Posted: 21 November, 2016

Top Rock Bands Of The 80’s

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Image: Bon Jovi

We unleash a countdown on rock’s most divisive topics...

From the band’s who should reform, to the most influential bands of the nineties… we've got it all covered.

Today we’re counting down the Top 5 Rock Bands Of The 80’s;

5. Def Leppard

The band released four studios albums in the 80s, including the hit record Hysteria that was released in 1987.

4. U2
From the time their debut album 'Boy' dropped in 1980, the Irish rock band cemented their titled as 'Best Rock Band' in the 80s with endless world tours and a HUGE 6 studio albums released in the decade.

3. Motley Crue
The pin up boys of the 80's, the bad boys from L.A were everything 80s; sex, drugs, Rock'n'Roll.

2. Bon Jovi
Still releasing hit records today, the 80's was when classic rock band Bon Jovi began and has showed no sign of stopping since.

1. Guns 'N Roses
Who can look past Gunners? The dynamic five piece conceived admist the chaos was that the Hollywood glam scene are still seen as the greatest of our time.

Tags: Rock Lists, Glam, rocknroll, 80s

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