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Gable Tostee Has 'Always Wanted To Express Sympathy'

Defence Lawyer Nick Dore Says Tostee Has Been Under Strict Instruction

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Gable Tostee has spent his first night in 2 years as a free man, after being found not guilty of killing Tinder date and New Zealand tourist Warriena Wright in 2014. 

Tostee's lawyer, Nick Dore, told Marto and Ed Kavalee for Breakfast the audio recording Tostee made on the night was crucial in proving his innocence. 

Dore says the 199 minute audio clip was voluntarily handed to QLD Police by Gable's father. 

"The whole trial was going to be won or lost in relation to that recording. Obviously, there were other witnesses that were called and evidence from the pathologist but certainly it was the recording that it all hinged on"

Marto asked Dore if Tostee had been in touch with the Wright family

"Gable has always wanted to express sympathy. It was always on advice from myself" 

"There was an article in one of the papers over the weekend about how he looks baffled and dazed etc. I mean, if the bloke had shown emotion he would have been criticised" 

"Blank stares and baffled is better than smirking or smiling"

"They take 600 photos of us, and there's always a photo of him looking as awkward as possible... I guess it's just the way he's been characterised.. but certainly, he's always wanted to express sympathy and it's always been under my advice that he shouldn't make statements before the murder trial". 

Dore says now is the time for Tostee to move forward. 

"We've very relieved that it's over"

The 30 year old's friends say he's planning to leave the Gold Coast, for a fresh start. 

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