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Montage Of Heck

Check out Merrick Watt's essential review of Kurt Cobain: Montage Of Heck

The world has been aflutter of previously unseen Kurt Cobain/Nirvana treasures, and a whole hoard of new Courtney Love conspiracies since the highly anticipated release of the Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck documentary. 

The documentary, credited for handing us a heavy dose of intimiate Cobain details, has recieved a mix of glowing and somewhat unsettled reactions from fans and friends of Kurt and Nirvana far and wide.

Triple M's Merrick Watts gave the doco a thorough comb through, and lays down the Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck essentials for you:

"As someone who peaked in the 90’s and frankly is still struggling to let go of the decade (see my fashion choices), I was always going to relate to a documentary about the biggest band of that period. Nirvana. Although Cobain: Montage of Heck is meant to be about Kurt Cobain’s life it is of course almost as much about the rock band and it’s formation. Which is cool coz as a result it has a killer soundtrack.

"Now the last thing I want is for this review to be confused with an informed, researched opinion. This is merely a shallow reflection of the film that two hours playing Dance Dance Nation against a triad dance gang at Timezone after the movie didn’t completely erase.

"I enjoyed Kurt Cobain’s fashion. Caught up in nostalgia we sometimes remember Kurt Cobain to have an eccentric fashion sense, possibly ahead of his time but what I liked seeing was Kurt in the early days of Nirvana wearing the worst fucking jeans I have ever seen. Stone wash, baggy, girls jeans with no belt worn above the hips. If you saw Dallas Buyers Club, like Matthew McConaughey’s pants only with less A.I.D.S. Even rock gods have worn bad dacks at some time of their life. Rejoice.

"I didn’t enjoy seeing Courtney Love nude. This is not a judgment by a man about what a woman’s figure should or shouldn’t look like; it’s just that personally I’m not a fan of ass pimples, of which she had many. This is likely the result of a stressful touring schedule and a poor diet that included late night Heroin sandwiches? Scabs are not sexy, put them away.

"Pimples shouldn’t really be the take-away talking point of any movie but everyone I’ve spoken to about Cobain: Montage of Heck has mentioned Courtney and Kurt’s shared love of heroin and pimples. In a bathroom scene Kurt has a shoulder pimple that is the David Copperfield of acne. It uses illusion to trick you in to thinking that you’re not looking at it but you are in fact mesmerised and totally powerless to look away. The magic of this conjuring is so powerful that at one stage Courtney actually kisses it! What surprised me is no one in the cinema went “eeeeew… you never know what that pimple might catch” but then again we were all still hypnotised.

"There are some really cool bits to the documentary, like the animated sequences and the interviews with Kurt’s family. If you do go and see this film SPOILER ALERT Kurt’s step-mums teeth look like someone has used her mouth to store their collection of white boogie boards! Holy shit! They are the biggest, fakest teeth I’ve ever seen, she looks like an alien has failed to stretch their fake human skin cover over their robot head properly. Definitely worth the price of admission.

"So there are some pretty good reasons to go and see Cobain: Montage of Heck, but if you do, leave as soon as the credits roll. At the start of the film there is a note that after the credits there is an interview with the director. Self-indulgent, unwanted and totally unnecessary. It’s like handing out copies of “Where did I come from?” after a gangbang.

"Cobain: Montage of Heck get’s 3 and half ass pimples out of 5."

Join Merrick...And Australia 4-6pm weekdays on Triple M. 

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Triple M's Top 10 Most Memorable Aussie Music

Relive the amazing Aussie rockers who graced the Letterman stage over the years

(Screenshot from youtube)

After 22 years, The Late Show with David Letterman has finally come to an end with the gauntlet being passed on to Stephen Colbert to reign in a new late night age. 

But with so many years of love, life and laughter from the legendary host we thought it appropriate - nay, NECESSARY - to relish in the years of live music featured on the show. More specifically, all of the awesome Aussie acts that dominated the stage and showed those yanks what rock'n'roll really is! 

Take a look at our Top 10 list of the most memorable Aussie music acts to grace the late night stage in honour of the great David Letterman.

Triple M's Top 10 Most Memorable Aussie Music Acts on Letterman

1. Silverchair - "Abuse Me" - (1997)

The boys from Silverchair made a few appearences on Letterman over the years. But this one in 1997 to promote their second album 'Freak Show', when Silverchair has pretty securely dominated the US, is really special. The boys are just so young! And Johns still has that fresh angst and endearing rock-innocence that made early Silverchair so bloody great. 

