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Posted: 26 May, 2015

Mandy's Maroons Tattoo

Some people will do anything to get into our One Eyed Maroons Party

Only the BIGGEST MAROONS FANS were allowed through the front door of the XXXX Brewery for our State Of Origin Party for Origin One.  

Mandy called up saying she'd prove her dedication by getting a Queensland tattoo.. Marto wanted her to get Big Mal's face on her shoulder... .fortunately for Mandy that wasn't possible in such a short time...So we went with a very Queensland tattoo.

Marto went with her to check she was ok. In a strange twist it was Marto who wasn't.  

Huge thanks to the guys from UBET

Want a double chance at first try scorer? Download the UBET app and gamble responsibly
And the XXXX Brewery.

Hold your next function at the XXXX Brewery, visit 

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Posted: 22 May, 2015

Kirk Pengilly From Inxs On The Grill Team

Panyiri and what's happening for INXS

Marto, Michelle and Ed caught up with Kirk Pengilly from INXS ahead of Panyiri.

Pengilly is obviously a well known greek name (not)..  So The Grillers wanted to know how the hell he and his wife Layne Beachley he came to be in Brissie for our favourite greek festival.   

He also answered the big question:  "What the hell is going on with INXS"?


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Posted: 19 May, 2015

Marto The Moto Racer

V8s driver Russell Ingall has challenged Marto to become a V8 driver. Russell reckons he can train anyone.. All of us at the M's reckon Rusells's going to regret saying that.

Check out Marto's first training session below and keep an eye out on Fox Sports V8 coverage for updates.


Latest Training Sessions

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Posted: 15 May, 2015

Lions Go Hunting For Free Stuff For Grillers To Give Away

Dan Merrett and Tom Rockliff take the challenge to 'steal something to giveaway' to the extreme

Tom 'Five Fingered Discount' Rockliff  and 'Dodgy' Dan Merrett from The Brisbane Lions took Marto, Michelle and Ed's challenge to steal 'something good to giveaway' from Dayne Beams to the extreme. They also videod their actions, but thankfully the quality is so crap it probably won't be admissable in court if Beamsy goes after them. 


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Posted: 12 May, 2015

Man Date 2015 with Mark Seymour

man date, triple m brisbane grill team

Check out how cool The Grill Team's Mandate was this year! Aussie music legend Mark Seymour played live, comedians Gary Eck and Fred Laing had everyone laughing over their free brekky, and specials guests included League Legends Petero Civoniceva & Brisbane Broncos Kevy Walters with Josh Mc Guire dropping in, plus Dan Merrett from The Brisbane Lions also came along to get his pasty white skin checked out. 

Massive thanks to everyone who came along and supported Man Date especially The PA Hospital. The Grill Team's Man Date it's all about helping men become better men. See ya' next year!

Mark Seymour Live

Photo Gallery

Mark Seymour and Fred LaingMark Seymour and Fred Laing  Ed Kavalee and Josh McGuireJosh McGuire and Ed Kavalee Gary EckComedian Gary Eck in action
Dan MerrettKevy Walters and Petero Civoneciva with Michelle and Marto
Mark Seymour liveMark Seymour singing Holy Grail live

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Posted: 7 May, 2015

Chris From Fuel Trac Explains Ethanol In Fuel

And more importantly, is it any good?

After the news the ethanol mandate on fuel has won support in Queensland Parliament, Marto, Michelle & Ed wanted to get to the bottom of ethanol. The phones were jammed with people calling with stories of how it destroyed their cars, mechanics who have had to repair damaged vehicles.. We even had several boat repair guys telling us the problems it causes to boat engines has keps them in business.

Chris Kable from Fuel Trac talks about:

  • If it's so good why aren't people buying it already?
  • Does it damage boats?
  • Does it really save money?
  • Can all cars use it?


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Posted: 5 May, 2015

Michelle KO's Floyd Mayweather On Domestic Violence

Michelle's challenge for people to 'Get your priorities right'

The Grill Team's Michelle today challenged people to get their priorities right regarding Floyd Mayweather. Annoyed by the lack of attention media had given to his domestic violence record and his complete lack of remorse on the issue.  

Michelle expressed her anger that despite 2 women dying every day in Australia from domestic violence, thousands of us still chose to celebrate this man. 

"He might be a 5 division world champion but you have to remember he’s a 7 time domestic violence offender & a denier of that fact”

"There are a lot of comments I have read since the fight of.. Oh it’s got nothing to do with his boxing well you know what it’s got EVERYTHING to do with who he is”

 “If it sits all right with you that 'Oh I just watch him for the boxing' maybe just today sit down and have a think why that’s ok for you”

 “Remember first that he’s a domestic violence perpetrator and then that he can box, because THAT’s who this guy is”.

