Posted: 28 August, 2015

Bandmate Tells Barnesy: 'If You Can't Sing My Songs Properly, Don't Sing Them At All'

After 44 years together, Jimmy remembers the arguments being a bit more physical in the old days.

Cold Chisel return with new album and tour Photo: Cold Chisel

Cold Chisel are back with their new record The Perfect Crime (out Oct 2) and we were lucky to be joined by Jimmy Barnes and Phil Small.

After 44 years together, Jimmy remembers the arguments being a bit more physical in the old days. There was one incident in particular where things got a bit pushy between him and the late drummer Steve Prestwich. Listen to the full audio below.

Steve Prestwich

Steve Prestwich of Cold Chisel Photo: Cold Chisel

"I remember Steve saying 'If you can't sing my songs properly, don't sing them at all,' recalled Barnesy, on Triple M Brisbane's Grill Team.

"So I punched him in the face and then I grabbed him and ran his head, smashed through the door of a hotel room and then we are belting each other on the floor and Phil [Small] came up and put his head in-between us and went 'hey, cut it out you two. It's my birthday!'" Listen to the full audio below.

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Posted: 28 August, 2015

Grinspoon Reunite For Cold Chisel Tour

A whole bunch of major Aussie rock magic is happening

(Image via Getty)

Cold Chisel have not only managed to work their magic on a ripping new album and an Aussie tour that’s already selling out venues like hotcakes.

Their reemergence has now convinced homegrown rockers Grinspoon to reform and support the Cold Chisel tour!

Grinspoon, who announced that they were taking an “indefinite break” two years ago, have now released a statement confirming the reformation.

“To say we are excited to be supporting Cold Chisel is an understatement,” said frontman Phil Jamieson.

“I honestly didn’t think Grinspoon would be playing together again, so to get this opportunity by such a legendary act is humbling and completely out of the box insanely totally crazy fun,” adds Jamieson.

“Now, what the hell am I going to wear?”

Grinspoon, a band with 18 years, 13 ARIA nominations and over 1,000 shows under their belts, announced that they were taking a break in 2013.

But the boys say that “at the end of it all we are a band who just really love playing live,” said Jamieson.

“It’s the same four idiots who started this stupid band and it is really comforting to know they are still with me…I truly believe that’s where we are at our best.”

Cold Chisel and Grinspoon Tour Dates

Saturday, November 7 – 1300SMILES Stadium, Townsville 
Tuesday, November 10 – Darwin Amphitheatre, Darwin 
Tuesday, November 17 – Adelaide Entertainment Centre, Adelaide 
Thursday, November 19 – Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne 
Tuesday, December 15 – Qantas Credit Union Arena, Sydney 
Thursday, December 17 – Qantas Credit Union Arena, Sydney NSW *SOLD OUT*
Friday, December 18 – Qantas Credit Union Arena, Sydney *SOLD OUT*

Grinspoon - 'Chemical Heart'

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Posted: 28 August, 2015

New Eagles Of Death Metal

These boys just can't help but jam out all the mad grooves!

(Screenshot via Youtube)

Seven-bloody-years we’ve been waiting for Eagles Of Death Metal (EODM) to drop another album on us. Seven-bloody-years!

But off the back of Josh Homme (Queens Of The Stone Age) and Jesse Hughes’ epic upcoming release Zipper Down on October 2 has come a flood of awesome tunes and clips.

First came the premier of their new track ‘Got A Woman’ during Homme’s radio show. The actual track kicks in around the 46:30 mark – warning: there is a Rick Roll involved.

The second came early this morning when the boys shared the official video for track ‘Complexity’ – a dreamy, far-out world of awkward, avant-garde grooves.

Totally an album to bring in those warm, springtime feels with!

Eagles Of Death Metal - 'Complexity'

Listen to EODM's 'Got A Woman' Exclusive Premier Exclusive Below:

Josh Homme - iTunes

Official Links


Eagles Of Death Metal Official

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Posted: 28 August, 2015

New Pearl Jam?

Pearl Jam's Jeff Ament accidentally let some news slip...

(Image via Getty)

Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament has sneakily dropped some major Pearl Jam news in a recent interview.

Speaking with Vice on his work with building skateparks, he confirmed the band has another album planned and schedules being aligned for it’s production.

“The band will probably try and get another record going in the next year,” said Ament.

But he also revealed that unfortunately touring isn’t something that everyone in the band is still keen on doing.

“The way I look at it is if I’m touring and doing more things with the band I make more money,” he said.

“If I make more money I build more [skate] parks. It helps me get more excited about touring,” reveals Ament.

“I’m usually not too excited about it.”

Still, new Pearl Jam - now THAT’S something to get excited about!

Old School Pearl Jam - 'Jeremy' Official Video

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Posted: 28 August, 2015

U2's Cosmic New Music Video

The new clip paints U2 into a dark, cosmic dreamscape

(Screenshot via Youtube)

U2 has just released their second video clip for single ‘Song For Someone’ – and this time Bono’s gone full cosmic.