2. INXS & Ray Charles - "Please" - (October 1993)

Now *this* is a highlight in music history. INXS and Ray Charles ended up on stage together while INXS were promoting their 9th studio album 'Full Moon, Dirty Hearts' - and let it be said, Hutchence and Charles are at their impossible best! The energy is electric, and you can just see the two feeding off each others vibes. Brilliant!

3. The Living End - "Roll On" - (2000)

The Melbourne boys didn't find themself with a chart topping LP, but they sure as hell rolled out the big guns for their stint on Letterman. And hey, you ride a double bass on international TV, you get some serious life goal points. 

4. Midnight Oil - "Outbreak of Love" - (1993)

The night the US was introduced to Peter Garrett...and those dance moves. But Letterman's "favourite Aussie band" sure do kill it (as per usual)!

5. Wolfmother - "Woman" - (2006)

If you can get past Andrew Stockdale's annoying temperament, Wolfmother is one rocking gig. So much so that the boys were featured on Letterman numerous times, playing to a frothing audience and all. In this 2006 clip we see the original lineup for Wolfmother crank out their hit 'Woman' to promote their debut self titled album.

6. Powderfinger - "My Happiness" - (2001)

Powderfinger is one of Australia's most acclaimed bands - but Dave and Paul seem more fascinated with the fact that there's an Australian Rolling Stone...hmmm. Still, the boys resulting show is a banger, and sure does give the finger to anything but some serious recognition of rock skills. 

7. Crowded House - "Chocolate Cake" - (1991)

Okay, okay, okay - they're technically not Australian. But there's only one place those hip-thrusts can come from...and that's DOWN UNDER. 
Check out Crowded House's 3rd spot on the Late Show. Clearly ol' Dave can't get enough! 

8. The Vines - "Get Free" - (2002)

OK. This just could not be considered anything vaguely musically brillaint, but lead singer Craig Nicholls certainly brings the show to life as it remains one of the most talked about Late Show's ever produced. A clearly intoxicated Nicholls melts down into a fit of screams and drops to the floor to writhe and wriggle us into nonsense halfway through the show. Still, a rather entertaining cringe nonetheless. 

9. The Baby Animals - "Painless" - (1992)

While on tour with Van Halen, The Baby Animals (lead by a banging Suze Demarchi) took to the Late Show stage. We still don't know what Letterman whispered to Suze at the end...but I bet we could have a guess. 

10. Jet - "She's A Genius" - (2009) 

Promoting their album Shaka Rock the boys hit up Letterman for the 2nd time. 

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Daniel Johns "Talk" Release

After 8 years of silence, Daniel Johns is back to "Talk"

(Image: Supplied)

After 8 years of silence, Daniel Johns is back.

And boy, does he have a lot to say.

Today we celebrate the release of Daniel Johns debut solo album “Talk”, an album that got so many tongues wagging even before it’s much awaited arrival.

Coming off the back of early release ‘Aerial Love’ we now see the latest single ‘Cool On Fire’ – a track that positively signals the true relinquish of any possibility that Johns’ could be musically typecast. 

Triple M Homegrown's Brendan Annakin spoke to Daniel this week and got the low down on Johns' different sound. 

"I's sort of like jumping into this very cold pool at night. It's refreshing, it sort of slaps you around and wakes you up," Annakin told Johns. "It's got this sort of slow, low tempo R'n'B soul feel - I really dig it. How would you describe it?"

"Predominently I think everything I do no matter what somehow has a pop influence. But there's definitely an R'n'B  thing that's going on within most of the tracks," said Johns. "I wanted it to be a smooth, quite minimal record. I wanted it to be electronic and warm when you put it on."

"It was definitely a conscious effort to burn rock'n'roll to the ground," he added emphatically. 

Listen to the whole interview here.

Today also marks the release of the video for his new single 'Cool On Fire'. Directed by Josh Logue (who has worked with the likes of Empire of the Sun and Hilltop Hoods), you get to see Johns in a vastly different light to the man we know from the Silverchair days. 

"Talk" will be launched with two special shows at the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall on May 28th and 29th in association with Vivid Festival. 

