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Posted: 27 February, 2015

Bunny Pie

Marto has had enough of Rabbitohs supporters and their drawn out celebrations

bunny pie

Marto has had enough of Rabbitohs supporters and their drawn out celebrations and new found arrogance, so he wants to get under their skin when they arrive en masse next week for the NRL season opener against the Broncos.

His solution is “If you can’t beat em EAT EM!”

bunny pie

So rather than Marto rave on like an insane old man (as usual), we’re creating the ultimate footy food – Rabbit, Beer & Bacon Pie which we are going to serve up to the supporters on their march into Suncorp on Thursday night March 5.

Our friends at The Goat Pie Guy are making the pies, and today Gordie Tallis was our official taste tester  (is there anyone else who knows more about food than the big man?)

The pies will be served to fans on the way to the Broncos v Rabbitohs gig next Thursday night.

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Posted: 18 February, 2015

The Lawyer Who Tipped Off The Bali Nine To The AFP Speaks To The Grill Team

Robert Myers, Rush family friend and barrister, tipped off the AFP in an effort to stop Bali Nine member Scott Rush from committing a crime

Convicted Australian drug smuggler Scott Rush, right, now on death row,  talks to his father, Lee Rush, left, through the bars at a court cell before his trial in Denpasar district court, Bali, Indonesia, in this Jan. 23, 2006 file photo.  A top Indonesian court ruled Tuesday that sentencing drug offenders to death does not violate the constitution, dismissing a case lodged by three Australians awaiting execution for smuggling heroin . (AP Photo/Firdia Lisnawati)

Convicted Australian drug smuggler Scott Rush, right, talks to his father, Lee Rush, in this Jan. 23, 2006 file photo. (AP Photo/Firdia Lisnawati, File)

Robert Myers, Rush family friend and barrister, tipped off the AFP in an effort to stop Bali Nine member Scott Rush from committing a crime. 

In this interview with Triple M’s Grill Team Myers recalls the events that lead up to the Bali Nine arrests.

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Posted: 17 February, 2015

Fallout Continues From The Four Corners Special On The Live-Baiting Of Greyhounds

Experts appalled by live baiting practice.

Image: Youtube/ABC News (Australia)

Sickening footage aired on ABC's Four Corners program on Monday night showing animals  flung around Greyhound training tracks as bait.

Live pigs, rabbits and possums were shown being tied to lures by some of Australia's most prominent greyhound trainers.

QLD Racing CEO Darren Condon told The Grill Team they will act quickly to deal with the offenders.

"We will deal with all of the people shown in the footage swiftly and promptly.. to make sure this practice is eradicated from the industry," he told Marto, Michelle & Ed.  

"They'd be banned for life"

RSPCA CEO Mark Townend echoed Condon's disgust, telling the Grill Team: "The human behavior and the way they treat animals isn't normal"

QLD Racing CEO Darren Condon:

RSPCA CEO Mark Townend:


You can see the ABC Four Corners report here.

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Posted: 3 February, 2015

Michael Clarke To The Grill Team "I Would Play Under Steve Smith"

Australian captain Michael Clarke has revealed to Triple M Brisbane's The Grill Team that he would be happy to play under Steve Smith.

Michael Clarke joined The Grill Team yesterday for a pretty in-depth chat.

Marto, Michelle and Ed didn't hold back from asking Pup some of the big questions that have been surrounding his career at the moment such as if he would play under Steve Smith as captain.

"Most definitely I would, look that’s the thing, I’ve said it for a while now you know I feel for Smithy because I sat in his shoes when a lot of the media were calling for Ricky Ponting," Clarke told The Grill Team.

With the constant rumours around his captaincy, Clarke is staying positive and wants to return back to the Australian side as soon as possible.

"I’ve been so fortunate in my career, played over 100 test matches, I’ve played over 200, been fortunate enough to captain my country."

"If my time is over as a player or as a captain then you know the game moves on, people come and go the game will never change that’s life," he said.

He also commented on the reports of a "rift" between himself, other players and Cricket Australia.

"It’s news to me, I’d like to know where it’s coming from, Look I think, the only thing I can really say. It’s obviously disappointing because I haven’t been around the team."

