Posted: 6 November, 2016

Trump Rushed Off Stage By Secret Service After Security Scare

Early reports suggest someone in the crowd had a gun.

Image: @nypost

Donald Trump has been rushed from the stage at a campaign rally in Nevada, following a security scare perceived in the crowd.

Early reports suggest this may have been an assassination attempt following allegations someone in the crowd had a gun.

A CNN reporter claimed that early reports were that a man had a gun in the crowd, or that someone said they saw a gun.

UPDATE: Sky News are reporting that Homeland Security confirmed that no gun was found on the man who was apprehended.

The secret service hurried Trump from the stage, before several men could be seen descending on the crowd.

It's reported that a man is being held by law enforcement, and was escorted away from the crowd under heavy guard.

In the video below, Trump can be seen shielding his eyes to look at something in the crowd just before the secret service men swarmed around him.

Trump apparently returned to the stage moments later and said, according to the Daily Telegraph“Nobody said it was going to be easy for us but we will never ever be stopped."

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