Posted: 21 July, 2016

WATCH: Ozzy Osbourne's New Reality TV Show

Prince of Darkness back on the big screen

Image: The Osbourne family

Prince of Darkness, Black Sabbath singer Ozzy Osbourne is getting back on TV with a brand new reality show with his son, Jack Osbourne.

The show 'Ozzy and Jack's World Tour' sees the celebrity father and son travel the world, with a film crew capturing the two visiting iconic landmarks. Although both of their career's have taken them around the world the pair are now going back to experience these famous places as tourists.

Watch the preview here:

The Osbourne family became house hold names as the first famous family to let the public into their personal lives with the TV show The Osbourne's (yes you can blame them for the Kardasians). The TV show left us with some unforgettable one liners from Ozzy and here's hoping for more hilarious moments in 'Ozzy and Jack's World Tour'.

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Posted: 21 July, 2016

Higgos' Corner 12

Triple M's Higgo throws up three Aussie bands he's loving right now

Image: Higgo with Gary Clark Jr

G'day trendsetters,
I've got some great bands coming your way in this edition of my corner.. sounds weird to say Higgo's Corner, Higgo doesn't like talking in the third person, that's not what Higgo is all about but Higgo is throwing his first party at Sooki Lounge in Belgrave on Friday 29th July, more details later.,.

The first band I wanna hit you with is a Melbourne band that's been around for nearly 15 years, born from the ashes of Justin Keenan's band Eddie Would Go. They are The Go Set. Focused around punk ethos celtic and folk rock vibes, these guys will make you think with their lyrics, empowering and political at times, and they'll make sure you're having the best fuckin time ever with an Aussie pub rock type of attitude (totally infectious). They're seven albums deep and regularly tour the UK and Europe, the States, New Zealand and Japan. Make no mistake, The Go Set rock hard, so if you dig The Dropkick Murphys, you'll dig these guys.
Check out this one from their latest album "Rolling Sound" it's called Bones. 

Now for something heavier, it would be remiss of me not to include a band and people I have a load of respect for, that's Orpheus Omega. If you go back through previous columns, you'll find Be'lakor, (unbelievably great melodic death metal), and Orpheus Omega, in my opinion are every bit as good. I love what they do.

Massive riffs mixed with keys, growls, cleans (vocals) all stirred up in a pot of awesome, and they're just getting better and better. It's not just me who thinks that, these guys command great crowds wherever they play, and have supported some of the worlds biggest metal bands when they've visited Australia, most recently, touring Australia with Trivium. It's hard to know what to ask you to listen to with Orpheus, because I literally have too many favourites, so I think the best thing to do is to just start here, then let you slide the rabbit hole. 

This next band is one of the many that has continued to get better and better and their live shows are OFF THE CHARTS. They are Mesa Cosa. I think it's best to quote the mythical sky monster as is stated on their own facebook page when describing this band. “Every thousand years or so, the Devil throws a party, as you well know, I'm never invited. But I hear this time around Mesa Cosa played. and. they. destroyed. EVERYTHING! Then.. every body got laid." - God
I don't think I could dare improve on such a glowing endorsement except to echo the sentiment of a previous writer who described their sound as "a mariachi band playing covers of The Stooges". It's lo-fi raw mayhem. This is a freakishly good, good time band, you'll leave exhausted from smiling and barking along to their infectious tunes. SEE THIS BAND LIVE.

Check out 666

As I stated at the start of this column, I'm throwing a party at Sooki Lounge in Belgrave on Friday 29th July, and you should definitely come along. Check it out, it's only $10, it's gunna be mad. 

RSVP here

Until next time, KEEP IT LOUD!

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Posted: 21 July, 2016

Local Musos Fight Back Against Lock Out Laws

But will they listen?

Image: Andrew Stockdale

The recent lock out laws have effected all parts of the entertainment industry, with the exception of Melbourne, seeing iconic venues closing across the country, reducing live performance opportunities and income.

The laws have seen a severe change in the Australian live music community and musicians are finally fighting back to these career destroying laws.

Sydney band RedHook have just released their new single and film clip 'Lock Us Out' comparing the new laws to a zombie apocalypse.

Check it out:

Queensland band Caligula's Horse told Triple M's Jane Gazzo how the lock out laws have changed the nationally touring scene; "Sydney's not a pleasant place to be".

Listen to the full interview:

Learn more:

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Posted: 21 July, 2016

Human Hearing Loss Could Be Reversible

New finds in recent study

All rock fans have come home after a gig with the ringing ears and next day buzzing, sometimes causing permanent damage.

The side effects from being a heavy music fan can be damaging, but new studies have revealed a possible solution to long term hearing loss.

Dr Albert Edge has lead a team of researchers to work on a method of regrowing the damage caused from loud and excessive music.

The research is exploring the ability to repair sensory hair cells, for reptiles and birds self repair and researchers are working on the ability for mammals to repair the damage.

Read more at Atlantic.

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Posted: 21 July, 2016

Supergroup Temple Of The Dog Announce First Tour Ever!

