Posted: 10 October, 2016 by @amydrewsnews

The Horrifying Clown Craze Set To Target Brisbane Schools

Those involved say they "don't hurt" but police warn they WILL be charged

Pic: Facebook 

They're heeeeeerrreeee.

There has been an increase in sightings of creepy-ass clowns across Brisbane and South-East Queensland in the past few days, people joining the social media phenomenon that has spooked thousands across the world.

Facebook page Clowns Springfield posted last night saying they'll be visiting high school around Brisbane this week, but apparently they don't intend on actually hurting anyone and are more about 'startling'.

Regardless, Queensland police say they will not tolerate the anti-social behaviour and are encouraging locals who see people engaging in this behaviour to contact them.

"We detained two young people on the northside over the weekend, who jumped out in front of two people walking through a park with plastic knives, thinking it was quite a funny joke," said Superintendent Jim Keogh.

"There's a number of Brisbane schools listed on social media as the group's next target, we request the public check out the scare tactics set to take place at these schools, police have been deployed to these areas for the safety of the public."

"Dressing up as a clown isn't an offence, but you can be charged with public nuisance and going armed to cause fear. Over on the Bayside a clown jumped out into the middle of the street armed with a knife, right in front of a woman's car. She was terrified."

"It's totally irresponsible. It puts people on edge, it's just needless senseless behaviour. It's a criminal offence to cause a public nuisance, anyone who sees the light side of this, it's just garbage."

"I really hope they're good at being clowns, it may be their next gig in the watchhouse."

Not only are police hunting them down, some have been attacked by the public they were preying on.

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