Get your tickets NOW via Vivid Sydney

Grab Your Copy Of Daniel Johns New Album 'Talk' - AVAILABLE HERE NOW


WATCH the 'Cool On Fire' video here: 

(via youtube)


LISTEN to 'Talk' streaming online now:



Essential Links:

Official Website






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The Who Stops Concert Because Of Pot Smoke

The Who frontman says he's incredibly allergic to marijuana smoke

(Image from Getty)

It looks like the wild and reckless days of the 70's are long gone for members of The Who. 

Roger Daltrey, lead singer for The Who, threatened to halt their entire 50th anniversary concert in Long Island on Wednesday unless the "overwhelming" amount of pot smoke ceased.

Specifically addressing one member of the audience at the front of stage, Roger said: "[Put it out] or, I'm telling you now, the show will be over."

Sources report that Daltrey is incredibly allergic to marijuana smoke, with the effects visibly and audibly showing throughout the gig.

At the start of the show, Daltrey's voice was bright and crisp and everything we've come to know and love about the iconic rockers. But audience members reported hearing his voice becoming increasingly raspy and restricted, building until the point of Daltrey's request. 

As you can see in the footage below, Daltrey confronted the audience member with the threat to leave the stage. Pete Townshend gets a few words in too, agreeing with the crowd's chants to "eat it [the joint]" by telling the bloke to "eat it up your f****** ass!". 

The concertgoer apparently abliged and the show continued without another hitch.  

Sex. Drugs. And Rock'n'Roll, baby. Yeah.  

Check out Roger Daltrey's Pot-Flipout here:

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Another Aussie Crawl 'Similar Riff' This Time With Nirvana

After the recent Gunners claim another 'similar riff' has cropped up between Aussie Crawl and Nirvana.

Looks like Aussie rock legends Australian Crawl have been ripped off... again!

The 80s icons haven't had as much press as they have recently in years as some massive copyright claims have come to the attention of the media and the band.

First it was acusations Gunners classic "Sweet Child O' Mine" was a rip-off of their song "Unpublished Critics".

Now a Triple M listener has alerted us that Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and Crawl's "Daughters Of The Northern Coast" sound very similar. Listen below.

Neither of these been officially put forward as a plagiarism / copyright claim to an actual publishing company there's no doubt there are some similarities.

Nirvana vs Australian Crawl - You Decide

Australian Crawl - Daughters Of The Northern Coast (1982) Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit

James Reyne - Live On Triple M

James Reyne joined the Triple M Sydney's Grill Team to do a Garage Session of two Crawl tracks so the boys asked him about this new claim.

"We've touched on the fact that "Sweet Child O Mine" and "Unpublished Critics" there's possibility that there's similarities, well there's another one come out... with "Smells Like Teen Spirit", sounds unbelievably like "Daughters Of The Northern Coast"," said Matty Johns.

"I have never heard this theory and that's the very first time I've heard that and I have to be very careful with what I say..." said Reyne.

"My reaction, with the other one, people have been telling me for years and years that "Sweet Child O' Mine" is "Unpublished Critics", I haven't said, people have told me, so my reaction is 'it is not inconceivable that there may be similarities,"

"...and in terms of 'do I go people like this?', I let people who know a lot more about this..."

James Reyne On Triple M

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The Edge Goes Over The Edge

U2's The Edge falls off stage at a recent tour concert

The Edge has gone over the edge - quite literally - during the very first show of their Innocence and Experience tour. 

The fall happened as The Edge casually cruised down the narrow stage during the band's performance of 'I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For'. But fans didn't have to worry for long because The Edge just bounced up and continued playing. It turns out he is one tough cookie! 

Beware the ledge, Edge! - via youtube.

After the gig, The Edge took to U2's instagram account to reassure fans that he was okay. But you can definitely tell that scrape is pain - if not now, he'll damn well feel it tomorrow. 

"Didn't see the edge, I'm ok!! #U2ieTour

A photo posted by U2 Official (@u2) on

“Didn’t see the edge, I’m ok!! #U2ieTour.” - via instagram.

But the show must go on! And the boys have it on lock down, with the next leg of the tour set to continue throughout Canada, the US and Europe for the remainder of the year. No Aussie dates have been announced as yet. 

Remember folks:

Check yourself before you wreck yourself. Always.  

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QLD Police Vs. Nickelback

The Queensland Police Service have your interests at matter what.

(Image via @QPSmedia - twitter)


The Queensland Police Service has an incredibly important job to do, protecting us from all of the baddies out there and whatnot. And it seems their media department is no exception!

