Posted: 23 June, 2016

Donuts, Coffee And Trump Ingredients For Bernard Fanning New Record

Triple M’s Ugly Phil’s interview with the Aussie icon Bernard Fanning

Image: Bernard Fanning

Triple M’s Ugly Phil had Record Of The Week artist Bernard Fanning in the Rubber Room off the back of the release of his brand new single ‘Wasting Time’.

The legendary musician who has an incredible 10 year solo career and is well known as the frontman of Powderfinger since the late ‘80s.

‘Wasting Time’ is the new single of Fanning’s double album, ‘Civil Dusk’, that was originally intended on being 1 acoustic and piano based album, talking about the rock sound Fanning told Phil “there ended up being a few more rock songs than I intended to be honest, but they kind of just fall out”.

The album was intended to only be 10 songs, but when he came up with two albums filled with great songs he decided to relaxed a double album and it was to hard to decide what songs to leave off.

On working on piano, Phil asked; “is there more emphasis on the lyrics?”, Fanning replied; “I think so, the last record I stepped away from that so I wanted to move back to songs that their genesis was with timber, with wood, I wanted to make a really natural sounding record”.

Talking about the record ‘Civil Dusk’ Fanning said; “It’s nothing like I’ve ever made before, we didn’t have time limits. We’d get into the studio in the morning, have tea or coffee and a donut and talk about Trump, then we’d move onto an Earth, Wind and Fire video on Youtube for about an hour before doing any work”. This casual approach and the casual location of a ‘make do’ studio in a pool house, rather than an actually music studio gives the new record a fresh and alive sound.

A veteran in the Australian music industry Bernard Fanning reported on the current music industry; “it’s all about singles, I’ve done the opposite and released 20 songs”.

Listen to the full interview:


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Posted: 23 June, 2016

Home Grown Band Of The Week

This week: The Bennies

Here at Triple M, we’re proud of our commitment to Australian music, and it is our desire, nay, pledge to you that we’ll scour the length and breadth of this girt by sea big brown land to bring the latest and best Australian music we can find.

Tune into Home Grown Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne On Air Sunday 6-8pm local times.

Hand picked by Triple M’s Jane Gazzo, this week’s Home Grown Band Of The Week is The Bennies

Location: Melbourne


  • Anty - vocals, korg
  • Jules - guitar
  • Bowie - drums
  • Craig - bass

Formed: 2011 Fitzroy.


You have a to love a good time rock party band who started out calling themselves Madonna. (And even put out an album under that name). The jig was up however when the band tried to get onto festival bills and kept being rejected.
Since changing their name to the more appropriate THE BENNIES, (it’s a 60s drug reference) the lads have played in China to 15,000 people (thanks to a mate who was booking groups over there), four tours of Japan, and released some cracking stuff including their recent album WISDOM MACHINE which incorporates every genre from doof, rock and some crazy energy. (See singles Party Machine and Detroit Rock Ciggies). They cite their influences as bands who ‘mash shit up’ – The Clash, Rancid and Sublime.
As one of the local buzz live bands of 2016, THE BENNIES are aiming for world domination. “That’s the plan,” confirms bassist Craig Selak, “Anything less than that would be shooting a bit low!”

Check out their new single; Party Machine


Check out our Home Grown playlist:

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Posted: 23 June, 2016

WATCH: World First, Band Play In Volcano

Bubbling hot ticket price for world first event

Image: Deftones (Getty)

Triple M’s Jane Gazzo reported on The Rubber Room that this weekend American rock band Deftones made history being the first band to perform inside a volcano.

The set was part of Iceland’s Secret Solstice festival, that charged fans as much as $1 million for the event which includes a helicopter ride.

Listen to the full report:


In additional to a full band set, Deftones singer Chino Moreno performed 3 acoustic songs for the intimate audience.

Watch the acoustic performance of the band’s song 'Change':

are touring Australia with Karnivool and Voyager:

  • 8th November, Perth
  • 10th November, Adelaide
  • 11th November, Melbourne
  • 12th November, Sydney
  • 13th November, Brisbane

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Posted: 23 June, 2016

WATCH: Play School Go Rock’N’Roll

Aussie celebs childhood dreams come true

Image: Bernard Fanning

To celebrate 50 years of the longest running Australian children’s program Play School they’ve invited a variety of celebrities as special guests to the show.

