Posted: 13 October, 2015

LISTEN To New Grunge Supergroup 'Ten Commandos'

Grab yourself a listen to the latest grunge supergroup Ten Commandos

(Image via Rolling Stone)

Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Queens Of The Stone Age members make up the latest grunge “supergroup” Ten Commandos.

Matt Cameron (Soundgarden/Pearl Jam), Ben Shepherd (Soundgarden), Alain Johannes (QOTSA), and Dimitri Coats (Off!) have all gathered together over the past 3 years to record the “supergroup’s” debut album.

And now the project has finally produced and released their first single called ‘Staring Down The Dust’ featuring Mark Lanegan (QOTSA/Screaming Trees).

Check it out below!

Ten Commandos - 'Staring Down The Dust'

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Posted: 13 October, 2015

Metallica "Recording Right Now"

"I tell ya, we're recording right now!" - James Hetfield

Who would have thought that Metallica’s James Hetfield  casually geeking out about his favorite guitars and gadgets would end with so much new Metallica gold!

In the interview, Hetfield drops some major Metallica news – kicking off with that they are actually already in the studio recording for their upcoming album!

“I tell ya, we’re recording right now!” Hetfield casually slips into the mix when listing his current favorite guitars.  

The interview concludes with Hetfield reminiscing on creating his own guitar and pickup, and actually being able to use it on the new album.

“Unbelievable to be sitting here thinking I designed a guitar and the idea for developing a clean pickup that had dynamics, that had power… and having it sit here in a guitar and me recording an album after 35 years with it – awesome.”

It’s been seven years since the band released an official studio album (2008’s Death Magnetic), not counting their 2011 collaboration with Lou reed on Lulu of course.

But hot damn are fans ready to see what Metallica have got to bring us next!

To watch the whole interview, hit the jump below.

James Hetfield Interview With ESP

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Posted: 13 October, 2015

The Foo's Record Brand New Tunes

Confirmed by Dave himself, the Foo's have some brand new tracks coming at us!

(Image via Youtube)

There’s been rumors floating around recently that the Foo Fighters might be working on some brand new material – possibly even a Sonic Highways follow up, perhaps?

Well, those reports have officially been confirmed by the man, the legend, the Grohl himself at a recent gig in Austin, Texas.

“You know what I did last night?” Dave asks the audience.

“We recorded five fucking new songs in your beautiful city!”

Hells yeah they did!

The audience, who had erupted with excitement expecting The Foo’s to play the tracks, groaned with disappointment when they realized ol’ Dave was being a tease.

But redemption came quickly with the invitation of renowned singer Ben Kweller on stage to play ‘Big Me’, and the revelations that he actually worked on The Foo’s new tracks! 

Stay tuned for all of the latest on new Foo's news!

Foo Fighters w/ Ben Kweller - 'Big Me'

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Posted: 13 October, 2015

WATCH The Insane 'Gutterdammerung' Trailer

"Winner of 5 Lemmy's!"

(Image via Youtube)

Finally, the trailer for what has been touted as “the loudest silent movie on Earth” has been released!

It. Is. Epic.

As we’ve reported before, ‘Gutterdammerung’ is made of a cast filled with rock and metal’s biggest names – Lemmy (Motorhead), Slash, Iggy Pop (who plays the Devil, mind you), Henry Rollins (Black Flag), Josh Homme (Queens Of The Stone Age), and even art-rock glamazon Miss Grace Jones – who absolutely blow this rock’n’roll “fairytale” through the roof.

‘Gutterdammerung’ also features a live band who will coincide with the movie, playing the soundtrack live and delivering one INSANE visual and auditory experience that you’ve never experienced before.

Screenings will be select, so stay tuned to see if Oz will be on the list!

Gutterdammerung "The Loudest Silent Movie On Earth" - Trailer

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Henry Rollins, Iggy Pop, Lemmy And More To Star In "The Loudest Silent Movie On Earth"

The tribute to 1920's horror will star the most impressive lineup ever!

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Posted: 13 October, 2015

Corey Taylor As An Alien Warlord

*metal growwwwwwwwl*

(Image via Youtube)

If you haven’t heard already, Slipknot’s Corey Taylor is set to appear on the generational staple T.V. show ‘Doctor Who’.