Taking the lead in essential civic protection, the Queensland Police Service’s social media team released an official BOLO (Be On the Lookout) yesterday evening asking citizens to keep an eye out for “men matching this description expected to be committing musical crimes in Boondall tonight.”

The image included images of four men who looked uncannily like the boys from Nickelback, who were to play a show at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre that night.

(Don't mess with the Po-Po - image via @QPSmedia twitter)

This isn’t the first time the QPS has had a crack at Nickelback. Back in 2014 the QPS social media team alerted their followers to their receipt of a “suspicious package”, which was apparently destroyed soon after its arrival – purely for the safety and consideration of others.

Police media team report a suspicious package has been received as part of the office secret Santa. It will now be destroyed #BlameCanada #JokesOnUs

Posted by Queensland Police Service on Monday, December 22, 2014


It goes to show that the Po-Po really do have our backs – protect and serve, ladies and gents.

And that they are.  

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The Foos Epic Letterman Farewell!

Foo Fighters on final Late Show with David Letterman


Foos On Letterman

The Foo Fighters played an epic show to farewell legendary talk show host David Letterman

The band closed out the final "Late Show" with a stirring rendition of "Everlong" as pictures of Letterman's career were shown to the audience.

The entire band were dressed in suit and tie for the emotional tribute.

Earlier On Triple M

Letterman has dominated the news over the past week. All bets have been on (and off and on again) for who will take out the honor of being the final musical act on his iconic ‘Late Show’.

And finally, after constant speculation, we have a winner!

The Foo Fighters.

The show is scheduled to be aired tonight on US television at 11:35pm.

"#FooFighters, #DavidLetterman's favorite band, will serve as the final musical guest when the late-night host bids farewell to 'Late Show'... During the Foo Fighters' star-studded 'Late Show' residency, Letterman shared a poignant story about how one Foo track soundtracked a major moment in his fatherhood. 'Years and years and years ago when I became a father, I recognized I was older than most fathers, and so did my son. And so I said I have to find something I can do with my son and we can do it together,' Letterman said. He then took his son skiing in the mountains of Montana, and on the last day of the trip, their ski instructor filmed Letterman and his son skiing down the mountain. The video arrived on a DVD weeks later, and the song the instructor used as a musical bed was Foo Fighters' 'In Your Honor' cut 'Miracle.' 'This is the second song of theirs that will always have great, great meaning for me for the rest of my life,' Letterman said." From #DaveGrohl

A photo posted by Rolling Stone (@rollingstone) on


Letterman and the Foo’s have had a long and strong 15-year love affair, with the band being one of the most avid performers on the show. And back in 2000, when Letterman underwent emergency quadruple bypass surgery following a heart attack, the Foo’s were the first band he wanted to hear.

“When he had his open-heart surgery, he was gone for a while and when he came back he requested the Foo Fighters be the first band to perform for his first week back because he wanted to hear the song "Everlong",” Dave Grohl told the Orange Country Register. 

“Ever since that day, we’ve been in love. I don’t know how many times we’ve played that show, but every time we do and I stand in the Ed Sullivan Theater, I never take that for granted.”

And the love was entirely reciprocated with Letterman introducing them on that very first show back as “my favorite band playing my favorite song”.

Watch Foo Fighter's play "Everlong" on Letterman:

The Foo Fighter's playing "Everlong" on Letterman in 2000 - via youtube. 

The last week of Letterman’s Late Show has seen acts like Tom Waits debut his new song “Take One Last Look”, Bob Dylan making a rare late night appearance, and Eddie Vedder performing a solo “Better Man”.

No doubt, Letterman’s final blow out will be nothing short of legendary. 


Watch Eddie Vedder's solo "Better Man":

Eddie Vedder nails a daring solo performance of the Pearl Jam hit "Better Man" - via youtube.

Watch Tom Waits perform 'Take One Last Look' on Letterman:

Tom Waits gave us all a sneaky peek at his new work with a debut performance of his new track "Take One Last Look" - via youtube. 

Watch Bob Dylan's rare late night 'The Night We Called It A Day': 

In one hell of a rare performance for the folk recluse, Bob Dylan performed "The Night We Called It A Day". Quite appropriate really - via youtube. 

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VID: Peter Dinklage Sings

Coldplay have released this teaser video with Peter Dinklage performing, Game of Thrones the musical!

Peter Dinklage performing a song written by Coldplay!

