Pay Attention to Win!

When Ed Kavalee isn’t talking on the radio or trying on dodgy accents in car commercials he is on a very funny show at 8:30pm on Monday nights called Have You Been Paying Attention on Network 10.

Network 10 and Triple M have decided to team up and give you the chance to fly to Melbourne to watch the show in person!

Make sure you watch next Monday (24/10/2016) for the clue we give away between 8:30pm -9:30pm on Network 10 and then listen in to Marto & Ed Kavalee from 5:30am Tuesday morning for your chance to win!

Marto and Ed will put the call out Tuesday morning and all you need to do is ring in on 13 33 53 for your chance to win a trip to Melbourne for the filming of Have You Been Paying Attention including flights and accommodation.

Keep it tuned to the station that rocks Brisbane 1045 Triple M and check out all things Have You Been Paying Attention at