Rock musicians, Triple M Record Of The Week Artist Bernard Fanning, You Am I and Dan Sultan are amongst a big list of Australian celebrities who have taken the lead on the iconic children’s show performing iconic children’s songs and the infamous music guru Molly Meldrum even makes an appearance.

Watch the clip:

Many of the celebrities have only dreamt of being part of the show that we all grew up watching as children, Dan Sultan even posted on his personal instagram; “Best Day Ever. I was star stuck by Big Ted”.



The special 50th Anniversary programming begins 4th July.

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Posted: 23 June, 2016

A Jar Of Air From The Stone Roses’ Gig Up For Stupid Amount On Ebay

Some people have more cents than sense


In today’s WTF of the week, a jar of air from last Saturday’s The Stone Roses gig at Etihad Stadium, Manchester is being sold on eBay.
The air was captured from one of the hottest gigs of the year, the second formation of the cult brit-pop band at the show that saw over 60,000 fans get together for the “once in a lifetime” gig.

Bidding for the world’s most expensive jar of Co2 is up to 90 bids and 65,990 pounds and still has 3 days to go.

The eBay description of the illustrious jar of rock’n’roll goodness according to eBay user ‘frogmas1969’:
"You are bidding on a Jar of air taken at the Stone Roses concert at Manchester Etihad Stadium, Saturday 18th June 2016.
All the atmosphere, anticipation and ecstasy of 60,000 people singing their hearts out – captured forever in this glass jar."

The jar is decorated with the bands logo, venue and date.

See the listing here

The air was captured during a guitar solo, fans believe the air will allow them to re-live the natural high produced when listening to the band.

See the band live:

Now this madness raises an important question, how much would a jar of Axl’s farts be worth?

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Posted: 23 June, 2016

LISTEN: Never Before Heard Nirvana Songs Leaked By Fan

The first hints of Foo Fighters

Image: Nirvana

One lucky fan, who purchased a sound reel of Nirvana recording sessions on eBay has leaked two previously unreleased tracks that were on the reel.

The recording session on 15th February 1993, the same session that produced the final Nirvana album ‘In Utero’a year before the death of Kurt Cobain.

The two tracks are extremely different but both are obviously works of Dave Grohl and Kurt Cobain.

One track titles ‘Dave Solo’ is a heavy metal, riff heavy rock’n’roll track that mirrors the sounds of Foo Fighters, where as ‘Lullaby’ is an obscure, trippy track that is more Nirvana-esque.

Have a listen:


The reel also included alternate versions of tracks from the studio album ‘In Utero’.
The obvious similiarity of 'Dave Solo' to the Foo Fighters sound makes us wonder if Dave would have always started Foo Fighters regardless of Kurt's death or not?

Either way it's a rockin' sound!

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Posted: 21 June, 2016

The Smashing Pumpkins Debut New Songs, Reunion Planned?

Corgan’s change of tune with new music

Image: Billy Corgan

Current incarnation of Smashing Pumpkins, featuring self-confessed savior of rock'n'roll Billy Corgan and hired gun Jeff Schroeder debuted new Smashing Pumpkins songs last weekend at Billy's tea house "Madame Zuzu's” in Highland Park, Illinois.

Corgan spent the entire show singing praises for his past band mates guitarist James Iha, bassist D'arcy Wretzky, and drummer Jimmy Chamberlain. Billy even posting a Happy Birthday message on social media to D’Arcy, who Billy has been estranged from since being given marching orders from the Pumpkin in 1999.

Could rehiring Jimmy, D’Arcy posting that she'd love to play music again, and recent shows with James Iha mean a reunion of the original lineup is in the works?

Watch the new songs here:


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Posted: 21 June, 2016

Glam Rockers Steel Panther Want The Yellow Wiggle To Front AC/DC

Warning: not for the easily offended

American Glam rock band Steel Panther came into Triple M’s The Rubber Room for a hilariously crass chat with Ugly Phil.