"For the last 7 weeks now I’ve been away from the group so it is disappointing that people are writing that, but they are obviously getting their information from somewhere I feel like my relationship with Cricket Australia especially my team mates is exceptional."
"I speak to all my teammates regularly……..George Bailey, Steve Smith, Darren Lehman the captains and the coaches I will speak to regularly."

Listen to the full chat with Clarkey and The Grill Team below. He also talks about looking towards the future and recovering from the tragic loss of Philip Hughes.


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Posted: 5 December, 2014

Triple M Two Horse Race

And in the worst bet loss ever, Dobbo got both of Gordie's favourites

Well, everything was at stake for the boys... well, at least a couple of evil bets for the loser at least.

And in the worst bet loss ever, Dobbo got both of Gordie's favourites - The Rat and the Moustache. All thanks to Jimmy Rods. See the video and photos below.

Two Horse Race Uploaded at 5 December, 2014 - 4:53PM

Vote Now

Rock, Shock

And in the worst bet loss ever, Dobbo got both of Gordie's favourites - The Rat and the Moustache.


dobbo two horse race

dobbo two horse race

Earlier On Triple M

Dobbo’s horse Peak Crossing has been pulled from the race after tearing a muscle which will require 6 months rest. Thanks to your votes Dobbo has agreed to undergo the haircut of Gordie and your choice. We reveal the haircut tomorrow on our facebook page here.

Gordie V Dobbo




 Instead we are going to race Dobbos Chihuahua Lily v Gordies 'Substitute Dog Dora' (Gordie's dog Tyson is too old to run) at Albion Park Raceway this Friday. Thanks to everyone who offered up your speedy dogs.

Dogs So Far


 Every race day needs a precursor to the main event, so tomorrow 20 Panto Horses will take to Albion Park Raceway to take part in our Panto Horse Race to win $500 and Fooies tickets. 



 A long rivalry that started years ago with a bet over who has ‘the best dumplings’ (not a euphemism) has reached breaking point with Gordie and Dobbo arguing over who has the best racehorse. Dobbo's horse Peak Crossing has only run last and second last six races in a row.  Gordie's horse Signor Carlos has scraped only one win in Caloundra ever.  


These are the two hair-dos that Gordie is favouring for Dobbo for forfeiting the bet. Vote for which one your prefer below.

two horse race

Gorden Tallis' Horse

Dobbo's Horse

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Posted: 12 November, 2014

Man Says 'No' To Barack Obama

Meet Marto's Mate who has knocked back an invite from the world's most powerful man

phil hogan, barack obama, g20 summit

Phil Hogan from Brisbane knocked back an invite from Barack Obama Photo: Triple M

Meet the Brisbane bloke who has knocked back an invite from the world's most powerful man, Barack Obama.

Marto's good mate Phil Hogan was invited by the President of the United States to attend his Brisbane speech at the G20 summit.

And as you can see and hear below his answer left us speechless.

"Sorry Barack, it's date night!," he said, on Triple M Brisbane's Grill Team.

Phil Hogan owns the popular Jade Buddha nightspot on Eagle Street Pier and he was the recipient of the QLD Young Achievers Entrepreneurs Award.

"I'm a fan of President and would love to hear him speak but I've just personally always had a policy that I never attend a function on the weekend unless my wife is invited." Listen to the full audio.

Phil Hogan - The Man Who Said 'NO' To Barrack Obama


The Invite From Barack Obama

phil hogan

Phil Hogan from Brisbane knocked back an invite from Barack Obama Photo: Triple M

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Posted: 5 November, 2014

Adam Gilchrist

Adam Gilchrist The Man. The Cricketer. The Legend.

Adam Gilchrist

Gilly joined Marto, Michelle and Ed in studio to talk about the state of Aussie cricket

(ok and to plug his book).

From stories about why he has published his first cricket contract,  the autographs he used to hand out as a kid telling his mates 'I'll be famous one day' to the guy in the crowd who called him a wanker in the middle of a test.  

He also plays The Griller's Good Idea/ Bad Idea Game. With surprising results.   Adam Gilchrist. All Round Good Guy. Buy his book. it's pretty dam good. It's called The Man. The Cricketer. The Legend.


