for the shocking verbal abuse reportedly became agitated after a young mother refused to move her two children off seats so she could sit down.

Fellow passengers spoke out to defend the mother which sparked the woman's angry reaction, where she targeted several passengers with racist insults.

Racism Rant Video: Youtube/ShocKit RocKit

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Posted: 3 July, 2014

'MacGyver' Meets His Match

Burst water pipe forces Qantas plane to turn back to LA.

A Qantas flight bound for Melbourne was forced to turn back to Los Angeles after a burst drinking water pipe flooded part of the cabin.

The pilot turned QF94 back about an hour into the flight after the leak was discovered.

A number of passengers shared their experience on social media including American actress Yvette Nicole Brown.

"Pipe burst on my #Qantas flight over the Pacific. We were diverted back to LA. River running thru the aisles," she tweeted.

Another famous passanger was MacGyver actor Richard Dean Anderson who was due to be interviewed by Triple M on Friday morning. 

Presumably his duct tape and Swiss Army knife were taken by airport security.

Douglas is headed to Australia for Oz Comic-Con.

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Posted: 24 June, 2014

Massive Restaurant Brawl

Violent brawl at a Melbourne souvlaki restaurant gains worldwide attention.

Footage of a massive brawl in a Melbourne restaurant has resurfaced online.

The fight involving a group of men occurred at late night Greek eatery Stalactites.

The restaurant have confirmed the incident but stress it happened around 5-years ago.

"The matter was referred to the police at the time and the individuals involved were dealt with," they posted on their Facebook page.

"Stalactites Restaurant does not condone violence of any sort and worked closely with the police to apprehend the individuals involved."

After the fight settles down you can hear one seemingly amused patron ask "Do I get a refund on my souvlaki?"


Massive Brawl In Melbourne Restaurant Uploaded at 24 June, 2014 - 1:56PM

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Footage of a fight at a Melbourne restaurant has resurfaced online. WARNING: Contains strong language.

Facebook message from Stalactites:

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