The inevitable topic of Axl/DC was unavoidable and the glam rockers were fairly strong on their opinions on the issue, saying; “I love AC/DC and I love Guns’N Roses, I love ice-cream and I love chicken sandwiches but I’m not going to put them together”. On who would be a better replacement they suggested the ‘yellow’ Wiggle to keep it in the family.

The interview that the band states is the “best ever” before exploring the topic if Axl Rose and Motley Crue’s Vince Neil had a “diet-off” who would win?

Listen to the full interview:

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Posted: 21 June, 2016

Will Steven Tyler End Aerosmith To Focus On Country Music Career?

Jane Gazzo has the goss.

Image: Steven Tyler

Triple M’s Jane Gazzo reported on The Rubber Room that rock’n’roll legends Aerosmith could be calling it a day for frontman Steven Tyler to focus on his country music career.

The charismatic singer has said “country is the new rock’n’roll, it’s not about porches, it’s real” and reports say if the Aerosmith do return to Australia it will be as a farewell tour.

Fans of the beloved singer are still in shock with change of genre and the foreseeable end of this iconic rock’n’roll band

Tyler has been recording in the country music capital Nashville and is currently promoting his debut solo album with a massive USA tour.

Listen to the full report and a preview of the single 'Red, White and You':

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Posted: 21 June, 2016

The Rubens Announce Secret Guests For Australian Tour

Band to build up live sound for Arena shows

Triple M’s Ugly Phil chats to Sam of Sydney band The Rubens before the band kicks off on a HUGE national tour.

The band who have been selling out overseas have big things planned for their national tour, including special guests and back up singers.

Sam told Ugly Phil; “we will add some hip-hop to our set and some more instruments for the bigger stages we’re playing”.

On talking about working on the new record ‘Hoops’ Sam told Ugly Phil; “we rented a place for a few months to write, but it ended up being a party. We wrote heaps of songs but a lot of them didn’t make it on the new album".

Listen to the full interview:

Does this mean we can expect these unreleased songs to surface sometime soon?

See The Rubens on tour:

  • 24 June, Horden Pavillion, Sydney
  • 25 June, Margaret Court Area, Melbourne
  • 20 August, North West Festival, WA

More info:

Watch The Rubens Live from Eddie’s desk:

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Posted: 21 June, 2016

Airbourne Singer Ignorant To Fans Demand To Sing For AC/DC

Triple M’s Jane Gazzo gets the scoop

Image: Airbourne

Airbourne guitarist David Roads talks to Triple M’s Jane Gazzo whilst working on their 4th studio album, finally the band are working back on home turf here in Melbourne.

The band, who’s singer Joel O’Keeffe was a fan favourite to take on vocal roles of AC/DC were pretty ignorant to the hoopla surrounding this idea as they were so caught up on working on the new record, although it was a honour to be thought of.
Roads said; “if he did do it, we knew he’d do a great job of it".

Check out our top ten picks of who should have taken the lead here

The Warrnambool band who formed in 2003, originally demoed at Melbourne’s Sing Sing studios in 2010, but only now have decided to work on a full record there.

The local band who’s international following is massive are happy to be based back home for a while. Roads told Triple M on when we can expect the bands next tour “won’t be until later this year”.

Talking about their internationally success, the band spent 11 months touring once!

Listen to the full interview:

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Posted: 21 June, 2016

Aussie Rock Band Invited To The Playboy Mansion

Every dudes dream comes true

Image: Playboy Mansion

Melbourne rock band Rival Fire told Triple M’s Jane Gazzo about their time at the infamous Playboy Mansion in L.A.

The band who were in the USA working on their E.P ‘Riot’ were invited to a high end charity event at the mansion and were shocked with the experienced, but not how you’d expect.
Although the band reported there were “naked women everywhere” and the drinks were generous, it wasn’t as wild as they were expecting.

Listen to the full interview:


Rival Fire who are this week’s ‘Home Grown Band Of The Week’ are heading on the road soon.

For more info:

Hear the new single:

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