Posted: 6 October, 2016

"Keep On Getting Checked Out"- Marto's Urgent Reminder To All Blokes

"The earlier you get it, the better it is."

Following the shocking news Ben Stiller was diagnosed with "immediately aggressive" prostate cancer, Marto this morning took the opportunity to stress the importance of regular check-ups. 

"It's not just prostate, it's everything, and we keep saying it," he said. 

"We had our Men's Health Week earlier this year, keep on getting checked out."

"If you forgot that time, get into it now."

"Wives, if your husband is in his 40's, it's time to get a check every one or two years. "

"The earlier you get it, the better it is."

Ed agreed saying Marto was "living" proof of the fact after facing a very-close call with a serious heart-condition.

"This is another reminder, keep your health at the top of your mind." Ed said. 

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