Posted: 2 April, 2015

Bluesfest Replace Black Keys

British India take the Black Keys headlining spot at Bluesfest 2015

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The British India boys have scored the top slot as headliners for Byron Bay’s Bluesfest, taking the place of recent international dropouts the Black Keys.

Festival promoter Peter Noble explained, “While I attempted initially to get an international artist to replace the Black Keys, who pulled out due to issues with drummer Patrick Carney’s shoulder injury less than two weeks before the festival, we weren’t able to get a suitable replacement in time and have the visas issued.”

The loss of the Black Keys means that the festival will be without a headlining international act for the first time in years.

While not quite at the indie-rock-god level that the Black Keys have attained, the British India boys have been “…achieving major interest right now as a result of their recent release, and they are fast becoming one of Australia’s foremost bands. We expect them to deliver a great show at Bluesfest”, said Noble.

With the success of their recent release ‘Nothing Touches Me’ and an upcoming national tour, their headlining debut on the Bluesfest stage seems like the cherry on their rise to the top. 

Bluesfest kicks off tomorrow and cranks all Easter weekend in Byron Bay, NSW. 

Hit British India's official clip for 'Nothing Touches Me' below:

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Posted: 2 April, 2015

Tex Perkins' ANZAC Tribute For Legacy

To commemorate the Centenary of ANZAC, ARIA award winning musician Tex Perkins has recorded “One Minute’s Silence” featuring Australian Rules Football legend Ron Barassi.

Written by Matthew Hardy and Richard Gillard, profits going to Legacy, Hardy says “Listen to it once the whole way through and tell us you didn’t get goose bumps”.

The Beasts of Bourbon and Cruel Sea front man, Tex Perkins, is joined by The Steel Springs (taking their name from a pivotal scene in the movie Gallipoli), The Welsh Choir and Ron Barassi who provides the voice of an unkown soldier “I was once like you, young and free, your future is my history. Lest We Forget”

Matthew Hardy said "I recalled how Ron Barassi's father was a Rat Of Tobruk who died in action. I approached Ron with the song and he was on board at once. Does a lot for Legacy already and was happy to assist."

"One Minute’s Silence" will be performed at the ANZAC game at the MCG between Collingwood and Essendon, download your copy now from iTunes.

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Posted: 2 April, 2015

Tool's April Fools

(Photo by

Controversy was rife on the interwebs yesterday as April Fools pranks spread like some kind of venereal disease. 

But none seem quite as cruel as TOOL’s.

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Posted: 2 April, 2015

14 Jesus Look-a-likes

One saves souls through personal salvation; the other saves the world by the power of music!

One saves souls through personal salvation; the other saves the world by the power of music. Here are 14 of our favourite rock stars who look like Jesus.

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Posted: 31 March, 2015


New behind the scenes video for AC/DC's 'Rock The Blues Away'

(Photo by Getty Images)

New behind the scenes footage has been released from the latest AC/DC video ‘Rock The Blues Away’.

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Posted: 31 March, 2015

Hozier Takes Us To The Church

We're bloody excited to be bringing you this exclusive live performance from this artist who is absolutely massive at the moment.

His name his Hozier and he has a couple of EPs under his belt. You’ve probably heard his new song “Take Me To Church” on Triple M.

He's out of Ireland and has a sound reminiscent of singer-songwriters like Jeff Buckley. Watch the video below.

Hozier Takes Us To The Church Uploaded at 31 March, 2015 - 2:20PM

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Posted: 31 March, 2015

Gallagher Loses Millions

Gallagher Loses Millions In Solo Career

(Photo by Jo Hale/Getty Images)

It can be hard flying solo. And according to OASIS singer NOEL GALLAGHER, rock stars are no exception. 

After leaving legendary band Oasis in 2009, the eldest of the two Gallagher brothers set out on his own with the opening of his label Sour Mash Records. But he lost so much money in the venture that he had to hide it from his wife!

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Posted: 31 March, 2015

Ozzy Under The Knife

Ozzy Cancels 'Ozzfest' Dates As Impending Surgery Awaits


After the recent news that Black Sabbath will play their final show together at Ozzfest Japan in November, there are fears that the man himself may not make it with new news of more impending surgery.

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Posted: 31 March, 2015

Music Venues Saved In Melbourne, Sydney And Brisbane

Great news for live music yesterday with confirmation that the Hi-Fi bars will continue as Max Watt

Great news for live music yesterday with confirmation that the Hi-Fi bars will be re-branded and given an overhaul in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Max Watt’s is headed by former Hi-Fi investor Kate Hamblin, who won the bid to buy out the business from administrators.

Hamblin says Max Watt’s has been established as a clean start to smooth out “bad blood” between the venues and promoters

“(The name) started with the idea of maximum wattage but we’re also giving it a character, as though it’s someone’s house”

About nine staff have been cut from head office and The Venue Collective has been installed to handle bookings and social media.

Hamblin adds: “The Hi-Fi had a good run for many years but it’s now time for a change.”

A new fit-out and sound system will occur at all three venues and already scheduled gigs will go ahead.

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Posted: 31 March, 2015

Pumpkins' 'Drum + Fife'

New video metaphor raises awareness for sufferers of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

(Photo by Triple M)

Out of everything to come from the SMASHING PUMPKINS recent release Monuments to an Elegy, newly released single ‘Drum + Fife’ definitely has a statement to make.

Front man BILLY CORGAN has come out in support of soldiers suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and the after-effects of combat with the band’s powerful music video for ‘Drum + Fife’.

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Posted: 27 March, 2015

Ken The Foo Fighter

'The nicest guy in rock' Dave Grohl helps a terminally ill man's dying wish

(Source Facebook)

Ken Powell has been battling incurable cancer for years, the big item on his bucket list was to meet the Foo Fighters.

Ken almost had his wish granted on the Foo Fighters recent Australian tour but Dave Grohl was forced to cancel all meet-and-greets because of food poisoning.

The 56 year old attended all of the Foo Fighters Australian shows.

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Posted: 26 March, 2015

Stonefield's APRA Win

Local girls take home the 2015 Rock Work Of The Year award

Local rock’n’roll guru’s Stonefield have taken home the Rock Work of the Year award at the 2015 APRA Music Awards for their kickass track ‘Love You Deserve’.

The family four-piece took the country by storm with their critically acclaimed 2013 self titled album, which earned them international attention and blasted their authentic rock sound around the world with a well earned spot at the Glastonbury festival.

Currently in the studio recording with Spiderbait member Kram, the girls have a new album in the works and have promised a bunch of exciting announcements to come. 

Watch the clip for ‘Love You Deserve’ below:


And hit the jump to support some good local music on iTunes now. 

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