Watch as the Game of Thrones star performs cabaret style in this teaser for Game of Thrones the musical.

Coldplay has put together the musical for a Red Nose Day event that will air in America, May 21 on NBC.

"Game of Thrones: The Musical. For Red Nose Day on NBC, Coldplay and Peter Dinklage join forces for the band's most important project yet: a musical for HBO’s Game of Thrones."

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The Legendary Mark Seymour Is Back!

Legendary Aussie rocker Mark Seymour is back with brand new music and an exclusive Aussie tour

Mark Seymour (of Hunters & Collectors fame) is back with his 9th studio album release Mayday. As one of Australia's most notorious and respected musicians, Seymour has been delivering rock classics since the very early 80's, and hasn't stopped since.

With hits like 'Holy Grail', 'Throw Your Arms Around Me', 'When The Rivers Run Dry', and 'Do You See What I See' it's not hard at all to recognise the impact that the ARIA Award-winning artist has had upon our proud Aussie music scene. 

Now, Mark Seymour & The Undertow are hitting us up with not only a brand new album Mayday due to hit on Friday 29th of May, but a tour to back up its release. 

Mayday is the Melbourne local's most personal and intricate album to date, and the first single release 'Football Train' really brings that home. Filled to the brim with touching stories and insights into all aspects of our humanity, this record is one not to be missed.  

Mark Seymour & The Undertow tour starts on Saturday, 1st of August in Sydney.

Mark Seymour & The Undertow Ticket and Tour Info:

Pre-sale tickets go on sale Tuesday, 26th of May at 2pm and close on Wednesday, 27th of May at 2pm via Frontier Touring

General public ticket sale begins from 10am, Friday 29th of May.  

  • Saturday 1st August - Factory Theatre, Sydney 

- Tickets via Ticketek

  • Friday 7th August - National Theatre, Melbourne

- Tickets via National Theatre

  • Saturday 15th August - Old Museum, Brisbane

- Tickets via Old Museum


Check out Mark Seymour & The Undertow's new single Football Train here:


Grab your copy of Mayday on Friday 29th of May:

Liberation Music


Official links:

Official Website


Twitter: @_MarkSeymour

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Triple M Presents... Chris Cornell Solo Acoustic Tour

Fans of Soundgarden and Audioslave will be treated to some special shows this summer.

He's one of the most legendary figures in rock and the opportunity to see Chris Cornell doing an intimate solo acoustic tour is not one to be missed.

Cornell recently graced our shores on the 2015  Soundwave tour playing with Soundgarden and it looks like he can't get enough of the Aussie sun, as he'll be back this November / December.

Fans of the godfather of grunge's acts, Soundgarden, Audioslave and Temple of the Dog will see Cornell do stripped back versions of songs from across his illustrious career as well as some brand new music from his upcoming solo album due out in September.

Triple M Presents... Chris Cornell Tour Dates

  • Monday November 30 - Qpac Concert Hall, Brisbane
  • Friday December 4 - Palais Theatre, Melbourne
  • Monday December 7 - Festival Theatre, Adelaide
  • Tuesday December 8 - Perth Concert Hall, Perth
  • Friday December 11 & Saturday December 12 - Sydney Opera House, Sydney

All Tickets on sale 10am Monday June 1 via

Pre Sale

My Live Nation pre-sale: 12pm Thursday May 28 - 9am Friday May 29
*Brisbane only: 9am Thursday May 28 - 9am Friday May 29

Ticket Agent pre-sale: 12pm Friday May 29 - 5pm Sunday May 31

Official Links 

Chris Cornell - The Keeper Uploaded at 31 January, 2012 - 10:16PM

Vote Now

Rock, Shock

Chris Cornell performed his solo single "The Keeper", live in the Triple M studios while his band Soundgarden were in Oz.

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Muse Unveil New Single 'Mercy’

WATCH VIDEO: Muse's New Single 'Mercy’

Image: Muse

Muse have premiered their new single 'Mercy' ahead of the release of their latest album.

It's the fourth song to be previewed from 'Drones', following 'Psycho', 'Reapers' and 'Dead Inside'.

"The opening line of ‘Mercy’ - Help me I’ve fallen on the inside - is a reference to the protagonist knowing and recognizing that they have lost something, they have lost themselves," the band's frontman Matt Bellamy said in a press release.

"This is where they realize they’re being overcome by the dark forces that were introduced in 'Psycho.'"

'Drones' will be released in full on June 8.

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