Now, we all generally assume that Bono lives with his head up in the clouds, but in this Matt Mahurin directed clip he becomes the actual lord of the sky (selling that idea to Bono must have been soooooo hard – not).

Nevertheless, this is one dreamy piece of work and a totally different followup/vision for the single than the previous nine-minute short film starring Woody Harrelson that premiered in July.

If you feel like your day could use a little more whimsy – hit it! 

U2 - 'Song For Someone' Second Clip

Song For Someone (Directed by Matt Mahurin)

‘Don’t let it go out…’ Illustrator and photographer Matt Mahurin directs this visual meditation on 'Song For Someone', from U2’s latest album Songs of Innocence.

Posted by U2 on Thursday, August 27, 2015


U2 - 'Song For Someone' Original Feat. Woody Harrelson

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Posted: 27 August, 2015

Courtney Love's Love Notes To Kurt

Looks like this tragic story won't rest any time soon

(Image via Getty)

Looks like Courtney Love has been doing some serious reminiscing over the past few days as the family celebrated her and Kurt Cobain’s love child, Frances Bean’s, birthday.

Sharing some outtake photos from a shoot shot shortly after Bean’s birth, Love says:

“Jesus Kurt look at her face, what on earth were you thinking?! God I miss you, we all miss you #family #memories #turnbacktime #lovehim.”

Love yearns for another time saying, “Makes me feel so sad. Our baby is all grown up now.”

But fans have had mixed reactions to this latest outpouring of love, with some stooping to bringing up the whole “Courtney Vs. Kurt Murder Conspiracy” thing yet again, while others express love and support.

Either way, it seems this tragic story won’t rest any time soon.

Here’s hoping Kurt is though.

My greatest love and our precious Bean #missyou #memories

A photo posted by Courtney Love Cobain (@courtneylove) on

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Posted: 27 August, 2015

Motorhead Pre-release 5 Banging Tracks

...and they're a bloody knock-out!

 (Image via Getty)

Just before the release of Motorheads’s 22nd studio album, Bad Magic, the hard-rockers have dropped a total of 5 new tracks on us!

And every single one is bloody banging!

Bad Magic will be released tomorrow, Friday the 28th of August, and if these tracks are anything to go by we’re in for one balls-out goody-bag of tunes.

Lemmy, who has been battling ill health over the past few years, recently told The Guardian that “I am still indestructible” and let us in on his switch from whiskey to vodka…purely for health reasons, of course.

Really though, Lemmy’s burning vocals and Motorhead’s overall rock’n’roll acidity is enough to burn through the depths of even the blackest of souls.

Who knows, this could very well be the last new Motorhead material we get to hear, so you best grab yourself a listen while you can! 

Motorhead - Bad Magic - 'Sympathy For The Devil'

Motorhead - Bad Magic - 'Victory Or Die'

Motorhead - Bad Magic - 'Shoot Out All Your Lights'

Motorhead - Bad Magic - 'Evil Eye'

Motorhead - Bad Magic - 'Electricity'

Official Links:

Motorhead Official


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Posted: 27 August, 2015

Birthday Beers With Dave On Stage

Best. Birthday. Ever.

(Screenshot via Youtube)

Imagine this: you’re already having a cracker of a 50th birthday by celebrating front row at your favorite band’s gig, when you’re dragged on stage to down a beer with your heroes in front of thousands.

Well one lucky fan got that exact chance at a recent Foo’s gig when Dave saw his sign “It’s My 50th. Let’s Have A Beer” and dragged the overly stoked Griffin on stage to down one. 

“I know it’s your 50th birthday,” says Grohl. “But I’m going to share this beer with you, and then I’ve gotta do my job.

“We’ve gotta be quick!” Grohl urges before both the boys down it like holy water.

Best. Birthday. EVER. 

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Posted: 27 August, 2015

First Hollywood Vampires Track Release

The first release from kooky-as-hell supergroup Hollywood Vampires

(Image via Getty)

The first track from Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp and Joe Perry’s kooky supergroup Hollywood Vampires has been unveiled online.

This especially raw and amped up cover of The Who’s era defining classic ‘My Generation’ sets hopes high on what’s to come with their debut album release, set to drop September 11.

The band, which aims to just encompass the spirit of rocking jam sessions with great mates and massive tunes, will play their first few live gigs at the Roxy on Sunset Strip on September 16th and 17th – hopefully kicking off a wave of material from the crazy crew! 

Hollywood Vampires - 'My Generation'

'Hollywood Vampires' Debut Album Tracklist:

01. The Last Vampire
02. Raise The Dead
03. My Generation
04. Whole Lotta Love
05. I Got A Line
06. Five To One/Break On Through
07. One/Jump Into The Fire
08. Come And Get It
09. Jeepster
10. Cold Turkey
11. Manic Depression 
12. Itchycoo Park 
13. School's Out/Another Brick In The Wall Pt. 2
14. Dead Drunk Friends

Official Links


Hollywood Vampires Official

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Posted: 27 August, 2015

Cold Chisel's Massive News!