The frontman and die-hard fan of the show takes us behind the scenes and shows the crew a thing or two about the art of the metal growwwwwl.

Taylor’s character is the ominous alien overlord Fisher King, with a bite so vicious only Taylor could truly pull it off.

Slipknot and Corey Taylor fans who aren’t familiar with The Doctor, you’ve got some catching up to do – the show is up to 26 seasons now since it’s beginning in 1963.

But if you’re not keen on doing all that background work, Taylor’s episode was just aired in the US on October the 3rd, so we can expect it to hit our screens soon.

Corey Taylor on 'Doctor Who' - Behind The Scenes

Meanwhile, Slipknot has just released a brand new music video for the track ‘XIX’ off their latest album ‘5: The Gray Chapter’.

Check it out below!

Slipknot - 'XIX'

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Posted: 10 October, 2015

Dave Grohl Brings His High School Nemesis On Stage

'I may have won the battle, but you won the war.'

It took 30 years, but Dave Grohl finally got his revenge on high school nemesis Chet Lott.

Apparently Lott beat Grohl at the Thomas Jefferson High School’s 9th Grade Battle of the Bands in 1983.

“We f—ing lost the Battle of the Bands,” Grohl said. “Tonight, the man that beat me in the high school Battle of the Bands — don’t boo him, he’s a good man, evidently a better f—ing musician than I am — if you’re around here somewhere, get your ass up here!”

“I may have won the battle, but you won the war,” Lott told Grohl.

Grohl, being the legend that he is, asked Lott to perform “Under Pressure.” Too good.


Here is Dave telling the back story on the battle of the bands.

Posted by Chet Lott on Thursday, October 8, 2015

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Posted: 9 October, 2015

James Cruickshank From The Cruel Sea Has Passed Away

The guitarist / keyboardist sadly lost his battle with cancer overnight.

(James Cruickshank image:

In very sad news, keyboardist / guitarist for The Cruel Sea, James Cruickshank has passed away after a lengthy battle with brain cancer at the age of 53.

The late performer joined the iconic band a year after it's inception in 1987 and was an integral part of bringing the sound of The Cruel Sea to life with his work as a keyboardist and guitarist.

Tributes for Cruickshank have flowed in from around the country and overseas as news breaks of his passing after a "long, hard" battle with brain cancer.

As part of The Cruel Sea, Cruickshank and the band earned their name as one of Australia's best rock outfits during the late 80s to early 00s and even saw them win critical acclaim winning five ARIA awards and four for 1994's The Honeymoon Is Over.

Watch One Of The Cruel Sea's Last Performances

The Cruel Sea | The Honeymoon Is Over | Live Sydney | Moshcam

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Posted: 9 October, 2015

Questionable Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame 2016 Nominees

Plus a few questionable additions to the legendary crew.

(Image via Getty)

As the years go by, we’re starting to see more and more of our 90's childhood bands become eligible for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

And as the years go by and they gain the recognition they finally deserve, we feel older and sadder and realize that our own childhood dreams of becoming a rock-god have pretty much fizzled and dried into oblivion and died.

This year’s release of Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Nominees leaves one with a sense of elation and mortality.

Nine Inch Nails! The Smiths! Cheap Trick! Janet Jackson! …wait …what?

So apparently all you need to be eligible to be nominated for entrance into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year is a debut single or album released before 1990.

And each year that number increases, and so does the promise of a grunge/metal/thrash/prog childhood overload into the inductees! Surely!

This is the first year towards a revolution to the legendary Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame, fellow rock brethren.

The times, they are a'changin'.

Have your say! Make your vote count and click!

2016 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Official 

Full List Of Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Nominees For 2016:

  • The Cars
  • Chaka Khan
  • Chicago
  • Cheap Trick
  • Chic
  • Deep Purple
  • The J.B.'s
  • Janet Jackson
  • Los Lobos
  • Steve Miller
  • N.W.A.
  • Nine Inch Nails
  • The Smiths
  • The Spinners
  • Yes

Deep Purple - 'Smoke On The Water' Live 1973


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Posted: 8 October, 2015

Lenny Kravitz & James Franco Nail Guitar Hero

"Rock Star 101: "The Back-2-Back"........Ok now it's getting a little weird."

Basically, if you want to learn how to impregnate an entire audience of ladies like a rock-lord from a giant arena stage you go to Lenny Kravitz, right?