The phone line jammed with men and women calling to thank Michelle for speaking up about a subject "that until now appeared had just been pushed under the carpet".


Listen To Michelle on Mayweather

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Posted: 28 April, 2015

Qld'er Som Tamang's Plea for Help in Nepal

Som's Emergency Trip Back To Help Family And Friends In Nepal

Friends of Himalayan Children

Cairns local Som Tamang who is the founder and president of Friends of Himalayan Children caught up with The Grill Team just before he stepped onto a plane to Kathmandu on a mission to help friends and family caught in the earthquake disaster.

After receiving the sad news overnight that his brother tragically died in a landslide caused by the earthquakes, and several friends and family members are still missing or injured, Som is on a mission to do provide as much help as possible.

Through his Queensland charity Friends of Himalayan Chilren they are now taking donations,  please help, you can find out more by clicking here 

Som Tamang

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Posted: 17 April, 2015

Game Of Thrones Actor Takes Us Behind The Scenes

James Cosmo also answers rumours the show is about to end.

James Cosmo HBO

James Cosmo , famous for playing Jeor Mormont, Commander Mormont in Game Of Thrones, caught up with Grill Team Producer Chopsuey to talk about new rumours the end of Game Of Thrones is nigh....

A bloody lovely guy, he also talks about:


  • Behind the scenes betting on who is next to die
  • What the actors now do when they receive their scripts
  • The moment they realised the show wasn't just a series
  • Australia's love of illegal downloads
  • Are they faking it or is it really freezing filming The Wall scenes
  • And going surfing on The Gold Coast!


Hear the whole unedited interview below:

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Posted: 7 April, 2015

Grant Hackett Talks To The Grill Team Post Race

Grant Hackett Talks To The Grill Team Post Aussie Championships

Grant Hackett

Grant Hackett caught up with The Grill Team after his amazing swim at The Australian Swimming Championships to talk times, and old age....

On making the Aussie Team Grant told The Grillers “I can’t believe I’m actually on the team” and “I never thought I’d be swimming this quick”.  “I’m in touch now, and I’ve only got to do a little more work to get myself into being one of those top two positions”

On being one of  'The Old Guy On The Team' he says he was gutted to catch a replay and see he's now got grey hairs, and he also admitted nowadays he's finding harder to see the times up on the screen – in the pool he accidentally told new Aussie Freestyle Champ Mack Horton (who has worse eyesight than Grant) the wrong time when he asked him what time he'd done. 



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Posted: 24 March, 2015

Former Iraqi Policeman Talks To The Grill Team

Saad Al-Shaikhli Tells His Story

Former Iraqi police officer Saad Al-Shakli caught up with Marto, Ed and Michelle to share his story of how he went from being a policeman and first responder in Iraq and how dangerous these jobs are, to now working on The Gold Coast as a Police Liaison Officer fostering co-operation and understanding between the police and the multicultural community.

"Every morning Id go to work id have to say goodbye to family may never come back again"

Hear Saad's incredible story below.   


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Posted: 20 March, 2015

Hockey On Footy And Politics

The Federal Treasurer talks footy, politics and his rumoured 'punch-up' with PM Tony Abbott

Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey joined The Grill Team Brisbane to talk footy, politics and a bit about his workmate and Education Minister Christopher Pyne.

Now before Marto, Michelle and Ed grilled the Treasurer on the serious stuff, Marto wanted to clear-up an old story doing the rounds - that Joe Hockey had a punch-up with Tony Abbott back when they played Rugby together.

"It’s not true – I didn’t give him a bit of cheek, I shoulder-charged his kidneys," he said.

"I didn’t know that he’d got a Blue from Oxford University for boxing. If they had told me that before I’d charged into his kidneys.. it might have been a different outcome."

joe hockey

Marto forms a scrum with Federal Treasurer and former footy player, Joe Hockey Photo: Triple M

On Christopher Pyne

"Christopher is the funniest guy I’ve ever met in my life. He’s self-deprecating. He takes the 'mickey' out of himself. And the whole ‘fixer thing’ this week was a bit like that," he said.

"If you’re having a dinner party with the 10 most entertaining people in history, I’d have him there. (Other people he'd have would be Groucho Marx, Buddy Holly & Zayn from One Direction).

On representation of politicians (like Christopher Pyne) in the media

"It’s a bit like watching a highlight reel from the footy. You can watch a footy game which will go for nearly an hour-and-a-half and what they show on the nightly news is going to be the ‘big hit’.

"Parliament goes for ten hours a day. They will have one word on the nightly news, which is often taken out of context and that will be the impression that’s left." Listen to the full audio below.

Joe Hockey On Triple M

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