Posted: 29 November, 2016

Truckies Give Advice To Other Motorists On Our Roads

Do you have a safety tip?

Image: Youtube 

With the holidays fast approaching and more cars hitting our roads, Marto & Ed spoke to a couple of truckies who have a few tips for other motorists. 

Browns Plains truckie, Mark came on the show to give drivers some excellent tips when driving near trucks on our roads.

 “Little white cars... when it’s raining, we can’t see them if they don’t have their headlights on.”

“We’ve got spray coming off our wheels, so just can’t see them.”

Heff, a garbage truck driver from Brisbane says after experiencing an accident himself, he urges motorcyclists not to try to speed up and overtake a truck as it’s merging or turning into a driveway.

Guy from  Redbank says round-abouts are a huge issue.

“The law states ALL traffic must give way to any vehicle on the round about, therefore if I’m weighing 55 tonne and trying to enter, that doesn’t give you the right to accelerate and try to cut me off. You must give way to us."

"(With our weight) we can't speed up like a Lamborghini"

“We’ve got cars behind us screaming at us, and cars infront of us accelerating passed our nose. What are we to do?”

Greg from Brendale says its sometimes hard to see blinkers.

“In cars, they’re actually levelled at people sitting at that height, and we’re sitting three or four feet above them. During the daylight, quite often we can’t see car indicators,” he said.

“Just be a little more aware that we may not be able to see them all the time.”

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