Posted: 17 October, 2016

Aussie Mum Reveals Incredible Results Of Daughter's Medicinal Marijuana Treatment

Following the legalisation of medicinal marijuana in QLD, we caught up with the mother of a young girl who suffers from a catastrophic form of epilepsy, which before treatment, subjected her to anywhere between 65-500 seizures a day. 

"20 per cent of kids who suffer from it, don't make it to adulthood," she said. 

Since being treated with medicinal marijuana, young Tara hasn't had a seizure in over three and a half years. 

"She's now walking, talking, toilet trained, doing dance..."

"She's a totally different child, you wouldn’t know what she's been through in the past," Mum Cheri told Marto & Ed. 

"She has been left with an intellectual disability, but it is mild, and she's functioning alongside her friends in her classroom."

"In 2012 we were told she had 12 months (to live) maybe 24 if we were lucky, and now we're planning for a long term future for her."

Marto asked if doctors' have been amazed with what it's done for young Tara. 

 "I don't think anyone expected it to do what it did. I think doctors expected it to give her some palliative care, but it's been a total turn around for her," she said. 

 "Tara hasn't had a seizure in over three and a half years."

 Absolutely incredible. 

 Hear more on Tara's story here. 

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