Posted: 14 November, 2016

Why Do People Act Up During A Supermoon?

We find out what to expect!

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Image: 7 News

David Reneke, Writer for Australian Science mag and Ed’s favourite expert of all time came on the show to tell us what to expect for tonight's Supermoon! 

On how the moon affects our moods, Reneke said  “If you work in a casualties part of a hospital, you will get a lot more admissions at this time of year.”

“Do people do silly things on a full moon? Yep! But it’s not because we are made up of water.”

Reneke's theory is instead based on population density, explaining when more people are out to view the spectacular moon, or experience the nicer weather, more people are going to get into accidents.

"More people in parks, more people in hotels getting drunk, more people on the road are going to cause more accidents."

So what can we expect?

“The moon will be 60% brighter, 15% bigger… it hasn’t been like this since 1948!” he said. 

“By about ten o’clock to midnight, wherever you are in Australia, you’re going to be able to read the paper by moonlight.”

If you want to wait up a little bit longer, Reneke says you're in for a bonus. 

"In the early hours of the morning there will be also be a nice little meteor shower to top the whole thing off."

He also revealed some great news for fishermen. 

“If you’re a fisher, if you go and drop a line tonight, you’ll have a bigger catch, you're gonna have king tides... they say it’ll be a beaut time to go fishing!” 

Hear more. 

Tags: Supermoon, Australia, Science, Fishing

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