Soundgarden & Pearl Jam Members Reunite.

Temple of the Dog — the Seattle supergroup — has reunited!

The band consists of Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell, Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron, and Pearl Jam guitarists Mike McCready and Stone Gossard.

All five members will join the tour, which will hit Philadelphia, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle in November.

“We wanted to do the one thing we never got to do…play shows and see what it feels like to be the band that we walked away from 25 years ago,” Cornell said on the Temple of the Dog website.

“This is something no one has ever seen. We wanted to stop and recognize that we did this and pay homage.”

Temple of the Dog 25th Anniversary Tour Dates

November 4 - Philadelphia, PA @ Tower Theater
November 7 - New York, NY @ Madison Square Garden
November 11 - San Francisco, CA @Bill Graham Civic Center
November 14 - Los Angeles, CA @ The Forum
November 20 - Seattle, WA @ Paramount Theater


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Posted: 20 July, 2016

The Joke That Destroyed Rock Legends American Career

Always watch what you say

Image: Shihad

New Zealand rock band Shihad have had their time in the sun and are continuing to prove their place in the rock scene after selling out dates on their latest tour, but things could have gone a different way for the heavy rockers.

When Triple M's Jane Gazzo chatted to Shihad singer Jon Toogood on Home Grown she asked about a gig which was almost ended their career, she heard through mutual friends of the two. Toogood confirmed; "I saw $4 million walk out the door".

The offensive joke, which contained the C-word and wasn't to be repeated on air was so offensive that record label executives prepared to give the band their 'big break' in the U.S.A left in disgust and left the band not talking to the dynamic front man for 6 months!

Listen to the full interview: 


Thankfully the band made up and are continuing to rock'n'roll, bringing one of the best live shows of our time.

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Posted: 19 July, 2016

Higgo’s Corner 11

Triple M's Higgo throws up three Aussie bands he's loving right now

Image: Fletcher of Pennywise with Higgo

I remember getting a song from As A Rival a few years ago and thinking it’s shrieking vocal and punk vibes combined to make it something worth listening to. It’s a weird thing, when you get new music, stuff you’re never ever heard, it’s quite easy to take the default position of ‘I probably won’t like it’ or ‘impress me mothertrucker’ as you sit there cross armed with a furrowed brow. Over time I’ve learned to just open my mind and let it come in. I reckon within the first song you can decide if you want to hear more of it or not. That’s what happened with As A Rival. As I said at the start, there was ‘something’.

My interest was piqued. As A Rival are a Melbourne band who released By Design at the start of 2016. They’re a 4 piece now, but recording duties required a guest cast. Most noticeably,  THREE members of Bodyjar, Grant Relf on Bass, Tom Read on guitar and some backing vocals, and Shane Wakker on Drums. To be honest you’d be forgiven to say it was a Bodyjar side project, except it isn’t. This is the brainchild of lead singer and guitarist Pete Cerni, and with the help of his ‘cast’ created something really raw and honest. A throw back to early 90’s Melbourne punk rock in sound and production, songs like Obsolete would sound right at home on a skate video from The Bones Brigade.

Check out the clip for that very song that’s just been released.


There’s a band that’s been on the boil for a while now, in fact, they gave me the world premiere of their first single to play on Distortion back in July of 2014.
I’m speaking of Melbourne band Meshiaak. Initially masterminded by Dean Wells (Teramaze) and Danny Camilleri (ex 4ARM), and now with the help of Jon Dette (Slayer, Anthrax etc etc etc) on drums, and Nick Walker (Bane Of Bedlam) they have created what I feel to be one of the stand out thrash albums of the year, actually, just on that whole ‘thrash’ tag, whilst it is predominately a thrash album, it’s so much more than that. With Dean’s prog metal background in Teramaze, their album Alliance Of Thieves (out August 19th) offers some real light and shade moments, but make no mistake, it’s an aural avalanche of brutality as soon as you hit play. Make sense? Probably not. 

Check out that first single, Chronicles Of The Dead

Once you’re done there, zoom over and pre order Alliance of Thieves, you know you want to!

Skipping across the border to Adelaide, a place I’ve called home in my radio travels, (what up Wayville) there’s a bunch of bands worth mentioning from the town with bad beer.

Last year whilst at Bigsound in Brisbane, I made it a mission to check out 3 piece powerhouse, Grenadiers and I’m stoked I did. I was an instant fan. Their high energy punk rock who made all the right noises in my books. These guys are making GREAT headway, getting awesome supports like British India, Unwritten Law, playing Clipsal 500 in their home town, also playing alongside Millencolin on their latest Australian tour. There’s something primal about Grenadiers, much in the same way Red Fang from Portland affected me when I first heard them, or Bodyjar for that matter.

The riffs, the harmonies, the intensity and heaviness without having to play at a thousand miles an hour, it’s hard to describe, but they’re super addictive and massively impressive with the ability to slide into any line up and make you move your arse. Can’t speak highly enough about these guys, love em. 