Well in the latest ad for the new ‘Guitar Hero’, Lenny Kravitz teamed up with James Franco to try and teach him some sexy – or as Kravitz likes to call it: “Come on, man. Kravitz it up a little!”

(The now famous "Penisgate" incident that started it all...ladies.) 

To which Franco swings some ‘Penisgate’ memories at him with, “Alright, it’s pretty sexy, just don’t split your pants.”

Guitar Hero Live will be dropping on October 23rd, and has so far been boasting a freaking huge line up of band additions ranging from The Rolling Stones all the way to Skrillex

Lenny Kravitz & James Franco - 'Guitar Hero'

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Posted: 8 October, 2015

Original Alice Cooper Band Reunite

The sudden appearance of Cooper and his band caused a rockin' uproar!

(Image via Getty)

Dreams came true for mega-fans of the Alice Cooper Band and, specifically, bassist Dennis Dunaway, when at Dunaway’s book signing last night Alice and the surviving members of the original Alice Cooper Band suddenly appeared and rocked an 8-song set of cranking Cooper classics.

Alice Cooper performing with the original Alice Cooper band members at Good Records Dallas, TX on Oct 6 2015

Posted by Karlo X. Ramos on Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Cooper, Dunaway, guitarist Michael Bruce and drummer Neal Smith reunited for the first time in years at the secret gig.

The incredibly rare set can be viewed on Periscope, with footage also on Cooper’s official Facebook page, and vision appearing constantly throughout the day.

Dunaway’s insider book – Snakes! Guillotines! Electric Chairs!: My Adventures in the Alice Cooper Group – has Cooper’s official seal of approval no matter the risqué secrets promised to be revealed within.

Alice Cooper's set list at Good Records #schoolsout #alicecooper

A photo posted by Allison V. Smith (@avose) on


“I still consider Dennis Dunaway to be one of my best friends. Dennis is one of the few true surrealists that I’ve ever met… This book carries on in Dennis’ own private surrealistic world.”

Hit up the closing set track “Elected” below, and keep your eyes out on what will no doubt be a butt-tonne of fan-footage to come. 

Alice Cooper Band - 'Elected' Live (2015)

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Posted: 8 October, 2015

Gilby Doubts Gunners Reunion - But Is Keen!

One step forward, two steps backwards, and a few around in circles for The Gunners.

(Image via

Ex-Gunners guitarist Gilby Clarke reckons there’s not much hope in a true, original Guns N’ Roses line up reunion – but he’s keen as hell to jump on board if it happens!

Speaking to Eddie Trunk’s radio show earlier in the week, just after Steven Adler vented about not being approached for a reunion yet, Gilby voiced his doubts and apparent confusion over the reunion.

“No one has said one word to me about it,” said Gilby.

It’s strange, I mean obviously we’ve all heard. I actually didn’t even know the news that Slash and Axl had talked, I didn’t know! And I see him all the time,” he added.

“I don’t know, I mean obviously it would be great for music if it did happen. I’m in the same boat like everybody else!” he said.

I want to see the first five guys do it. That would be great to see them do ‘Appetite’. If it happens I think it would be great,” – A’men to that, mate!

There’s always offers! [But] do I really think it is really going to happen? No, I really don’t,” sighs Gilby.

The fans want the original five guys, and I do too. It was a great band, it would be great to see that. If it did happen, I would definitely be available to do it. I always said, if Slash was a part of it, I would be a part of it.”

Damn, Gilby. Way to throw a spanner in the rumor mill!

Still, fans… don't give up hope for an original Gunners reunion

NEVER…give up hope. 

Guns N' Roses - 'Paradise City' - Live (1992)

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Posted: 8 October, 2015

EXCLUSIVE Skyhooks Reformation Confirmed

Tonight. One night only. The legendary...the evolutionary...the SKYHOOKS.

(Image via Youtube)

Rosie had some big news today on Melbourne’s Hot Breakfast this morning, with exclusive confirmation of a Skyhooks “reformation” with a surprise guest vocalist for one night only!

“I love twitter as you know, and [we’ve been] talking about Skyhooks doing a one show only...for tonight’s RockWiz show. And we were all wondering who would be singing,” Rosie told the Hot Breakfast boys.

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