Posted: 9 November, 2016 by @clairesherwood_

US Election: Why Aussies Should Care

For 18 months, we've been watching the circus that is the US Election and, as Hillary Clinton says, 'it all comes down to today'.. 

Polls in the Eastern states have started to close, and the results are trickling in.. but a definitive result isn't expected until this afternoon, Australian time. 

For many Aussies, the response is... why would we care?

The US may be miles from home but there's plenty of reason to be nail biting over today's results along with the rest of the world..

Political analysts have started predicting the 'worst case' scenario, which sees Donald Trump abandon the UN, his leadership prompting Japan and South Korea to amass nuclear weapons, trade deals and agreements thrown out, while Russia and China muscle up, all while global finances bottom out completely. 

A victory to Trump, would mean uncertainty hanging over Australia's close military and economic ties with the US. There are fears he'll start a trade war with China. 

On top of that, there's suggestions Trump would force Australia to pay money to the US for military support, rather than the current 'you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours' type agreement. Under Clinton, the current system is likely to stay as is. 

In terms of the stock market, a Clinton win is likely to mean not a lot of change. Trump victory, though, is predicted to cause a fall of up to 10%.  

Actually, if Clinton wins, life shouldn't change too much in Australia, although there are fears she may use a strong-armed approach against China and Russia, causing some tremors and worry. 

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