Posted: 27 October, 2016

How Many Kids Is The Perfect Number?

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Ed discussed with Marto this morning he and wife, Tiffiny Hall would like to have kids but are unsure of how many would be ideal. 

Marto said despite he and wife Cath both coming from large families, they decided to have just two kids. 

"We both said, that's enough. If you're on your own, you only have two hands to hold onto them , or pick them up. If you're together, you've got one each. It's perfect"

"I once heard if you have four, you may as well have 12. It's exactly the same." 

Ed threw it out to callers to hear what they reckon. 

Alex from Redland Bay agreed with Marto saying two is the go. 

"If we had more we'd have to get a bigger car, and all family passes are for two adults, two kids."

Fiona from The Gap said anything but three because there is always one left out and 'cranky'. 

"I have three and I wish I had four."

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