Posted: 22 November, 2016

Shark Net Debate, Are There Better Options?

Marto & Ed spoke to Environmental and Marine Conservationist Leah Hayes this morning strongly believes shark nets do not work.

 “What people don’t realise, is that shark nets are only 6 meters deep, and only 186 meters across,” she said. 

 “Most beaches are kilometers long…common sense and logic just tells us they don’t work.”

 “I encourage anyone to jump on the Department Of Fisheries website where they clearly say they’re not meant to be a shark barrier.”

 Being a surfer as well, Leah said "there isn’t a time that goes by where I don’t step into the ocean and think, ‘Hey, I’m about to walk into somebody else’s environment’.”

 Following Mick Fanning’s terrifying encounter with a shark last year in J-Bay, Ed said a lot of surfers seem to be more reluctant to get into the water.

 “It is going to start to affect the Australian coastline long term if people stop swimming and surfing, so what’s a better option than shark nets?” Ed asked.

 “It’s really good to look to South Africa and see what they’re doing, because they’ve got a very successful program in place,” she said.

 “It just comes down to good old fashioned man-power, it’s a system called ‘Spotters’, where trained people view the ocean in towers 40 meters high, and there’s an alarm system in place.”

 Leah also mentioned trials with a range of different technology, including the use of drones to monitor shark activity are currently taking place on our coastlines.

 “They’re actually trialing this in Byron Bay now where they’ve got four people per drone.”

 “There are way better and smarter options out there.”

 What do you reckon?


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