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Posted: 3 November, 2014


"Greatest thing ever in my life was playing for the mighty maroons at Lang Park, this was a close second" Billy Moore on completing the NY marathon

billy moore, new york marathon

Billy Moore with wife Kerri, after completeing the New York marathon Photo: Triple M

It's time to say congratulations to Billy Moore live from the US, where he's just finished the New York marathon! QUEENSLANDER!

“I’ve just run it, and it’s the first and only one I’m ever going to bloody well do!" he said, on Triple M Brisbane's Grill Team.

“Greatest thing ever in my life was playing for the mighty Maroons at Lang Park, this was a close second."

He lost a bet three years ago to his wife Kerri to do the Marathon, but he had to postpone it in 2012 because of Hurricane Sandy. Listen to the full audio.

Billy Moore On Triple M


billy moore, new york marathon

Billy Moore with wife Kerri, after completeing the New York marathon Photo: Triple M

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Posted: 31 October, 2014

Boxer Alex Leapai On The Grill Team

The Grill Team talked to Alex Leapai ahead of his heavyweight clash with American Malik Scott.

Big man Alex Leapai ahead of his clash with American Malik Scott: Getty Images

Samoan-Australian boxing champ Alex Leapai was on Triple M Brisbane's The Grill Team recently to talk to Marto, Michelle and Ed about his upcoming heavyweight bout with American Malik Scott.

"What is it with you fighting big tall boxers, this bloke is 6'5", you had enough trouble with Klitschko, didn't you learn anything?" opened Marto.

"It’s the way the game is, if you want to fight the best you have to take on who is in front of you, and unfortunately Malik Scott he’s one of the best out of there and like you guys said these guys don’t get any shorter they get taller," explained Leapai.  

"It's been eight years, is that right, since you've fought in Logan?" asked Michelle.

"Been 8 years (since fought in Logan) and I’m just really happy and really looking forward to tonight, to put on a show for all the supporters in Logan and I know the whole Queensland and Australia," said Leapai
"The Metro is pretty much the heart of Logan and I wanted to fight where it’s pretty much the centre, where it’s easy for everybody to come you know, theres a lot of people up there that they get on the drink and can’t find their way home, but it’s just closer to home for everybody and you know it’s just my home."

Listen to their full chat with Alex Leapai

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Posted: 28 October, 2014

Paul Gallen Depression Isn't An Excuse For Bad Behaviour

The Grill Team Discuss The Gallen Situation

Paul Gallen

Following Cronulla captain Paul Gallen's apology for his expletive-laden tweet, Marto, Michelle and Ed ask "Is it alright to use depression as an excuse for bad behaviour"?

Michelle also reveals she has suffered from depression and thinks you are responsible for your own actions no matter what.  Does it trivialise a serious health issue? Listen to The Grill Team, and some of your thoughts below.

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Posted: 8 October, 2014

Builder's Revenge Paintball Challenge

It's payback time for A Current Affair's Tim Arvier

After years of literally 'running down dodgy tradies' Marto reckoned Tim was giving hard working (cough) builders like himself a bad name.. So it was time to even things up and give some tradies the chance to get their own back.

Thanks to the guys at Top Gun Paintball for providing the course (and a bunch of highly skilled paintballing tradies), one sunny afternoon in October, it was payback time.

It was all in aid of the Channel Nine Children's Hospital Telethon, Saturday October 11, so the pain (and bruises) Tim suffered were at least for a good cause! More about the telethon here.

Watch the video here:


Builder's Revenge Paintball Challenge

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Posted: 8 October, 2014

Brisbane's Biggest Game Of Bullrush

Watch The Video

Brisbane's Biggest Game of Bullrush has been run and won!!

Fifty zorb gladiators took to the field to do battle against our Celebrity Sumo taggers who included Gordie Tallis, Ben Hannant and Petero Civoneceva. Fifty lined up, and forty-nine fell. In the end, there could only be one to rise to the ultimate pinnacle in backyard sports.

Scotty Moore from Kallangur we salute you sir, and crown you 2014 Chamption of ‘Brisbane’s Biggest Game Of Bullrush’.

Enjoy that shiny new Jeep Patriot Sport thanks to the champions at Jeep Dealers of Queensland. Don't hold back!

Bullrush Photos

Triple M Bullrush Photos

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