Get all the official info for Cold Chisel's new album and tour

Music fans rejoice, Australian rock royalty, the iconic Cold Chisel have just announced a brand new album called... The Perfect Crime.


Due for release on Friday the 2nd of OctoberThe Perfect Crime will be Chisel's eighth studio album, bringing our first new taste of the iconic band's music since 2012's No Plans.

Watch the official video for 'Lost' below!:

Here's the premiere of our official video for 'Lost', the first single from our album...

Posted by Cold Chisel on Thursday, 27 August 2015

"The Perfect Crime is probably the most rock & roll album that we’ve ever done," said Cold Chisel songwriter Don Walker

The release of the new album coincides with Chisel's massive One Last Stand tour which has already announced a huge string of dates across the country - see the tour dates here.

Now they've decided to give the fans just that little bit more to make the tour something special, announcing that Grinspoon will be joining them onstage for seven shows, reuniting after their 'indefinite hiatus'.

“To say we are excited to be supporting Cold Chisel is an understatement,” said Grinspoon frontman Phil Jamieson

The band have also extended their huge One Last Stand tour with added shows in NSW, VIC, SA and WA.


The Perfect Crime - Album Cover

Album Tracklist

  1. "Alone For You"
  2. "The Backroom"
  3. "All Hell Broke Lucy"
  4. "The Perfect Crime"
  5. "Long Dark Road"
  6. "Four In The Morning"
  7. "The Mansions"
  8. "The Toast Of Paris"
  9. "Shoot The Moon"
  10. "Mexican Wedding"
  11. "Get Lucky"
  12. "Bus Station"
  13. "Lost"

Official Links

Cold Chisel website:

Buy The Perfect

One Last Stand tour details & tickets:

Social Media

Cold Chisel Facebook

Cold Chisel Twitter

Thanks to Cold Chisel and Universal Music Australia

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Posted: 26 August, 2015

Guns N' Roses Reunion And OZ Tour Rumous

After one of the biggest feuds in the history of rock has ended - will The Gunners reunite!?

(Image via Getty)

There are rumours floating around that the original line-up of Guns N' Roses could reform next year… and they might play Australia.

I heard the most amazing rumour this week, from a very well informed heavy-hitter in the Australian music industry, giving me the name of the headline act for Soundwave next year,” Young told Triple M last Friday.

“Now we know that a mystery band has come in and saved the festival, and now owns it, so they are going to have a big say.”

"So what mega band could it be? I heard on Wednesday night that it would be Steven Adler, Izzy Stradlin, Duff McKagan, Slash and Axl Rose - the reformation of the original 1987 Appetite For Destruction Guns N' Roses!" squeals Young. 

"Can you believe it?!

The original line-up is Axl Rose, Slash, Izzy, Duff and Steven Adler. However, there have been reports in the past that drummer Matt Sorum might come along as he joined the band for the Illusion albums and subsequent tour.


Listen to the interview below:


This comes off the back of the news that Slash and Axl Rose have reportedly buried the hatchet after one of the biggest rifts in rock history. Earlier, Slash revealed in an interview while touring in Sweden, that himself and Axl were, "very cool at this point".

"It was probably way overdue, you know," he explained.

"But it's, you know, it’s very cool at this point. You know, let some of that, sort of, negative … dispel some of that negative stuff that was going on for so long."

And the question on everyone's lips, one that the interviewer just had to ask, 'will the Guns N' Roses [with Slash] every perform together again'?…

"I couldn't answer that one. Let's get off the subject, cause, you know, that's an old one," said Slash.

Guns N' Roses - 'Welcome To The Jungle'

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Posted: 26 August, 2015

Iron Maiden Coming To Oz?

There are reports metal legends Iron Maiden will embark on a world tour next year, which will include concerts in Australia

Iron Maiden live in Australia Photo: Triple M

There are reports metal legends Iron Maiden will embark on a world tour next year, which will include concerts in Australia.

Music Feeds are reporting Maiden's world tour will "kick-off in the US in late February before making their way to Australia and New Zealand 'for a comprehensive tour during the first half of May'."

iron maiden

Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson outside Ed Force One Photo: Getty Images

The band will be travelling on their own jet Ed Force One, which is a Boeing 747-400 Jumbo Jet.

"There is much more room for band and crew – our Krew can almost get a row of seats each to catch up on sleep on the flights,” said Brice Dickinson on the band's official website.

“We’re all really excited at the thought of bringing our brand new tour to fans who have never seen us play live before, and of course re-visiting all our old friends again too."

“You can rest assured we are all working hard to put together a spectacular show for our fans.”

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