Posted: 28 September, 2016

South Australia Is Currently WITHOUT POWER


Power is out for the entire state of South Australia, with SA Power Networks confirming widespread supply issues.

ABC report that usage now shows South Australia at 7MW, compared to Tasmania who are currently at 882 MW.


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Posted: 28 September, 2016

Traffic Lights Go Out Across Adelaide


A large number of traffic lights around Adelaide have lost power as a heavy storms belt the city. 

South Australian police say that traffic lights are out at "most intersections."

Adelaideans are posting images and details to social media:

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Posted: 28 September, 2016

Horrific Act Of Animal Cruelty In Melbourne Apartment


(Image: Getty)

The RSPCA expects to lay animal cruelty charges after a dog was found in a suitcase in a Melbourne apartment.

The one-year-old Husky had suffered blunt-force head trauma before it was jammed into the suitcase this week, RSPCA Victoria said in a statement on Wednesday.

"The dog was dead by the time it was discovered," the animal welfare group said.

RSPCA Victoria prosecution co-ordinator Daniel Bode says the society is interviewing witnesses and arranging an autopsy.

Charges were expected to be laid "shortly".

Mr Bode on Wednesday said the RSPCA had noticed an alarming trend of extreme acts of violence towards animals.

"There are no circumstances under which it is acceptable for pet owners to take it upon themselves to violently end an animal's life," he said.

"If owners decide they just can't manage an animal's needs then RSPCA Victoria will take any surrendered animal - no questions asked."


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Posted: 28 September, 2016

Lotto Karma Win


Image: SBS

We all hate a line cutter and most of us get pretty pissed when it happens.. 



But dealing with a pusher-inner has actually helped a New Zealand man to win big bucks in lotto.


A very rude so-and-so pushed in front of him, as he waited to buy a ticket at his local newsagency in Papoma.

 His patience paid off, when his ticket won him $1,000,000 schmackaroos!


 Learn the lesson guys, manners always win.


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Posted: 28 September, 2016

Adelaide Is About To Be Hit With The Mother Of All Storms


Adelaide is bracing for the impact of a storm predicted to be one of the worst in decades.

The weather bureau has warned that wind speeds of up to 75km/h, with gusts of up to 120km/h.

More to come.


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Posted: 28 September, 2016

Victorian P-Plater Caught Driving At An INSANE Speed


(Image: Getty)

A Melbourne 18-year-old has been caught speeding at almost 200km/h in an 80 zone with three teenage mates in his car.

Victoria Police say the driver was clocked doing 197km/h in Berwick about 1.30am on Wednesday.

"The Narre Warren South driver is expected to be charged on summons with speeding offences, overloaded vehicle and not displaying P-plates," a spokeswoman said in a statement, adding the 18-year-old's car had been impounded for 30 days.


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Posted: 28 September, 2016

Cy Walsh Found NOT GUILTY Of His Father's Murder


Cy Walsh has been found not guilty of murdering his father, former Adelaide Crows coach Phil Walsh, because of mental incompetence.

The 27-year-old had been accused of the stabbing murder of his father at their family home in Adelaide in July 2015.

In the South Australian Supreme Court on Wednesday, Justice Anne Bampton found he was not guilty of murder by reason of mental incompetence.

"I find he was suffering from a psychotic episode as a result of schizophrenia, which at the time of the conduct was undiagnosed," Justice Bampton said.

Cy Walsh stabbed his father 20 times and at least two of the wounds were fatal, the court heard.

He was not intoxicated by any drugs at the time of the stabbing, Justice Bampton said, accepting the forensic reports.

The judge found the objective elements of the case were established beyond reasonable doubt.

She ordered Walsh be subject to mental health supervision for life and it is likely he will be detained for some time at Adelaide's secure mental health facility, James Nash House.

A statement from his mother and Phil Walsh's wife Meredith was also read to the court in which she said she would continue to love her son.

"My heart remains broken. My daughter is also shattered," she said.

"We now all live the devastating consequences of a mental illness that was not understood.

"I will continue to love and support my son as his father has always done."


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Posted: 28 September, 2016

Tributes Flow For Max Walker

RIP Tangles

(Image: Getty)

Sad news in the cricket world this morning with the news that Max Walker has passed away aged 68.

Tributes have been coming through from cricketers and many other Australian personalities out of respect to 'Tangles'.

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Posted: 28 September, 2016

Queensland's Petrol Theft Hotspots Revealed

Petrol thefts are on the way up in Queensland, according to data from Queensland police.

A record 11,000 cases have been recorded so far this year across the state, the South East has been named as a hotspot for servo drive-offs, especially Logan and the Gold Coast, with 3,884 recorded cases.

RACQ spokesperson Renee Smith said the upward trend is bad news. 

"The shocking rate of run-offs across Queensland proves this is a serious, all too common crime and it’s clearly not going away." she said.

The motoring body have since called for police to take a tougher stance on the thefts, proposing a database be created to help catch and prevent thieves. 

Smith said they don't believe the rise in petrol prices is to blame for the rising figures.

"High prices at the bowser don’t turn law abiding citizens into thieves. Those who are driving off without paying are more often than not involved in other criminal activity."

Police Region / District


2016 (Jan-Aug)


Brisbane (total)



North Brisbane



South Brisbane



Central (total)









Sunshine Coast



Wide Bay Burnett



Northern (total)



Far North



Mount Isa






South Eastern (total)



Gold Coast






Southern (total)



Darling Downs









South West



Queensland (total)







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Posted: 28 September, 2016

Queenslanders Splurge BIG TIME Ahead Of Grand Finals

Seems sausages, party pies and beers quickly add up!

Queensland teams may not be featuring in either the NRL or AFL grand finals this weekend.. but that won't stop Queenslanders getting behind the cause. 

Researchers are estimating footy fans will splurge more than $15 million State-wide on food and drinks for game day - 

That's enough for about 1.7 million trays of 24 beef sausages, 1.6 million trays of beef patties for hamburgers or almost 4 million party pies... and that's before you even consider the alcohol and soft drink supplies. 

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Posted: 28 September, 2016

Thousands Of Aussie Travellers Stranded As The Bali Ash Cloud Returns

Flights to and from Bali have been cancelled, thanks yet again to the volcanic ash cloud.

Jetstar, Virgin and Tiger Airways have all grounded services overnight, leaving thousand of Aussie travellers stranded.

That's on top of delays for international travellers with border force and immigration staff still taking strike action, fighting for better conditions and pay.

If you are meant to be travelling to Bali today, the advice is still to head to the airport and keep an eye on your airline's website for updated information.

Meteorologists are set to assess the conditions again on Wednesday morning and make a decision about flights for the rest of the day.

Click the below links to see the latest information from:

Jetstar - cloud affecting Bali flights

Tiger Airways -

Virgin Australia -

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Posted: 27 September, 2016

Shark attack photos

WARNING: Graphic Content

Yesterday, the beaches around Ballina were closed due to a shark attack on a teenager. 

17-Year-Old Cooper Allen copped a massive bite wound to his leg and was rushed to hospital in a stable condition Monday morning.

Luckily, he didn’t need surgery and only required stitches.  He's taken to social media to share the graphic photos of his injury... and well, it's pretty nuts! 

WARNING: graphic images

The beaches have since been re-opened but lifeguards will continue to monitor beaches for any shark activity.

That's a story for life! 


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