Go back a couple of years and check out SUMMER, you’ll start looking for more after that I promise.

Just quickly, I’m throwing my first ever party at Sooki Lounge in Belgrave on Friday 29th of July and I’d love you to be there.
are headlining, supported by Mason and Bombs are Falling. It’s gunna be wicked. 

RSVP here

Thanks to Cassie for the playlist below, check it out, until next time, keep it loud.

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Posted: 19 July, 2016

How Shock Rocker Alice Cooper Wants To Fix The World.

We look at what he wants to change.

Image: Alice Cooper

In a time of mayhem it seems shock rock king Alice Cooper feels he can bring order to the world in his recent appeal 'Vote For Alice Cooper'.

The rock'n'roll singer has launched the campaign to coincide with the re-release of his 70s classic tune 'Election' calling out for support in his needs for change.

The singer has included Brian Johnson to sing in AC/DC again and ban taking selfies except for the designated 'International Selfie Day'.

Check out the full list:

We feel a country run by Alice Cooper would make perfect sense!

Listen to Election':

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Posted: 19 July, 2016

Hallejuah! Explore Jeff Buckley's Record Collection

Have a look at this incredible experience.

Image: Jeff Buckley

In one of the best uses of modern technology we can explore the late musician Jeff Buckley's record collection.

The idea that was approved by the musicians mother has blown up the internet, giving fans the opportunity to get closer to the cult singer song writer.

Jeff Buckley who was sadly taken from us age 31 in 1997, has left a huge mark on the music industry, continuing to gain fans almost 20 years after his death.

The singer's unique sound and diverse influence is to credit to his ever growing success, so being able to explore that is a huge win for fans all around the world.

The virtual record collection allows us to scroll through the diverse collection that ranges from David Bowie to The Clash to Ella Fitzgerald.

Check it out here

The very private musician rarely spoke about his influences, so to have this experience is invalueable.

Watch Jeff Buckley talk about his influences;

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Posted: 19 July, 2016

The Rolling Stone's Are Getting Satisfaction

Is their obsession with a young lifestyle keeping the musicians young?

Image: The Rolling Stones

The ageing rock band The Rolling Stones are in the media again as 72 year old front man Mick Jagger is expecting a child with his 29 year old partner, but this isn't the first time the rockers have been in the media for their age.

The band who are in their 70s, the age where most are happily retired live the lifestyle of those in their 30s.
Does their young lifestyle lead to a longer career?

We look at the top 5 moments where The Rolling Stones prove age doesn't matter:

  • 5. Bill Wyman's 13 Year Old Girlfriend.
    In 1989 the band's guitarist married his girlfriend of 5 years Mandy Smith at the ripe age of 18.

  • 4. Mick Jagger's Bright Wardrobe.
    The loud singer is loud by appearance, having a bright selection of suits and shirts.

    We think this hot pink suit takes the cake!

  • 3. Touring Schedule
    Although the band are well in their 70s, an age where most are retired and sipping weak cocktails on tropical cruises 'The Stones' are still one of the top earning touring band's in the world.
    Catch this live clip from earlier this year!


  • 2. Mick Jagger's Work Out Routine
    The moves made famous by Jagger don't come easy, watch this clip that shows the hard work that goes into his high energy live show.

  • 1. Keith Richards Lifestyle
    The meme's don't lie, the self proclaimed over abuser is the poster boy for the 'rock'n'roll' lifestyle.

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Posted: 19 July, 2016

Michael J. Fox Rocks Up At Coldplay Concert To Perform Songs From ‘Back To The Future’


Image: jym_hospitality

Coldplay are currently on a world tour for their latest record 'A Head Full of Dreams'.

At their show at New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium over the weekend the band had a surprise for fans..

Chris Martin’s son Moses requested in a video that the band play a song from his favourite movie: Back to the Future.

They went one better, Marty McFly himself Michael J. Fox joined the band onstage to help them perform two tracks from the movie.


They ripped through two songs from the movie’s Under the Sea dance: "Earth Angel" and Chuck Berry’s "Johnny B. Goode"

Coldplay are coming to Australia in December. Check out the tour dates below.



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Posted: 18 July, 2016

Guns N’ Roses Detained For Gun Possession

"Wasn't my gun"

Guns N' Roses have been on their best behaviour since their Not in This Lifetime tour kicked off…

However, they are never far from controversy with Axl revealing they encountered some legal issues while at the Canadian border.

Axl says the band were detained for gun possession of all things!

"So, we weren't exactly arrested. We were detained," Rose said of the border stop, which happened as the tour traveled from Philadelphia to Toronto.

"They were very nice, they were very understanding. You know, it happens: You can forget you have a f*cking gun."

Rose then added, "Wasn't my gun."

A representative for GN'R confirmed the news to to Billboard, "Yes, this indeed happened on Friday, July 15, as they were crossing the border coming from the Philadelphia tour stop on the 14th."

The rep also made it clear tha the gun didn't belong to any member of the band.

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