Posted: 15 November, 2016

Richie McCaw Speaks To Marto & Ed About Rescuing People From The NZ Earthquake

"I've got a load of Chinese tourists in the chopper at the moment"

"We're talking to Richie McCaw live from inside a chopper" - things Ed Kavalee didn't think he'd ever be saying. But this morning that was exactly the case as the former All Blacks skipper, the greatest rugby player of all time, was on the line from his helicopter as he was continuing his amazing rescue efforts after the New Zealand earthquake.

We reported recently that McCaw was spearheading the efforts to fly in rescue workers to key trouble spots and also collecting stranded tourists after the recent quake. 

"I've got a load of Chinese tourists here [in the chopper] with me at the moment," Richie told us. 

What a bloke. A legend in every sense and a great pleasure to talk to him in a spare moment between his amazing work.

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